Courtney Loves Dallas – Season 1, Episode 6; Courtney Loves Besties

One Sentence Summary – Courtney takes her broken heart on a road trip.

My Thoughts: 

Ready to join a biker gang.

Ready to join a biker gang.

Rachel: So, Miss Courtney has created a lot of negative feedback on this blog. I really had zero beat on her before this show, but from the sound of it, if I had watched Most Eligible Dallas, I wouldn’t be liking our girl as much as I do. That’s a bummer. I’ve also been warned that her behavior tonight is going to make me angry. Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. All of this is making it hard for me to press play on the ol’ DVR. But it’s already Saturday morning so the time is now. This is brave of me, just so you know, being that it’s too early for my pacifier. AKA: wine. Yes, even a Winey Bitch has limits. Not many. But a few. Drinking at 9am is one of them… unless I’m on a beach… or with a friend… or at a brunch…

Matt Fall Out

We start with an exit. Courtney’s exit after meeting up with that fuckface Matt. I’m sorry, but I don’t care what really happened, his response to her was pure dickhead. Besides I just really want to punch him in his plastic face. I don’t usually

Not the post-date bed action she was hoping for.

Not the post-date bed action she was hoping for.

have such a visceral reaction (ha, just go with me), but this guy rubs me all kinds of the wrong way. Man, I feel bad for her. Every girl knows that pain… Well, almost every girl… and it is deep. Getting gutted like that suuuuuucks. While she cries, he sits in his Escalade and blows up her phone. Don’t answer it. She answers it. Dumb ass. There’s a lot he has to say to her because he loves her. No, he doesn’t. Please don’t buy what he’s selling. Now he admits that they had a relationship. He was just pointing out things she didn’t see. What didn’t she see? That you’re a world-class douchebag? But he needs her. He says he’s always been there for her, but there was just a big gap when, you know, he wasn’t. With that little gem, Courtney has finally had enough – hallelujah – and hangs up on him. Now to cry ourselves to sleep.

Lucky for her intern, Shannon, she gets to start the day after that nonsense. And you know, we’re all in the best mood ever after getting our hearts stomped on. Hang on to your weave, Shannon. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Wait, did Courtney really just make her intern steam her curtains because she doesn’t have a housekeeper? Um, no. That’s not what an intern does. Tori shows up and can’t believe Courtney has her intern steaming curtains. That’s what I just said! But Courtney has other things to worry about, like drinking champagne to celebrate her officially cutting Matt Nordgren out of her life. She relays the whole story to Tori while Shannon fetches mail. This really is a fashion education. Tori and Courtney decide to do a girls’ weekend in Marfa while Shannon wanders the hallways of Courtney’s building biding time before she has to go back and mop Courtney’s floors.

OK, now it’s time to do some work. Shannon and Courtney go to an art supply to store to buy supplies to make mood boards for her Bauble Bar line. These will dictate the style of her jewelry, which she isn’t technically designing. She’s picking things that are already made and changing the colors, sizes and metals. Well shit, I can do that. Give me a line! She gets home just in time for Shannon to call it a day so she gets to paint by herself. Paint and cry about Matt. All she needs is to play some Sarah McLaughlin and we’ve got ourselves an estrogen trifecta.

Day two of the internship has arrived and Shannon watches Courtney present her mood boards to Bauble Bar via Skype. First board presented. First board rejected. Second board presented. Second board rejected. Yikes. Doesn’t go much better with the third, but we start to see signs of life with the fourth and fifth and sixth. The Bauble Bar girls are actually happy and think it’s going to be a strong collection.

Courtney’s girlfriends arrive ready to head to Marfa. I really like saying Marfa. Such a strange name. They pull over on the side of the road to pee and I have to wonder why they thought backing their bare asses up to barbed wire was smart? I know you’re worried about people seeing you pee, but there’s a TV camera pointed at you so I’m thinking that worry is a moot point.

They arrive, sneer at their hotel room and decide to go for a bike ride. Courtney’s bike is too heavy because she brought a giant bag with her and chose the tricycle.

Marfa doesn't love Courtney

Marfa doesn’t love Courtney

Her friends, who told her not to bring her life with her, leave her in the dust. Guilt gets the best of them when they see her walking her bike and Tori agrees to trade. However there’s the little issue of Courtney not knowing how to ride a bike. So let me walk through this logic for a minute. You demand your friend trade bikes with you because it’s too hard to lug around a giant purse they told you not to bring on a three-wheeler, but you don’t actually know how to ride a two-wheeler? You’re an idiot. And it seems the cops that just pulled you over for being an idiot and falling into the street agree with me. And now she’s crying because she got yelled at. I just rolled my eyes so hard I almost fell backwards.

Time for beers and dinner. Courtney tells the girls about her episode with Matt. They aren’t exactly supportive. Listen ladies, I know you’re tired of hearing about it, but this is a legit moment. She had her heart broken. Whether by her own decisions or not, give it to her and then tell her to move on. OK, I admit she’s droning on now. Move along, Court. Her friends have had it and Thais thinks Courtney is self-centered. I kinda think you’re all self-centered.

Finally, they go to the Prada installation. It’s a fake Prada store with actual Prada shoes & bags in the windows, that you can’t go into, randomly perched on the side of the road. Um, yeah. I don’t get it. Also randomly perched is some dude with a very expensive camera who rolls up and takes a ton of pics of the girls. What are the odds of that happening… Bravo crew guy.

Bottom Line: Hmm, while I don’t think the curtain steaming was exactly model behavior for a boss, I don’t think Courtney was terrible to her. There are definitely some cracks in the foundation, but I kinda still like her. Sorry.


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