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Bethenny Ever After Season 3 Week 8: Paradise Found

One Sentence Summary:  Finally it’s the birthday day week and Bethenny is going to drag everyone off to Mexico so they can’t escape the drama so easily

How is it possible this trip can be about anyone but me?

Melissa’s Thoughts:

Yes, it’s finally vacation / birthday time for Bethenny and you all know what that means!  There are hopes of a meltdown with international flair.  Hopefully this time Bethenny won’t lock herself in the bathroom to completely freak out that it’s her birthday.  I get it B, 40’s aren’t nearly as “cool” as your 30’s, but no need for all the drama, well, OK a little drama because you know I love your crazy.


You had better check yourself... This week here... ALL ABOUT ME!

Bethenny and the crew hit the One&Only Palmilla in Cabo San Lucas Mexico and let the festivities begin.  I’m going to just stop here and say (and I don’t mean this like a mean girl) I actually want to see one of these fights that cut Bethenny to the core, because I really don’t believe they exist.  I think Bethenny hears what she wants to hear – a stray comment and that’s the only thing she can focus on and wrap everything around that one singular thing.  OK Bethenny, just let the kid hold the popsicle.  So what if it drops or she gets it all over herself.  Jason hopes their trip will help them get away from the rut of New York and the exhaustion it’s bringing to their lives.  Bethenny worries the Jason doesn’t trust her which sends her fears spiraling.  Bethenny and Jason decide they want to ask Veronica (RaRa) to be Bryn’s guardian should anything happen to them.  That’s a pretty big move on their parts.  WOW, holy whiplash of how Bethenny can turn on Jason at a simple joke while eating.

Driving a Hard Bargain

While my cleavage and cameras distract you I'll get you down on the price

Bethenny turns even a poolside day into a shopping spree.  Oh my, I have to totally respect Bethenny’s haggling for her beach coverups.  That was some impressive work my dear.  Tip of the hat to you.

The Gang’s All Here

The girls arrive to break up alone time for Bethenny and Jason

The Skinnygirl staff arrives in Mexico to help Bethenny celebrate her big day which can only cause Bethenny reflection on last year’s abomination of a birthday spend crying in the ladies room.

Ding Ding – Round 1

I don't care how mean I am to him, he's mean to me

Yes, it’s fight time again for Jason and Bethenny and we get a glimpse into what Bethenny is always trying to pull us into.  Wisely Jason decides to stay behind and give B her space to have lunch with RaRa.  RaRa tells Bethenny that all couples fight.  Bethenny doesn’t want Jason to say mean things to her… Um, Bethenny, people say mean things.  That’s what happens when you know what buttons you can push.  Bethenny shares her unhappiness with Jason and her frustrations.  What I don’t understand is she’s looking for someone else to take care of her emotionally.  Bethenny dear, that’s your first mistake.  You need to take care of yourself, don’t depend on someone else to do it for you.

To Their Corners

We need to turn off this anger, and by we I mean you.

At lunch Bethenny and RaRa discuss how her drive might be having an impact on her relationship with Jason.  Bethenny doesn’t want to be “these people”, but guess what… It happens.  Maybe she needs to visit me instead of Dr. Amador.  I’ll (figuratively) knock her right into place with all of this.  Come on B, it will be a Winey Bitch Therapy session.  Jason makes his way down to lunch to try to work on things with Bethenny.  Bethenny doesn’t see things changing – mostly because she refuses to give it up.  So as an olive branch to just having a normal conversation Jason asks if what she is eating is Bethenny’s favorite salad to which literally you can watch the bitch haze cloud her eyes as she snarks back this is what it’s gotten down to, you’re asking each other what our favorite salads are?  Geez B, chill the F out, you just said it’s turned off – looks like you just turned it on and turned up the volume.

Happy Endings

After the motorboat Jason is hoping for his Happy Ending

Bethenny and Jason head off to their birthday massages to relax and unwind a bit.  OK, I’m sorry, she’s not going to let him go to the bathroom?  Really Bethenny, you are off your rocker.  Oh this poor massage therapist having to watch this exchange, but OMG Bethenny, I just laughed out loud at you motor boating Jason during that massage!!  You do really have moments of brilliant humor.  After their massages Bethenny and Jason head to relax in the shade and thinks about her mother since they share a birthday.  Bethenny takes the time to reflect on her relationship with Bryn and hope they will always have that relationship.

