Ex-Wives Of Rock, Season 2, Episode 14 – Heaven

One-Sentence Summary:  Another season comes to a close with lots of goodbyes.

My Thoughts:  

Rachel:  Time to bid adieu to the lovely Ex-Wives of Rock. Hopefully, this won’t be a permanent good-bye; just a pause between seasons. Get your pens out people and start writing Fuse to demand they order a third season. OK, I know no one actually write letters anymore, but it sounded better than telling you to get out your laptops. Anyway, I’ll spare you my usual babble and get to the show. We pick up after Bobbie & Athena walked out on the dinner that was supposed to be about making Sharise feel better.

Bye Bye Bye

The younger they are, the harder they fall.

The younger they are, the harder they fall.

Well, Sharise’s dinner didn’t end up working out so we’re moving on to Bobbie’s blind date. Aw, I was really hoping Pickle was the man. I like that guy. Bobbie’s date is apparently on a show called Warped Roadies. Never heard of it, which is saying something seeing as how I am a reality junkie. But he’s a cutie… a young cutie. Go Bobbie! She says she doesn’t go after young guys but that’s just who she attracts. You and me, girl. I’m trying to skew north after the last debacle, but I can’t blame her for saying yes yes yes to this guy… plus he showed up with flowers. Many points for that. I’m with Shannon, this guy’s got game and things are going swimmingly. Well, until Bobbie starts talking about her flight with Blue. How fun for him. She finishes the story and decides she’s done with the date. And with that, she’s out. Meanwhile, asshole bartender asks Roadie if he’s out cougar hunting. You wish you could bag a hot older chick. Just keep slinging drinks and find another way to get your big acting break. This ain’t it.

Meanwhile, Athena is starting her own candle line. That’s pretty cool. She says that she has been making candles for a while and wants to make one in honor of her mother who passed away while she was in rehab. She’ll be picking up her mother’s ashes this week and doing a funeral for her and for her father. She’s only inviting a few people… which means someone is going to be offended. I’m assuming that someone will be Blue.

Speaking of the budding rap star, Blue is back in the studio, with her son Grady, to lay down the final part of her track. They listen to what has already been recorded and everyone is feeling it… including Grady. Good son. Sharise shows up with some Jack Daniels – I think it’s the Honey kind which is deeeeelicious. Grady & Sharise get in on the action and it’s just a party up in here. OK, I have to admit, the song’s not as terrible as I expected it to be. Let’s hurry and move on before I say anything else nice.

Ah yes, safer territory: Athena is home celebrating Tobi’s birthday and has allowed a one-day concession to let Ahmad into the house. But it looks like Ahmad has other plans and is hoping to earn some additional time with the family. He takes Athena aside and apologizes for all the things he’s said in the past that casued problems for the family. He’s grateful for being invited into their home. Is this kid for real? I guess Athena thinks so because she is cautiously optimistic about this new Ahmad and is willing to give him another shot. I hope this kid is sincere. I’d hate to see what happens to him if he’s blowing smoke. Well, actually, I’d probably like to see that. Godspeed, Ahmad.

Time for Bobbie’s book launch party. Everyone’s there to celebrate. Everyone minus Blue and Sharise. Athena isn’t sad about Blue’s absence. She’s not trying to

Athena has a plan to move some books.

Athena finds a way to move some books.

make peace with her. Bobbie is in agreement. She feels like Blue is always hating on her for everything, which most likely stems from a long life of being jealous of Bobbie. Well, I guess we won’t be seeing a reconciliation tonight. As for Sharise… I guess she figured if they can’t support her, she can’t support them back. I haven’t decided if I agree or disagree with that, but I guess it doesn’t matter what I think since both Sharise and Blue have just arrived. Wow, kudos to them for rallying. There are hugs all around, but the tension between Athena & Blue is palpable. Sharise and Bobbie, however, seem to be back on the right track… that makes me happy. I guess Blue is just going to live in the shadows until she can figure out how not to annoy the hell out of everyone. Oh well. Not everyone can love each other.

PS – Just saw that Warped Roadies is a Fuse show. Whoops. That’s what happens when I have my finger on FF.

Time to pay respects to Athena’s mom & dad. Her dad passed 12 years ago, but there was no funeral, so she thought it would be special if she mixed their ashes and buried them together. That’s pretty awesome. As they cruise out to sea, a pod of dolphins swim by. Athena’s mom’s best friend told her that in Greece when a ship was carrying ashes to sea, dolphins would show up to escort the boat. Wow, this is getting me all sentimabubble. Athena gives a lovely tribute to her parents, but it’s her mom’s best friend saying that she’s saying bye to her best friend that

The band's back together.

The band’s back together.

makes me actually tear up. Sweet thing. A really lovely memorial for Athena’s parents. Big hugs, girl. And it’s nice to see the three girls – Sharise, Bobbie, & Athena – together today.

As we sail on from Season 2, Athena and Bobbie both think life is too short to put up with bullshit. Agreed. Neither has time for people that don’t bring good things into their lives. Agreed. They’re real and that is what matters. And agreed. Sharise thinks that Athena is sensitive to BS and with Blue’s flair for the drama, she’s never going to see how amazing Blue is. But it is what it is. As for Blue, she thinks the past year has been a nightmare for her, but she’s not concerned any longer about her friendship with Athena. It is making her tired and she is ready for less dramatic friends. Well, less dramatic friends and an employee who will spit shine her studio floor.

Bottom Line: 

Rachel: And with that, we bid adieu to our girls for another season. I’m glad to see Sharise back in the fold with Athena & Bobbie. And while I don’t think Blue is really inherently bad, she did do things to alienate herself from the girls. Sad, but true. Just hurry back ladies!


2 responses to “Ex-Wives Of Rock, Season 2, Episode 14 – Heaven

  1. What was the song played on the boat

  2. I think the song was taken from Warren Zevon’s final album before he died~”My ride’s here”.

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