Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 6, Episode 11: Crunk In The Trunk

One Sentence Summary:  Porsha forgetting her “I’ve Moved” cards isn’t going to sit well with NeNe.

Melissa’s Thoughts:

Oh Kenya, it's to a good idea to wave yourself around like a matador's cape in traffic.

Oh Kenya, it’s to a good idea to wave yourself around like a matador’s cape in traffic.  Clearly they didn’t want the damage to the car.

I’m back and playing some SERIOUS catch up with my ATL ladies!  I can’t really complain, there was a bit of a vacation in there causing some distraction.  So while the ladies dish on Chuck’s side of the story,  visit with Kenya’s dad’s and attend Mal’s jewelry trunk show I’m giving my 500-ish bits of snark to get back on track before my partner fires me for no pulling my weight.  As punishment I’m skipping the vino tonight… one must atone for ones sins no?  OK, we’ll see how long it lasts.  I’m feeling a migraine coming on and I may need some for medicinal purposes.

In 500 or less

Phaedra’s hot to fill Kandi in on Chuck’s take on “dating” them and Kandi laughs it off.  I would too girl, he’s just backpedaling for his misses.

Mal bring out her bead line for Cynthia to host a trunk show for her.  Nosey wants to know about the argument with Peter and Cynthia confides she may have crossed the line.  Mal can’t let things slide so when Peter arrives she lays right into him.  STFU Mal, Cynthia should have said something to him.  Damn, why does Mal need to bring up sex??  I need a drink.

Look at Kenya’s Daddy all sorts of Texas and ready to bust on her corned up ashy feet.  Oh Daddy… I like you!!  Wait, Daddy was 16 when she was born?  So why did Kenya move to Atlanta anyway?  Do we know?  She thinks her Mamma issues are why she can’t move forward with relationships – that and your attitude.  Isn’t she dating someone now??  He thinks she should let it go – me too.

Porsha and Kordell’s mediation didn’t go very well (for Porsha) and she needs a little something to get on with her life.  How about a J-O-B sweetie.

Kandi is moving on with her musical and Todd wants her to get people who can do things the right way (and not him).  He tells her of the globe-trotting job offer and Kandi is moved to tears because he keeps bringing up out of town jobs.

NeNe and Cynthia turn up to meet Kenya’s Pops and spy the Bentley in the drive (from the BF).  Oops, they didn’t get the memo on the painting party.  Pops doesn’t believe in women telling him what to do and natch it doesn’t sit at all with NeNe until she hears he would treat her like his queen.  Oh wouldn’t that be awesome if NeNe was Kenya’s step-mommy!!  NeNe wants nothing to do with Kandi’s musical no matter the salary.

Porsha has the ladies to her new place and Mr. President upchucks on her.  Yeah sweetie, babies do that.  Rethinking the little ones huh?  Phaedra wonders why Porsha needs 8000 sq. ft. (so do I) but Porsha is over the Kordell situation even though it’s causing her panic attacks.

It’s Mal’s trunk show and all the ladies are coming.  Kenya arrives and takes a shot at Kandi for eating.  All the ladies are stunned about Mal’s surprise 2-month visit.  Mal doesn’t care for Kenya’s comments and we’re about to go all sorts of catfight – that will score you a sale Mal.  Hmmm, common denominator?    NeNe and Mynique arrive to find out Porsha moved to NeNe’s ‘hood – surprise!  NeNe calls her a bad friend and Porsha is out… and crying.  NeNe’s eyes are rolling over the behavior and Kenya starts screeching about Porsha and wanting more wine before storming and twirling across the road to Bar One.  NeNe reminds Porsha she needs to be a friend to have a friend.  Ah, sage advice to end the episode.

Bottom Line:

I’m curious why Kenya is obsessed about her failed relationships if she’s so happy about her current relationship


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