Present Time

Well, it's not the 250 diamond rework of my engagement, but for now it will do

Jason is starting to understand Bethenny wants her personal moments to be private and they share a quiet moment outside to open her gift – the beautiful necklace Jason picked out.

You Say It’s Your Birthday

Does this hat make my ego look big?

The team dines on the beach to celebrate Bethenny’s life and career.  OK, I must be PMSing because I’m getting a little teared up over such a touching gift her girls gave her.  The evening winds down with everyone sharing a dance on the beach to celebrate Bethenny.

Bottom Line:

There’s still time for my international breakdown, come on Bethenny don’t fail me now!!


Bethenny Ever After Season 3 Week 7: My Bad Self

One Sentence Summary:  Bethenny is gearing up for her traditional birthday breakdown.

This is my house damn it, do what I tell you

Melissa’s Thoughts:

We all know Bethenny isn’t a fan of her birthday (really, what woman over the age of 23 is?), and it looks like we’re ramping up for another emotional boil over for this year’s birthday.  Work, Marriage and a New Home might finally push Bethenny over the edge of sanity.

Bethenny’s Money

I don't care if you think it's too expensive, it will look perfect

Bethenny takes a meeting to plan her new place with her designer to pick the pieces, and yes Bethenny, I completely agree that she is excellent at spending your money.  Poor thing though doesn’t seem thrilled that Julie is leaving and she’ll have to deal directly with Bethenny… That’s why you get the big bucks sweetie, you get to deal with clients.

Jim Beam Meeting

Listen up, you may have bought it, but it's MY BRAND, and we're going to do thing my way.

Skinnygirl Cocktails… who knew they were the fastest growing ready to drink brand on the market.  Wow, and with drinks I don’t really care for, how can this be?  I thought I single-handedly keep the wine and liquor industries in business.  Bethenny worries about how they are maintaining the integrity of her brand with the cocktails she would like to see.  Now this is a taste test I would love to be involved in… How fun would that be?   The cosmo apparently was released for the holidays.  How did I miss that?

Stone Guys

Please God of Stone, make everyone talk so my home gets finished

Bethenny is picking out her slabs of marble and stone for the new place, but the pace is glacial since no one actually speaks to each other on her dream team.  I can almost see the vein on her forehead pulsing.

Ring Time

And tell me again why she needs 250 diamonds on one ring? Oh, because you told her she did

Jason heads off to find THE perfect birthday present to try to make up for the disastrous meltdown from last year.  Poor Jason doesn’t understand why she wants her engagement ring re-blinged after only 2 years with about 250 stones according to the jeweler… Um, because it’s B Jason.  Seeing as though they’ve had a pretty rough time of it, Jason thinks buying her a necklace as a communication starter.  Hey Jason, I’ll stop talking to you if you’ll toss a bauble my way.

Gina’s Back

It's all moving too fast

Gina, Bryn’s Baby Nurse stops by to visit with everyone.  Bethenny and Gina slip back into their old banter.  Gina has been on her man hunt but draws the line at gay men and the father of the child she is taking care of.  Gina misses the fun of Bethenny’s house, I’m thinking it’s more like the chaos.  Bethenny shares with Gina that she’s in denial of Julie leaving and admits she’s having a rough time lately and then the tears begin as Bethenny clearly teeters on the brink of sanity.

Quiet Time

Nothing says love like cozying up with your smart phone

Bethenny and Jason sitting side by side on the sofa busy doing their own things and not even acknowledging each other until Matt arrives with new products for the nutrition line.

Dr. Amador

You know me, I'm not going to be happy but let's get this over with

Instead of being happy about getting away to Mexico for 12 days Bethenny feels disconnected and holds in her frustrations and doesn’t discuss things with anyone and is feeling very alone like she doesn’t have anyone to talk to.  All roads lead to her marriage and how bad it is.

Self Magazine Photo Shoot

So what you're saying is I have to just accept my flaws and faults because they make me who I am? Get out!!

Bethenny meets with Self’s Editor Lucy Danziger who tells her it’s OK to be flawed because it makes us human and our character is who we are not when things are good, but when times are tough and Self believes in her.

