Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 6, Episode 12: Sour Grapes, Sour Peaches

One Sentence Summary:  Grab a spoon; all the ladies are stirring the pot!

Melissa’s Thoughts:

Natalie sports the standard deer in headlights look when trying to go up agains a "Housewife".

Natalie sports the standard deer in headlights look when trying to go up agains a “Housewife”.

Yep still trying to get caught up around all the sports and post renovation restoration and the day job.  I finally find myself with a few ticks of the clock for my Southern Belles so I’m going to take advantage and give them 500-ish for Kenya’s jaw dropping announcement that she’s going to get a baby.  I wonder if her “Prince” has been involved with that idea… or decision.  I hope she realizes if she has a baby life isn’t going to be all about her.  No wait, maybe her maternal instincts will kick in.  HA, I couldn’t even type that with a straight face!!  Since the ladies are off to a vineyard today I think I’ll top off my glass of Pinot and pretend I’m there with them.  Cheers!

In 500 or less

It’s 3 years for Peter and Cynthia and they’re out on the town with their friends Christopher and Natalie.  A double-date anniversary??  Run-roh, their friends were having lots of sex when they first married so Cynthia thinks she needs to be knocking boots more.  Natalie dishes on Todd’s past cheating and his street hustle to move him another rung up.  Peter takes them across the street for a surprise dinner while Christopher serenades.  Strange.

Kandi’s peeps question Todd’s venue thoughts and Kandi tells them he quit.  Hang on; this is foreign territory for everyone?  That’s a serious cha-ching gamble.  Don Juan doesn’t want “friends” in the production and I see his point.

NeNe visits Porsha’s new digs and the girl doesn’t even have wine glasses?  Um, I know you’re SO busy and all, but come on, get some wine glasses!  NeNe asks if Porsha is ready to date yet but men are still irritating to Porsha, so she’s going to take care of herself.  Well, she does have a friend at Bedroom Kandi.

Kenya has a family get-together to share she may need a bigger house with more bedrooms because she’s going to have a child.  How many more rooms does a child need?  Anyway, she’s not sure she wants to have a baby with her prince – or princie doesn’t want one with her (if he exists).  Thankfully the family is trying to talk some sense into her, but she thinks having a child of her own will repair the void from her mother.  Oh, that’s a PERFECT reason to have a child.

Kandi and Todd are off looking for venues because he wants to be supportive.  Todd takings his business calls while Kandi discusses the theater with the manager.  Apparently he’s not feeling the job and asks if Kandi has a position on her team.  He doesn’t have time to go back and forth with her on the production but he’s back in.  Um, what?

Marlo is back??  Hmmm,  the time apart hasn’t been kind.  It’s a ladies trip to a vineyard.  Hopefully the vineyard is closed because we all know booze never delivers fun conversations with these ladies.  Why did Kenya bring her dog?  Kenya starts in with dirt on Natalie, oh and the dirt on Todd too.  What’s with all the gossip ladies??  Kandi, Porsha and Phaedra arrive and Kandi is surprised by Marlo’s presence.  In the chapel, Kandi tells the ladies she and Todd may just go to the courthouse so Mamma Joyce can’t throw a fit.  Smart.  As the ladies share their marriage stories, Kenya challenges Natalie’s marriage claims.  Way to stir the pot Kenya.  Why are you such a bitch?  No wonder you can’t keep a man… on the same continent.

Oh Natalie, you keep quiet girl, you’re new to this group… they can eat you alive.  Well, no one can top pot-stirrer Kenya on rudeness. (again, hence her relationship issues).  Oh snap, we’re bringing up Peter?  Yes Kandi, you own your awesomeness.

Bottom Line:

Oh man, the shit’s gonna fly next episode {wringing hands with delight}!!


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