Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 6, Episode 15: Dropping the Ball

One Sentence Summary:  The masks and gloves are about to come off between Kenya and NeNe.

Melissa’s Thoughts:

Yes Cynthia, I'm back and blogging on full speed.  I know... it's shocking.

Yes Cynthia, I’m back and blogging on full speed. I know… it’s shocking.

Here we go, back on schedule with my ATL ladies (kind of) only to resent them for cutting into my winter Olympics enjoyment.  Listen, I’m not an athlete… by ANY stretch of the imagination (imagine the polar OPPOSITE of athlete and that’s me) so to me it is amazing to watch these people who have reached the absolute peek of their sport.  I can’t help myself but want to take in all I can.  I digress, Mama Joyce is back to attack Kandi’s relationship in some way or form and I’m going to try to be respectful of that woman, but there’s a chance I’m finally going to lose my shit with her antics.  Only Porsha’s “audition” has the opportunity to put a smile on my face this week.  Oh yeah, and Kenya tries to show NeNe up… let’s all pretend we don’t know how THAT will go down.  Oh silly, silly Kenya.  You need to watch the back episodes to know this will not go well for you.

Peas in a Pod

Seriously Marlo is still around?  That woman is a bad penny.  Then again, it figures she’s there to try to catch a little of the spotlight back by hanging out with Kenya and Miss Lawrence.  So Kenya’s just going to stop by to visit with Miss L do debrief all the vineyard action, and of course she feels a kinship with Marlo.  Miss L brings up the Brandon situation that apparently ran amok in the blogs (really??).  Of course Kenya seizes the opportunity to address NeNe blaming her for the incident.  She’s not sure if she’s been right to look up to NeNe at this point.  Really Kenya?  Marlo of course wants to dish her falling out with NeNe after her wedding.  Kenya is going to throw a private masquerade ball in Buckhead for charity – along the lines of Eyes Wide Shut.  Wait, she sent an evite?  AND she’s auctioning of men for charity?  NeNe’s charity… you know to kill her with kindness.  How sorts of backward is all this?


Don Juan thinks he needs to focus on Porsha's singing.  Little does he know she thinks she can as-lib the script.

Don Juan thinks he needs to question Porsha’s singing. Little does he know she thinks she can as-lib the script.

Meanwhile Kandi has finally decided the open call isn’t the right route to go so we get to see the invited auditions to fill a few remaining roles.  Hey now, there’s Porsha for her audition.  Kandi doesn’t want anyone to say anything about her singing until after they hear her sing, but isn’t so confident on her acting skills.  Hmmm, “the words have to be exact?” isn’t a good indication of her skills.  Looks like she didn’t try to study the script… or the character for that matter.  Um??  She better nail her singing based on those glances around the table or that’s gonna be one hell of an awkward conversation.

Come One, Come All-ish

Clearly Marlo is familiar with how to lube any situation.

Clearly Marlo is familiar with how to lube any situation.

At Bar One Cynthia offered her space and time to Kenya (who apparently forgot to put a shirt on today) to interview bachelors for the auction.  Damn if Marlo isn’t just spreading herself all over the place – oh so many jokes.  Please don’t let her be coming back though.  I would have to turn on the ATL ladies.  While Cynthia tries to get to the point of their auditions and focus Kenya and Marlo are busy back and forth about Kenya’s fly-aways.  Regretting your offer to help yet Cynthia?  Those two are like puppies.  Oh stop, that’s right Cynthia… PUPPIES!  Bachelor 1 arrives and loses his shirt for the ladies.  Bachelor 2 goes right to asking if the ladies want him to get naked when they ask to see what he’s bringing to the party.  Wait, they only got 6 people to show?  Um, that’s not going to help your cause there Kenya.  What did you do, run an ad in Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine?  Maybe you need step up your game, especially if you’re trying to impress NeNe… or make her look bad.

Derby Girls

While the get together works to get the ladies talking, Porsha will end up with a few bruises for her effort.

While the get together works to get the ladies talking, Porsha will end up with a few bruises for her effort.

Roller Derby?  STFU, I love it!  I mean, let’s be honest, this could go all sorts of pear-shaped with this crew, but I love it.  The ladies all arrive and Porsha wants to know if she got her role but doesn’t want to come out and ask.  Kandi makes her sweat for a beat or two until letting the group know Porsha is in.  I’m with Kandi; girlfriend needs to actually learn her character’s name if she can’t focus on her lines.