Bottom Line:  Damn, I thought this week was Mexico!!  I can’t wait to see what craziness Bethenny has for her birthday this year.

Bethenny Ever After Season 3 Week 6: Who Coordinates the Chaos

One Sentence Summary:  Julie is packing her bags and running from the Chaos and we all wonder why it took so long.

Melissa’s Thoughts:

Nobody puts Baby in a Corner?? Well I will, and that's the corner she's going in.

This week is the skinnygirl shapeware photo shoot with the “real women” of Bethenny’s staff.  Now what would be fun for me (and the viewers I think) would be teaming up with the People of WalMart and have THOSE real people modeling Shapeware.  Also, Julie drops the bomb saying goodbye to Bethenny and Skinnygirl.  It was a fun run we think, but how will Bethenny react?

Bombs Away

Hug it out, I'm about to make your life hell until you're gone.

Julie is obsessed with Bethenny coming to the couch to tell explain her “Life Decision” to move back home to Pittsburgh at the end of the year to be with her BF Drew and start her life there.  She was tortured with how to tell Bethenny (and I’m sure scared as shit) she is burnt out and needs to focus on herself.  Bethenny is a shocking voice of reason that she appreciates her choice and wants happiness for her.  Yes ladies, hug it out. Hug it out before you drop the bomb on the rest of the folks.  Yeah those assistants are shitting themselves with having to take on Julie’s Controller Of Chaos responsibilities.  Jason seems the most terrified of losing her… His Bethenny buffer.  A toast raised to Maggie’s first family dinner and the staff being invited to Mexico.  Wow, that’s a nice bonus if you ask me.


I thought Drybar meant they only served dry martinis.

OK, I totally wish I had a blow out bar!!  I literally would go every time I had a dinner or a party or fantastic event – that by the way I NEVER have except at Christmas.  OK, so maybe it would have to be before my nephews’ birthday parties, and Friday Night Dinners.  Man, Bethenny in everything… Now she’s in blowouts??  At Drybar the co-owner Alli Webb explains all the hairstyles are bar themed… that is awesome, but do they serve the cocktails too??  Bethenny is trying to go for her signature skinnygirl pony and showing her hairdresser so she can whip up the skinnygirl ‘do whenever she needs.  While there, there’s a quick interview with People magazine to explain the relationship.  Bethenny takes over the interview to understanding how Alli and her husband manage to work together in hopes she can persuade Jason to pop all his eggs into the Skinnygirl basket.

Puppies In The Park

DO NOT tell me you're name dropping me is a panty dropper

Meeting her business partner Matt at Sarabeth’s for a quick nosh Bethenny digs into his whole “are you a dog” hooking up with models and working the Fashion Week scene.  His working with Bethenny it seems is the equivalent to taking a puppy to the park in the lady department.  Way to go Matt, work the Bethenny angle if it works for you.  She asks his thoughts of Jason working with Skinnygirl since Jason is very passionate about the business but not completely involved.  Bethenny is concerned whether she asks Jason to step in and help out in Julie’s absence.

Um, Where’s The Bargain Back Room??

Does IKEA have anything that looks like this stuff?

At the Park Avenue Armory Bethenny and her designer Brooke ooh and aah over pieces until she sees a $22,500 table lamp and isn’t sure what to do with herself and how not to touch any things.  She spies a gorgeous mirror that runs 76K and realizes she’s completely out of her element and wants to make sure her designer understands that’s never gonna happen.  She does find 2 bargain basement bars for 35K… That (let’s be honest here) Bryn will end up playing hide and seek in.

Ass Pads and Hooker Heels

Who knew all the ladies were rocking curves like these?

