Courtney Loves Dallas – Season 1, Episode 8; Courtney Loves Friendship

One Sentence Summary – Courtney’s season comes to an end with a friendship in on the brink of its own end.

My Thoughts: 

Yeah, Courtney actually said that.

Yeah, Courtney actually said that.

Rachel: My post-vacation catch-up continues with Courtney’s season finale. The only reason she comes next is because she will only torture me for 30 minutes. That, I think I can handle, though after last week, I’m not so sure. She was an obnoxious ass to Tori on her birthday, which is not cool. Birthdays are sacred; especially the milestones. 40 of us managed to travel to Key Largo for my grandmother’s 90th birthday this past week. Forty schedules cleared for an entire weekend, while Courtney couldn’t manage one day for her best friend’s 30th. Shame. I have a piece of advice for Tori. Consider it a belated birthday gift from me. Yeah yeah, I know I’m generous beyond words. It’s another gift to you, and the world, really. The advice: When someone shows you who they are, believe them. Courtney showed you exactly who she is last week. She planned exactly zero things that were about you for your birthday. What she did do is manage to make your day about her and insult you with Botox. Not cool. So here’s hoping you find your fun this week and tell Miss Big Shot with her tiara, where she can stick it.


And we’re back to Tori and Courtney screaming at each other. I just wish Tori would have called Courtney out for what she was really mad about and not that her photo shoot was fake. She’s hurt her friend blew off her birthday to make it

How can you even take someone in a tiara and jean shorts seriously?

How can you even take someone in a tiara and jean shorts seriously?

all about herself, as she should be. But this fight is petty and ridic. But we’re not subjected to musch more because Tori’s out.

Courtney follows her and Tori finally says what’s going on for real. It’s not about a fake photo shoot, it’s about Tori always putting her life on hold for Courtney and Courtney not being able to do it for one day for her. Does Courtney hear her? Of course not, because it’s all about her. And again, Tori’s out. Courtney isn’t moved at all. In fact, she’s fired up and ready to take more pictures of herself.

Days pass and Courtney is back at her apartment trying to figure out an outfit for her TV shoot, when her intern Shannon comes in. Wearing the right thing is 75% of the battle. Yeah, you know you have to speak, right? Thinking that’s a bigger battle. But this is her professional life and she’s gonna make it happen, regardless of her personal life being in shambles. I mean all she has to do is shop her way through it. It’s just that simple. A Louis Vuitton solved her father leaving the family and a shopping spree cured her broken heart after a breakup. Who knew! And all these  years I’ve being trying to get through life with feelings when it was really through credit card debt. This chick is really swimming in the shallow end of the pool of life. Courtney’s Bauble Bar collection shows up. It’s awesome and she can wear it tomorrow! See, what problems?

Tori heads to dinner with Thais and Katie to discuss her beef with Courtney. They haven’t spoken in 5 days, but she’s cool because her friends that wanted to be with her on her birthday showed up. And with that, her phone rings. It’s Courtney, natch, but Tori isn’t picking up. One would think Courtney’s message would be about getting together to talk and possibly to apologize for being a snatch. But no, it’s about Tori coming to watch Courtney tape her show tomorrow, or at the minimum, tape it. Seriously? Get your head out of your ass.

Morning comes and Courtney arrives at the TV station where she immediately starts talking about… herself. Lisa, her co-host, isn’t moved by the baubles or the chatter. Courtney’s bummed since Tori would have been totally gaga over everything. Yeah, sucks when you piss all over your biggest cheerleader, huh? But mom & grams show up so there’s someone there to blow sunshine up her ass and keep that giant head inflated.

Looks like someone's already had her fill of Courtney and the cameras haven't even started rolling.

Looks like someone’s already had her fill of Courtney and the cameras haven’t even started rolling.

The show starts with Courtney having to have the first word and interrupting Lisa’s introduction. Idiot. Just can’t help herself. Then she can’t stop playing with the papers in front of her, which is clearly irritating everyone, including me, but she survives the first show. Mom wants to know why Tori isn’t there. Courtney tells mom her side of the story about how busy she is. Mom says that she slights relationships sometimes and needs to make it right. Don’t let her ego prevent her from saying she’s sorry. We’ll see if daughter listens.

Something mom said sunk in because Courtney realizes she owes Tori the same friendship back that she has been given. So she buys her a gang of gifts to bring to a girls’ night out. Too bad no one told Tori that Courtney was coming and boy is

BFFs all over again.

BFFs all over again.

she not pleased. Courtney tries playing nice nice but Tori is not hearing any of it. When Courtney realizes that the fake bullshit isn’t going to fly, she admits that she’s been obsessed with work – and by work she means herself – and that, while fashion comes and goes, friendships are forever. She’s sorry she let everyone down. Well done, woman. I hope you mean it. So does Tori who accepts the apology with a hug. And the cherry on the apology sundae comes when Tori unwraps her gift and it’s a framed photo of the four girls holding hands in front of the Prada installation in Marfa. I nod my head in approval. And all’s well that ends well.

Bottom Line: Well, so that happened. I have my doubts whether Bravo will let it happen again. 


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