Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 6, Episode 14: Peaches Divided

One Sentence Summary:  Once the men cool down the ladies get all fired up.

Melissa’s Thoughts:

NeNe and Cynthia turn to interpretive dance to debrief the PJ debacle.

NeNe and Cynthia turn to interpretive dance to debrief the couples therapy PJ debacle.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m still scratching my head over the whole chaotic couples PJ night.  And it’s not over yet!  Now it’s the ladies turn to release a little steam, but seriously if fist start flying with this crew in their little PJs I’m thinking someone’s girls are going to make a guest appearance.  I’m going back to my theory that it’s really not a good idea to combine booze and couple’s therapy.  No good can ever come of it.

In 500 or less:

Back to a shirtless Apollo charging Brandon (who apparently needs to be shirtless too) while the others attempt to break them up… again.  NeNe tries to explain the party rules – a bit late.  Christopher apologizes to NeNe for his side of the mess but Kandi confronts Natalie about her comments about Todd.  Someone ring the bell, round 3 is about to start.  Natalie tries to defend her comments and brings Mamma Joyce into the mix – yikes.  Cynthia gets in Kandi’s face with some finger waving and Peter says they’re acting street (up in Todd’s face).  Of course there’s a shove and the hold backs when Mal out of nowhere gives Kandi a shove.  Are you kidding me?  STFU and sit your ass down tough lady talking about beating Kandi’s “mother*cking ass”.  Who invited you?  Phaedra tries to comfort and calm Kandi who is also pissed that Todd tried to pull her back before she could go all sorts of Kill Bill girl fight on Mal.  Kandi tries to leave while Todd needs to clear the air with Peter and Cynthia tries to back peddle and not look like a pot-stirrer.

In the clear light of day Carmon listens to Kandi’s debrief while at Cynthia’s NeNe and Gregg take their turn over some Dunkin Donuts.  Checking in at Kenya’s, Brandon needs sunglasses for his shiner (which I barely see… hi Drama).  All the ladies are defending their actions and collectively point their fingers at the others… naturally.  Kandi realizes her actions were Mamma Joyce-esque – ouch!!  Brandon filed a police report so he can hold all the cards – ALL the cards.  You’re stomping on my nerves with your attitude missy.

At Phaedra’s she is very irritable that her sandals are broken and she didn’t do well on her test… not to mention the strange facemask from Ayden and the previous night’s drama.  As Phaedra hums her side of the conversation Apollo claims he was having a good time until the madness started.

In a way to collectively apologize to the ladies Kandi invites everyone to Jeju Spa (mad thanks to my partner’s sleuthing skills).  While Cynthia is always ready for a massage, she’s not ready to be in the same room with Kandi, so the massage battle line is drawn.  Um, there’s an herbal vagina cleansing at this spa?  Hmmm, I wonder why people are trying to find this place… kooky bunch of freaks out there… and I LOVE it!!

Kandi’s open apology to the ladies serves as NeNe’s excuse to point out Kenya’s poor choices until Cynthia confronts Kandi’s actions.  Damn, I completely missed Mal pushing Todd too!  Oh what woman has some balls (and not NeNe’s happy vagina ones).  Kenya expects an apology from Phaedra, but NeNe points out Kenya started the chaos.  Meanwhile as the volume escalates the spa staff begins pacing past hoping the ladies will take it down a notch.  You’re all busting the spa’s tranquility!

Bottom Line:

I agree with Porsha, I don’t think anyone knows what happened until we roll tape again and get the story straight.

Jeju Sauna:

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