To prep for Skinnygirl Shapewear photo shoot, Julie in a going away moment of ballsiness strolls out carrying Bryn with Bethenny’s booty bumper shorts and heels to jump start the action.  The ladies are full on rocking those shape wear pieces!!  For real, they all look amazing… Props to you ladies!  Bethenny questions (finally) the idea of the 35K bars… At least she’s aware there might be a 6K happy medium.  Just because you have it dear doesn’t mean you need to spend it… Look at M.C. Hammer!!  OK, I have NO idea why I made that connection, but I did.  Maybe because I believe back in the day he was outfitting everyone’s powder rooms with those 76K mirrors.  I digress, MC is a legit (2 legit to quit) business man today.  Hello tangent, pleasure to meet you.  Sorry folks, I’m back now.  Bethenny shares her shopping experience with Jason who as the standard voice of reason reminds her they have a 2 year old and to think about it.  As a mother of a now 7 year old, I’m just going to say, there will be a day you walk in a room and you’ll see your child driving their electric track car (with the lovely metal spike on the bottom) over the living room coffee table gouging the top of it.

Princess Throne

And it plays music!! Get me my paper I'll test it out.

Who doesn’t love a pink toilet that plays music?  Well, let’s be honest, every man in the world I’m thinking – well at least the music playing aspect.

Parenting Magazine

You can only do your best and how your don't screw up your kids

To promote her Parenting cover Bethenny speaks a Parenting group and learns Gina worked for another family.  Bethenny shares with her girls that she feels the energy is changing and asks Julie her thougths about living back at home.

Chaos Transition

Please make her get it before the shit hits the fan

Jackie is going to have to step up and pick up a lot of slack that Julie shields her from, and Bethenny is worried she’s going to implode just as the shit hits the fan.  As a side not, I’m loving that sweater Bethenny has on.


Bethenny confides in the good doctor about Julie’s leaving and how she’s shutting down seeing Julie’s contributions at work.  Bethenny can compartmentalize because she wants Julie to be happy and healthy in her life.  Jason is a little excited because he wasn’t to be part of the business and have some responsibility.  Bethenny relives meeting Julie and the how she couldn’t afford to hire her and the help she gave Bethenny when she was starting out.  Wait, I’m not sure how this spun to talking about her marriage.  Did I miss something?

Skinnygirl Shapewear Shoot

Sisters Working It

The ladies are working it and rocking all they’ve got in their Skinnygirl Shapeware.  Julie shares some pearls of wisdom:  if you’re dying inside, don’t show it on the outside.  Seems fair enough, especially in front of Bethenny.  Bethenny muses that she’ll have 24 year olds running the show in Julie’s absence.  Hey Julie, the next time I’m visiting the folks, let’s hook up, check in… you know, cause we’re peeps!

Bottom Line:

Oh, next week everything is going to spiral out of control for B and we’ll get to see all the carnage coverage.

Bethenny Ever After Season 3 Week 6: All Da Boats

One Sentence Summary:  Bethenny fights the tabloid stories the only way she knows how… On television.

Oh, I'm going to need to put these back in my purse.

Melissa’s Thoughts:

B is going to take it to the streets or rather the talk shows to crush the rumors about her… Defending her Forbes article and the lost at sea story.  Yes Bethenny, that’s why they say ‘be careful what you wish for’.

Haters gonna Hate

The cover of Forbes... Opens a new threshold to torment for B.

Bethenny and Jason break down the weekly attacks on Bethenny in the press.  Oh hey folks, Bethenny is pregnant again, and it’s not Jason’s it’s Hugh Grant’s.  DAMN B that’s a good one, let’s hope that goes viral!!  She thinks the cause of it all is the money aspect, the tabloids didn’t care until she started making money, but her shot to defend herself is a talk show junket.  That’s it, she’ll get to clear the air and promote her new pilot she developed.  Say what?? Why have I not heard of said pilot?

Who doesn’t love a Bidet?

Finally, I'll have my own bidet!!

In the car Bethenny and Dwayne are off to Waterworks to pick out fixtures and flooring for the bathroom.  Dwayne respects her “gangsta”, especially since sister is doing it for herself in the business world.  If she was a nobody she wouldn’t be in the paper… that’s right Dwayne, preach it… Haters gonna hate.  Finally at Waterworks, Bethenny is impressed by Brook’s ensemble and new attitude around her.  But all is lost once she spies her favorite bathroom appliance… The bidet.  Bethenny, I swear you love a bidet, I think at least once a season you’re marveling about one.  Granted, I’m all for the refreshing aspects of a bidet, but I like to subtly appreciate the lady toilet.


Our favorite food blogger Nick stops by to talk balls... falafel balls people... come on!!

