Courtney Loves Dallas – Season 1, Episode 3; Courtney Loves DC

One Sentence Summary – Lots of surprises for Courtney tonight – good and bad.

My Thoughts: 

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How Courtney feels about dating. Right there with you girl.

Rachel: As with any new show, I can’t decide if it’s worth writing about until I’ve given it a few watches. I wasn’t a huge fan of Most Eligible Dallas and watched it sporadically at best. And though I did root for Courtney and Matt, I didn’t really have any strong feelings about anyone from the show. So, imagine my surprise when I watched Courtney Loves Dallas and thought, “Wow, Rachel loves Courtney!” Not in a creepy way, of course. But in a there-might-be-someone-on-a-reality-show-that-is-actually-relatable-and-cool kind of way. Plus that whole single woman struggling to find a solid dude angle hits home with me as well. And she taught me that if you cover yourself in hemorrhoid cream and saran wrap, you’ll be skinny like her. Isn’t that what happened? But the biggest bonus of it all is that the show’s a half hour. Bless it. I’m hoping that I’m not being lulled into a false sense of security here and she’s going to turn into a Brandi-Teresa-Housewife hybrid. But so far, I’m all in.

Carmen & Matthew & Lei, Oh My!

First, can we discuss the fact that I think Leslie from Big Rich Texas lived in the same apartment building as Courtney? Either there are a shit ton of places that look just like that on the outside and inside or Dallas has provided the TV world with a camera-friendly residence. How kind.

Anyway, Courtney is getting ready for her trip to New York for Fashion Week. She’s got a lot riding on this trip and is concerned about her meetings and what to wear. Tori, her BFF and travel companion, is concerned about meeting guys. Um, you’re going to fashion shows. Yes, there will be men. No, they will not be looking at you. Courtney says that she has a lot riding on this trip for her blog, which is code for “This isn’t that kind of trip so put the horny toad routine away.” I do wish she’d stop saying that outfits are moments, however. It’s not a moment. It’s a dress. But I’d let her call outfits “moments” as many times as she liked if I could raid her wardrobe. I’m not above it.

The girls arrive in New York and it’s time to get some fashion on. First up, Carmen Marc Valvo. I’m jealous. Tori is wondering if boys will be at this show. Didn’t we just discuss this? Courtney, please lay it out plain for your girl. She does and now that Tori knows it’s going to be mostly gay boys in her personal space this week, she’s back focused on fashion. She also gives Court a much needed pep talk so she can feel confident walking into these shows instead of like a small fish in a big pond which is what she says she’s feeling. God bless good girlfriends. Where would we be without them? Well, I’d probably be passed under a bar somewhere with no teeth.  I don’t know why with no teeth. Just go with it.

The girls get ready to go but seems Tori didn’t nail her look. So she gets a makeover from Courtney. I kinda wish the same would have happened in the reverse. I’m not saying I don’t like the dress Courtney chose, but I don’t like the dress. It’s not doing much for her. Just being honest.

Did Courtney just say the Statue of Liberty, which Tori would like to visit, is made out of cement? Oh girl, no. No, it’s not. The lady, she is made of copper and steel. Maybe you should pay a visit and get some fashion AND knowledge on that trip. ‘Merica. She doesn’t think they need to go though because New Yorkers probably don’t go either. She’s never been to the grassy knoll in Dallas so they don’t need to go to the Statue of Liberty. See, this is why I should never say how much I like someone on TV. It’s just an invitation or them to say some really ignorant shit. Look, this girl loves her fashion too, but don’t be dissing Lady Liberty. That’s just not cool. And she just said “totes”. This might be a quick love affair.

The girls arrive at the show and I gotta say the dresses are spectacular. Gorgeous. Man, I need about a million more eyeballs on this blog so I can hope to someday buy one of those dresses. Dare to dream.  After the show, Courtney tries to get an intro to Carmen, but there are a lot of cheeks to be kissed before Courtney’s. She gets her chance and talks his ear off, but he seemed charmed so it’s all good. Less

One more idiot making Florida look bad.

One more idiot making Florida look bad.

charming is a “fashion designer” from Miami who would like to make over Courtney. She says she’s happy with her look. He’s not so he insults her. Yes, that’s how you get clients. What a dick. Look, I ain’t in love with the dress myself, but I’m pretty sure there was no need to call her a grandma from the 80’s. Not a fabulous move, darling. Tori isn’t having it and tells Lei Marco -that’s his name- that he’s rude. I’m not sure what response she thought she was going to get but he insults her too and tells her to eat his pussy. I’m not making this up. But I give her props for getting her girl’s back. Now, maybe Courtney will take her to the Statue of Liberty.

Girls’ night back in the hotel with fries, ice cream and cookies. The love for one Miss Courtney Kerr is coming back. Now, just pop a bottle and I’m all in. Courtney is nervous about her Bauble Bar interview but Tori wants to talk boys. Tori thinks Courtney needs to get out and date already being that she hasn’t really since Matt. Courtney does the 2013 version of sticking your fingers in your ears and going la la la la la.  She picks up her iPhone and checks for messages. Yes, avoidance in the new millennium.

Nailed it.

Nailed it.

Time for the interview and this outfit is fierce. Much better than that lace number. And it works for her as she gets the job offer. The TV cameras had nothing to do with it. It’s not a huge amount of exposure for them or anything. But I’m stoked for Courtney. She gets to design 64 pieces of jewelry. Now, hurry up with this episode so I can check out the site.

There’s a night of celebrating Courtney’s victory with some drinks and then it’s back to Dallas. Courtney is relaxing at home when she gets a call from her ex Matt. What’s this douchebag want? He misses her and he is sad without her. Then maybe you shouldn’t have blown her off. She wants to sit down and talk to him. He agrees and drops an L-bomb as they hang up. Dude, not OK. This guy… Don’t trust him. Awfully convenient to show back up when the cameras start rolling again. Wonder if it’s just him or if Bravo had a hand in this…

Bottom Line: OK, I’m still in.


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