Private Lives of Nashville Wives, Season 1, Ep. 5- No Sad Songs

One Sentence Summary – Sarah’s divorce takes center stage, until Erika decides its her spotlight and she doesn’t want to share.

My Thoughts:

Google ChromeScreenSnapz008Rachel:  Well, I will have to admit that I didn’t see the Sarah & Dallas divorce coming. I know the girls had been talking about how he wasn’t a great husband and Sarah was bummed he didn’t pay much attention to her during her show, but I assumed we’d have at least a few more episodes of drama and gossip before anything happened. I guess I’ve been indoctrinated into the Housewives way of editing. You know, where every story line is edited so you think there’s drama where there is none and then has to play out over 5 episodes… or seasons. Over here on TNT, they don’t mess around. Week 2 we found out Cassie was getting to keep her adopted daughter and Week 4, boom, divorce. I like how TNT rolls. I might have to start watching more shows. The point here, however, is that I was shocked by the news and actually really sad for Sarah. Broken hearts suck. You’re welcome for that news flash. But I do feel badly for the girl.

Spotlight’s On Me

Raul, Betty’s husband, is heading out on the road, which gives Betty time to work on her jewelry line. This way she will have her own identity and not just be Raul’s wife or Ana’s twin. Fascinating… What else you got for me tonight?

Jenny & JT are having their morning coffee and talking about Sarah’s divorce. Jenny thinks Dallas has a lot of growing up to do and will someday regret this decision. Ah yes, the boomerang – the moment when a guy realizes he lost a great girl and comes back begging for another chance. Avoid it all costs. Jenny wishes she could fast forward her friend through the pain. Wouldn’t that be an amazing trick. If you figure that out, let me know. But since she can’t do that, she hopes that JT can show Sarah what a great husband looks like. You know, one that worships his wife and puts her on a pedestal. Her words. And one that lets his wife keep his balls in a jar on the mantle. My words.

Oh yeah, Erika… forgot about her. Cassie is stopping by to listen to Erica talk about herself. That’s why Erika likes her so much… she puts herself last. Yes, that’s the first quality I look for in a friend. And we’re back to the photo shoot, which is going to have to happen again because, you know, Erika didn’t look like herself in the last round. She is having a hard time finding a photographer (wonder why), so Cassie is going to do it. Oh Cassie, do you know what you’re getting yourself into?

The twins have called a meeting with Jenny. Betty is still bent about being left off the invite list for Casino Night. For real? How many more apologies do you need before you get over yourself? But she doesn’t want to make it a big issue. Think you’re too late on that one. Ana, who was telling her sister to let it go at the party,

The guy in the back is wondering why no one warned him that his $6 cup of coffee came with a side of drama.

The guy in the back is wondering why no one warned him that his $6 cup of coffee came with a side of drama.

is suddenly upset about the guitar as well. Now you’re upset? You two are loons. Jenny arrives knowing she’s about to get it from both sides. Betty wants to move past the invite incident and so does Jenny. Jenny says she will get info directly from Betty from now on and not from Ana… which offends Ana. Oh Lord, it’s like whack-a-mole. Whack down the anger of one twin and the other one’s pops right up. Oh now the twins are taking point with each other. Ana is speaking for Betty and Betty doesn’t like it. Ana is just trying to resolve things because Betty isn’t saying everything. I can’t believe this is even a conversation. Jenny thinks Ana stirs the pot. Oh boy, why you gotta start that up? Just back out slowly, smiling and let the two of them spiral on their own. Jenny even acknowledges that you can’t make progress with both twins present. Yeah, so stop trying. But I give these ladies – Jenny & Betty – credit for being able to say they each did something wrong and apologizing. Grown ups! Ish…

But Betty has other items on her agenda. She is having a fashion show with Manuel (Do we know who that is?) and would like Jenny to walk in it. Ah, Manuel is a fashion designer who has asked Betty to do the jewelry for the show.

Cassie has invited the girls over for a sunny afternoon of peace and pool hanging. Sarah invites all the girls to her Chicago show, and lets them in on the news that

Wait, why are we not talking about me?

Wait, why are we not talking about me?

she’s getting divorced. Ugh, my heart hearts for her every time she has to say it. The girls, needless to say, are shocked. Betty says that this is what is going to give her strength and it will be better for her in the long run. Sarah wants to focus on the positives – what was good in her marriage and her career. Ana says that it’s like being given wings. Cassie promises to keep her busy. I like these women (right now). They rally around their sister and that’s what keeps us going most days. Wait, hold that… Most of them rally around Sarah. Then there’s Erika who goes on a tangent about having lived an alcohol-fueled life and how she struggled to turn herself around. Wait, how is this at all helpful to Sarah? And I’m not the only one asking the question. The rest of the girls are shocked that Erika would hijack the conversation and take the attention from Sarah – you know, the one with the real problem. With that, Sarah leaves. Good idea.

So we’re getting a look at Manuel’s clothes… Um, wow. It’s like cowboys on crack, but I guess he’s the man who put Johnny Cash in black so he gets much kudos for that. He’s got quite a legacy and letting Betty put her jewelry in his show is a huge deal to her. She feels very honored and knows this is huge opportunity for her.

Time for Erika to do her photo shoot with Cassie. They shoot all over Cassie’s house and Erika actually loves them because she looks like her. Yeah, they look the same as the last round minus the background. Anyway, she’s happy so we should all rejoice.

Jenny’s back from her trip and Ana stops by for a visit. Did Jenny just call her housekeeper to come “get rid” of her child? Nice choice of words. And you can’t talk if your kid’s in the room? Anyway, Ana downloads Jenny on what went down at Cassie’s and how Erica manipulated the conversation to be about her. Jenny isn’t surprised since this is Erica’s general M.O. She is glad she wasn’t there though, because she knows she wouldn’t be able to keep her mouth shut. For once, I wish your big fat mouth was there.

They lady may be in mourning, but that doesn't mean she can't look good doing it.

They lady may be in mourning, but that doesn’t mean she can’t look good doing it.

Sarah has her band at her house for rehearsal before the Chicago show. I have to say I like this song she’s singing and I don’t really do country. She’s really focusing on her music as a source of comfort and therapy. Yeah girl, you ain’t got time for no sad songs.

Time for Betty’s big fashion show and Cassie, Erika & Jenny show up for their big walk down the runway. Ana, however, is running late, which does not please her sister at all. When she finally does show up, she finds the room rather chilly and heads back downstairs. Probably the most helpful thing she can do is to stay away from Betty. The show starts and I have to say that I actually like some of the pieces. No drama on the runway. The show is a success. And with that, we’re out.

Bottom Line:

Rachel: My attention is wavering. Is anyone else watching this show?


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