Bethenny’s Food Blogger Nick Feitel stops by to share his latest falafel blog and it’s drinks all around for the reading.  The working title options are “A fist full of of balls” or “For a few falafels more”.  Shocking, the fist full of balls is a bit aggressive for Bethenny – maybe option 2.  Really, I would have loved to go on the falafel date with these two.  I’ll be honest, I want to go on a food date with Nick.  I’m loving that article, and it made me search out a few others… I like your style Nick!!  The Winey Bitches would love to go food hunting with you!  I digress, talk turns to Bethenny’s beverages and she thinks she should name a new one “the panty dropper”.  Maybe it will be a vodka that I’d like… Though I’m sure it would end up in my refrigerator next to the rest of B’s beverages.  One of these days I’m going to have a Skinnygirl party and taste test them with all my friends, maybe I’m just too fussy… I don’t care for margaritas, I’m a sangria snob… Maybe I’m over judging Skinnygirl.  Who’s with me on another tasting??

Therapy – the behind the scenes of Bethenny

Can't sleep, the clowns will eat me.

Once again we visit Dr. Amador’s office gain insight into B’s life that we don’t see on camera.  Seems the person who towed them in said they were never lost at sea and she made it all up.  Bethenny has settled her pace a bit, but the good doctor wonders why she keeps wanting to go and do more.  Her thought is that she’s a workaholic based on her life’s struggles recalling times in her old apartment single, broke and depressed.

Bloggers and Tabloid Hell

I'm so distracted by the tabloids I'm eating Bryn's baby food - I can't even tell you.

Back at B’s place she can’t stop looking at the online tabloids.  She’s lied about the boat, cocktails and everything else – according to them.  What is she eating, a plate of sweet potato?  Sorry, she’s getting pissed and wants to go after everyone who has lied about her, now if only she had a venue to voice her opinion…

Meanwhile on Today…

Hey Matt, when do I get so see Robin? Oh, wrong show, my bad.

Bethenny makes the trip to the Today Show (why not GMA Bethenny??  Those are my peeps) to clear the air about all the gossip.  Hmmm, that was a bit understated if you ask me.  I guess there was some serious editing that I hardly saw the point.  See Bethenny, GMA would have done an awesome interview.  Over dinner B informs Jason she won the battle and the bloggers had to recant their stories about her financial status.  She can’t help but point out Jason has groomed for the occasion and no my friends, not his facial hair.  Though she’s not sure she likes his face beard much, the ball shaving caught her off guard.  OK, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m starting to feel a little dirty with the way Jason is mentally humping his wife at the table.  I’m all for couples being attracted to each other, but not to the point that it’s uncomfortable to those around you.  And by around you I mean your Bravo viewers.  Talk turns to their Mexico trip on which her birthday falls and we all remember the debacle that was her last birthday, so obviously Jason is a bit unsure how to “celebrate”.

Can we get a seat for my suitcases?

Let's just pack everything and I'll need part of your suitcase too.

Bethenny gets ready for her trip to her Ellen appearance.  She tries on her “flying outfit” just to make sure it’s a good outfit.  Mid getting ready to leave Bethenny has a mini moment to call Jason and say she didn’t like their good bye (short-quick good bye).  No offense Bethenny, but maybe the guy had to get to work.

Take it down B

Can't stop singing Sledgehammer

Bethenny takes out her anger at all the negative aspects of her life to take down a wall in the apartment for her dream closet… And she likes it.

Ellen… ’nuff said

What are you talking about?? Please try to make sense on the stage OK?

Bethenny wakes in LA to plan her session on the Ellen show.  Dawa still isn’t overly talkative with Bethenny, but she has no worries holding her tongue when it comes to free Tibet protests and it boggles Bethenny’s mind.  In the car Bethenny talks about how badly she wanted to appear on Ellen – personally I’d love to be on Ellen too, or at least hang with her.  She seems at home with the whole staff, and I kind of want to hang with these people.  Ellen and Bethenny break down Bryn’s ability to talk and of course Ellen goes “Ellen” and you can’t help love her.  Really Ellen, I can totally speak for my partner in saying the Winey Bitches love you.

Bottom Line:

Any show with Ellen makes my day.  Now I think the Two Winey Bitches should be on Ellen… PLEASE ELLEN!!!  PLEASE!!