Featured Wines – READ ME!

October, 2011

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to introduce you to a new segment on our site… Featured Wines.  We figured if we’re going to be drinking wine, why not make it a group event!  Twice a month we’ll feature a new wine or two that we’ll be enjoying while watching our shows.  Some will be favorites of ours that we want to share with you.  Some will be new wines that we’re trying.  We’ll highlight all the groovy details about the wine – price, vintage, tasting notes, etc – so you can join us if you like.  We hope you will.

To see this month’s pick or any archived picks, please choose “Featured Wines” from the Categories Menu on the homepage.  Someday, WordPress will let us post here and make it easy on us all.  Until then… We redirect.  And don’t forget to leave us  your thought on our picks and any suggestions you’d like us to feature in the future!


Rachel & Melissa, Two Winey Bitches


3 responses to “Featured Wines – READ ME!

  1. How do you get sponsors when your content is so out of date? For examples :
    – featured wine latest entry 2011. You know it is 2014, but right?
    – get inspired is connected to a link that’s shutting down in a couple months and the banner warns that you have a brief time to download your answers.
    – over the past year or so it’s gone from duel commentary to single, not to mention taking days to post with a “I don’t give a s#*! attitude.

    The funny brings me back, but I don’t know for how much longer. The last person I referred. To this sight gave me an “are you serious, I don’t have time to keep checking back”. Perhaps it time to bring in a 3rd b#*!+ to strike a work/life balance?

    • Hi. Sorry we are so behind. I know it’s a disappointment to you, but please know it’s also to us. Melissa has a full-time job and is married with a kid. So, she is not as able to keep as I was – Rachel, single, no kids and self-employed. I just got a new job with regular hours and have had some issues balancing things after re-entering the 9-5 world. But please know, we’re not gone… I promise we’ll be back up and running soon. It’s just a bit hard right now. Please don’t abandon us yet! If your friends sign up for alerts, they won’t have to keep checking back. Thank you for following us and we appreciate you, truly.

    • PS – Our last cocktail post was 2013. 😉

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