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Real Housewives of New Jersey: Season 6, Episode 1: What a Difference A Plea Makes

One Sentence Summary:  It’s not just the Guidice jury that is out… we’re still not sure Auntie Dina and some newbies can they save the franchise after nixing some key Jersey ladies (fish eye to you Bravo for letting Caroline go).

Just because… WOW, that hair!!

Just because… WOW, that hair!!

Melissa’s Thoughts:

My favorite Auntie Dina returns and I couldn’t be happier… For real!!  Not gonna lie…  I’d “skin her to wear like last season’s Versace.” if she’d let me.  I mean I would Staubb her or anything, jus hang and drink wine.  There’s a chance she might even be able to earn the Jersey ladies an increase to their allotted 500 or less. But let’s face it, she has some stiff competition what with Joey’s constant “stiff”  and such comments and the newbies who already rub me the wrong way and I’ve only seen previews.

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