Vanderpump Breaks The Rules

Put this on your acting reel.

They’re laughing at us suckers.

Rachel: OK, let me preface this by saying I know that reality TV isn’t reality per se. And I know I shouldn’t bat an eye when I learn that things aren’t exactly as they seem. But mostly I know that I don’t like being blatantly played.

That being said, I am straight up calling full shenanigans on Vanderpump Rules and Bravo. That’s right. I said shenanigans. And I mean it. Let me ‘splain you why. While watching last week’s Reunion episode, I couldn’t help wonder how far apart the episode had been filmed from when Kristen & Tom were on Watch What Happens Live. You know the episode where they said they were still working on their relationship and had just been intimate the night before the taping. As I watched Kristen & Tom scream at each other like rabid dogs, I a little beard-ie on the Andy convinced me something was amiss. You see, if Andy is still sporting a beard on the Reunion, then it had to have been filmed a while back since he’s been clean-shaven for a few weeks now, no? And by a while ago, I mean right around the same time the WWHL episode was filmed. My Spidey Senses began to tingle.

Thankfully, not everyone is as bone lazy as I am and the fabulous Miss Heidi Dillon did some research for us. She confirmed what I believed to be true: The two shows were taped within days of each other. In fact, the Reunion episode was taped 4 days before the WWHL episode aired; January 10th and January 14th respectively. That’s right, all that hate and anger just dissipated in 4 days and love bloomed again. Or not… Because Kristen pretended not to know about Ariana and Tom about Jax. Then there’s the fact that Tom was dating Ariana at that point, which means he cheated on her a mere 3 days later… or didn’t, but pretended to so that we’d all think they were still together? I’m so confused. But hey, best acting performances of their careers. I hope they’re putting it on their reels. Lord knows Kristen needs it. Even those sex scenes weren’t believable. But I digress…

The point here is that Bravo TV thinks we’re dumb enough to not figure out that we’re being duped for ratings. Well, I guess I am dumb enough to sit through two seasons of this show, not to mention years of The Housewives, so I suppose it’s not that far-fetched. But I really do wish the producers, whose job it is to think about these things, would have managed to do the math on that one. I may not have reality in my reality, but some continuity would be nice. That’s right. This dummy is calling you Bravo dummies out.

Gonna make watching tonight far less fun…. But I have to ask the question:

Tell me what you think in the comments below.

You can check the Wikipedia page here: PumpRulesReunion.

Bravo lists the date of WWHL as January 14, 2014.


2 responses to “Vanderpump Breaks The Rules

  1. Ugh 😦 my friend just returned from Mass where she met her fiance’s best friends fiancé who was one of the ladies on bachelor season 8(?) she said they were given index cards daily on how to act. Such REALITY. I’m so bummed 😦

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