Cynthia is all flailing arms and screams on the court while Kandi and Phaedra sit it out – wisely.  Oh now, poor Porsha is all over the place like a baby deer on a frozen lake.  Kenya would prefer to have another conversation with NeNe to discuss her getting so worked up while Cynthia and Kandi share a laugh about the fight.

Looks like Porsha’s idea may have been a good call to get the ladies laughing.  Too bad NeNe blew it off.

Cynthia asks where Kenya is with her bachelor search and it seems Marlo was able to scrape up a bachelor or two for her.  Kandi and Porsha both back out with proper “I have plans” excuses, but it doesn’t phase Kenya because as with everything else in her life she’ll blindly think it’s going to be fabulous… Just… Like… Her.

Message Center

Wait, Kandi is doing Phaedra’s workout video??  Carmon shows up, but her excitement to work out doesn’t extend beyone her outfit.  She isn’t in the mood today.  The reason for her sour mood you ask… why it’s the Carmon and Todd rumors.  Seems Carmon doesn’t care for this shit any more and decided to confront the person who is the “people” always being referred to.  After a quick confrontation call to the “people”, Mama Joyce was quick to make a phone call of her own.  “Carmon, what the f*ck did you call Crystal for? You know that sh*t damn true, but I’ll tell you one thing… you put your hand on that girl, I’m gonna drag your ass up and down the damn street like you was a damn rag.  I wish to hell you would put your hands on that girl you old lowdown heifer.”  WOW… how’s that for a message!  Kandi can’t believe her mom is starting all over again.  Seems Mama Joyce asked a fella by the name of Benny to set Todd up with some ladies and snap some pictures of Todd’s betrayal (BTW Mama would pay him).   DAMN!  That’s just craziness right there.  Oh Kandi, you know this is going to cause a blow up.

Lost in the (e)mail

NeNe stops by Cynthia’s office to have a normal girlie conversation about hair until Cynthia brings up the ball asking if NeNe got her invitation.  NeNe it seems didn’t get the email invite and doesn’t appreciate Kenya not even asking if she was available to attend the function.  Apparently Marlo told NeNe about the ball and that she’s supposed to be there (hmmm, looks like Marlo is looking to do a little pot stirring) because the ball is for her charity, but that was news to NeNe.  Cynthia tells the story of the bachelor search and how it’s involved with NeNe’s charity as well.  Getting to the point, Cynthia asks if NeNe is going to go but she’s wants to wait to hear from Kenya about an invitation.

Mama Said What?

I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I love Kandi’s dog Georgia.  What’s this about Porsha having a document from her lawyer for the production?  Girl, you should be happy you have a J-O-B.  Yeah, way to work him into you’re mom’s latest stunt Kandi.  At this point, I really hope and pray Todd s on the up and up.  I do not think I could stand Mama Joyce’s I told you so rants.  I mean really, she’s been off the deep end, and I would hate to validate and even reinforce that behavior.    So Todd takes the news about the voicemail pretty much like we would all expect.  Oh, and now the Benny set up story.  Yikes Kandi, you need to phase this shit.  I have to side with Todd though.  Don’t care if that’s your mom, if someone is going around disrespecting people (for whatever reason), they don’t deserve the respect of those people.  Do unto others and what not.  Todd tells her it’s a certain amount of time before he’ll have to check out (can’t say I’d blame him).  I’m with your friends Kandi, your mom doesn’t respect you if this is the way she treats you and the people you care about.  Carmon and Todd think that maybe she should try some therapy to get to the root of the problems, you know, work on her to learn to deal with her mom.

Delivery Failure

It’s party time!  So far we have 3 bachelors present for the festivities – I really hope they were able to find a few more.  I really can’t wait to see what Marlo was able to find by the way.  Kenya calls Cynthia on her way to the event and Cynthia asks if she’s talked to NeNe and Kenya tells her she texted her but hasn’t heard back.  Are you for real Kenya?  I mean come on.  You need to reach out and touch someone!  Cynthia tells Kenya NeNe thinks she wasn’t invited, but Kenya claims NeNe got the evite.  For real, she used evite for her “ball” invitations?  Geez woman, at least class it up with paperless post!  Not that I have ANYTHING against evite – use it all the time, but if you’re saying this is going to be a huge event you might want to step it up.  Kenya thinks since NeNe doesn’t have a job, she should have the time to open her email.  Nice Kenya, do you have a job?  Maybe next time and call the person you’re supposedly throwing the party FOR.

Eyes Wide Open

NeNe rocking her Diva attitude for Kenya's event

NeNe rocking her Diva attitude for Kenya’s event

Oh look at all the masked lovelies turning out for the party.  What a good friend is Cynthia bringing a mask for NeNe if she decides to show up.  BTW, does Mal ever leave Cynthia’s side?  You know there’s the option to stay home.  Anyway, Cynthia said NeNe and Kenya aren’t really speaking, and as she arrives Kenya is determined to show Atlanta what a good friend she is to NeNe by throwing this party.  Aw, look at that Miss Lawrence wore a lampshade to the event.

As she walks among the commoners… er, her guests, Kenya spies Cynthia and Mal in the crowd and makes her way to them to find out about NeNe.  Kenya tells the ladies the party was to honor her {eye roll}, and hopes she’ll come.

That’s right… never one to be outdone NeNe rolls up on the party itching for a fight.  She appropriately snubs Kenya and hangs with Cynthia and Mal.  Since she doesn’t know anything about the event the ladies explain it’s for her charity and to honor her (Kenya’s words).  Kenya tells the crowd that the charity is very close to her very good friend’s heart and she would like to call on NeNe to say a few words for her charity.  NeNe of course sees right through it and knows it’s a stupid game being played out by Kenya and is none to thrilled about being called front and center.  Gregg, always the calm voice of reason reminds her to choose her words before she goes up.

“It’s amazing how many good friends I have and don’t know about it.  But ah, I would like to thank Saving Our Daughters which is one of many charities that I work with”.  If only she would have done a drop mic ala Randy Watson.  Several of the audience is mouth agape stunned by the “speech” as NeNe saunters off and Kenya’s confessional claims NeNe is making them both look bad.

As the auction starts up Peter finds his way back to the small group to tell Cynthia he doesn’t want to be there.  NeNe is ready to go too which causes Cynthia concern because she doesn’t quite see what’s happening.

Roll Out

Kenya watches as her “friends” stroll out and tries to keep face and continue on.  At the driveway while waiting for the cars, Peter tells Cynthia he doesn’t agree with what NeNe did and that’s why he wants to leave.  The ball wasn’t the place for their fight… true, buuuut.  Hearing her name NeNe walks over to Peter to question why he’s upset with her.  She doesn’t want him putting everything on her when she wasn’t invited to the evening.  Peter tells her if he couldn’t come and be graceful about it he wouldn’t.  Now you know NeNe doesn’t care what you would do Peter.  NeNe is annoyed that Cynthia doesn’t jump in and tell Peter he doesn’t have the whole story and stand up for her friend.  NeNe and Peter and Cynthia leave before the fight escalates.

Back inside Kenya announces they raised a lot of money and thanks all.  A bit anti-climatic end to the drama she tried to stage.

Bottom Line: 

It’s a draw… who do you side with?  Kenya for her backward attempt at making NeNe look bad or NeNe not rising above it and turning the tables on Kenya?


3 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 6, Episode 15: Dropping the Ball

  1. Kudos to both of you. I am sure that what you have written about this bunch of clowns is great, but I just don’t care enough about any of them to waste the time to read it. Ewww.

  2. Trust me, not all women of color act like this! These housewives are RIDICULOUS and juvenile. No one can or seems to ever get along. Mel, Kenya and possibly Porsha do not belong and are not in the same league; the other women are want to bees.Kenya HAS ANGER MANAGEMENT ISSUES!!!

    Porsha is right they have too many hoodrat situations!!! ABC PLEASE FIX THIS! Kenya needs to go.

  3. Trust me, not all women of color act like this! These housewives are RIDICULOUS and juvenile. No one can or seems to ever get along. Mel, Kenya and possibly Porsha do not belong and are not in the same league; the other women are want to bees.Kenya HAS ANGER MANAGEMENT ISSUES!!!

    Porsha is right they have too many hoodrat situations!!! ABC PLEASE FIX THIS! Kenya needs to go.

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