Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 6, Episode 5: Save the Drama For Mama

One Sentence Summary:  The good, the bad and the ugly behavior comes front and center as the maternal urges get into the act this week.

Melissa’s Thoughts: 

Mamma Joyce tries her best to derail Kandi's happiness with Todd.

Mamma Joyce tries her best to derail Kandi’s happiness with Todd.

You know I loves me some Mamma Joyce and I was raised to be respectful of my elders and family but let’s face it, I think Mamma’s gone off the rails about Kandi and Todd’s relationship.   I get being protective of your child, but there has to come a point where you just need to take a step back before you look like a big bag of bananas wrapped in crazy string.  I mean seriously friends… I’m starting to think Kenya is normal because Mamma has gone mental in the face of Kandi’s impending nuptials.

Road Trip

So Phaedra is off to Alabama with the baby, assistant and Nanny and of course she’s not speaking with with Apollo.  Clearly he’s just completely distraught over the whole situation… I think I heard him mumble “bitch” under his breath as he shut the door… or maybe that’s what their doors sound like when the close.  OK, so it seems she had to go to school out of state so she needs to travel back and forth for exams and study dates.  Are there no mortuary schools in Georgia?  Or is this a plan to get away from Apollo on the regular?  You know I used to love Phaedra, but there are times where she does kinda grate on me.


the bromance grows as Apollo seeks lady advice from Peter.

the bromance grows as Apollo seeks lady advice from Peter.

It’s time to walk for Cynthia… and hello, what’s Apollo doing there?  Ah, he’s there to see Peter since all the troubles of the past are gone, and now Peter is Apollo’s “big brother”.  Yes, its some brotherly advice Apollo is seeking from Peter and of course Peter needs to school Apollo that what he SHOULD tell his wife is “the only person I want on my (bleep) is you.”  Stay classy Peter, stay classy… oh how you must have made the ladies swoon in your day.

Mamma Troubles

How cute is Kandi’s place!  Of course she doesn’t really want to deal with Mama Joyce and Todd not getting along, but guess what my dear… you’re going to have to whether you like it or not.  Hate to break it to you.  At least she has a sounding board in Carmon.  You all know I love Mama Joyce, but I do think she’s a little too out there on this one dragging poor Carmen into the Todd mess.  I’m with Carmon on this one Kandi, you need to set your boundaries sweetie.

Home Sweet Home

Hey, Kenya found a home and Miss Lawrence is there to approve.  No, it’s not her dream house, but it’s a dream for now.  Poor Kenya is too overwhelmed by the move but couldn’t take it for another day and had to go.  Methinks she was worried about a tetanus shot staying in that hotel.  Since it was so quick fast, she calls NeNe to fills her in on her new house and the move.  Ugh, why do I need to hear about Kenya needing to unclog her pipes?  That’s not cool.  Kenya dishes on her play date with Kandi and how she showed her the texts to make it all right… whatever.  Anywho, she’s done trying.

Motherly Advice

Best to eat up and gain your strength for the conversation ahead NeNe.

Best to eat up and gain your strength for the conversation ahead NeNe.

Um, NeNe… what the hell is that on your head?  Come on now, a headband is NOT for you woman.  I can’t believe you would even try that business.  Sorry, I digress; NeNe and Cynthia decide to roll to the farmers market.  Wait, is this a farmers market or a grocery store?  I’m confused.  The ladies discuss NeNe’s glee episodes being put on hold and she’ll be in Atlanta a bit longer.  Cynthia finally gets around to talking about why she asked NeNe to the market… to discuss Noelle’s new boyfriend.  NeNe thinks it’s Cynthia’s responsibility to NOT support her daughter at wanting a boyfriend at 13.  You know, I can’t for the life of me remember when I had a first official boyfriend.  I want to say I was in high school… LATE in high school, and if you’ve ever seen my Dad you would know why.  I love NeNe… clearly she took something for her Fame Aneurism from last season and I really think at the end of the day she’s a good mom who speaks her mind and does what she says she’s going to do.  You need to set Cynthia straight on her daughter and her boyfriend.

On a side note, this is the most random grocery cart I have ever seen.

Date Nights

Man that’s a spread of food!!  When did Kandi get a personal chef?  Good on her!  Aw look Todd is finally home and day-um what a greeting!  These two are just so cute together.  I can’t believe Kandi is bringing Mamma Joyce’s thoughts that Todd isn’t “the one”.  I hear you Todd, I can’t believe you have to deal with this shit from Mama Joyce.  It’s one thing to want the best for your child, but to want a Sugar Daddy for your child is a different story, and that’s the tale it sounds like she’s telling.  I have to agree with Todd on this one Kandi, you need to sit Mamma down and explain to her what she’s doing to your relationships.  Because right there you can see your man is starting to pull away.

So the idea is to call Momma Joyce and set up a talk date.  I’m surprised the woman actually answered the phone seeing Todd showing up on the caller ID.  Though her tone changed when she realized it was Kandi and not Todd calling.  What’s up there Mamma?

Princess Porsha

in a case of true codependency Porsha's mom thinks if she doesn't tell her that headband will keep men away from her daughter and she'll live with her forever.

in a case of true codependency Porsha’s mom thinks if she doesn’t tell her that headband will keep men away from her daughter and she’ll live with her forever.

Oh look it’s little Porsha being waited in on by her Mommy.  Oh no, Porsha is rocking a headband as well?!  Come on ladies, what’s with the headbands?  While I’m at it, what’s with the co-dependency relationships around here?  My goodness, Kandi can’t tell her mom to back off, and I’m surprised Porsha wanted to ever leave the womb.

At least there is one normal person in this family and Lauren thinks Porsha and her mom should cut the cord… yeah, we all know how this is going to work out.  Lots of pretending and Porsha will return home… to the master suite that belongs to her mom.

Meet the Parents

I wonder if Arthur's mom realized the cameras would be rolling for the most awkward meet and greet ever.

I wonder if Arthur’s mom realized the cameras would be rolling for the most awkward meet and greet ever.

Here we go, Cynthia is going to have her daughter’s “boyfriend” and his family over.  Oh damn, this kid called Peter by his first name?!  That’s a brazen right there!  Who does that at that age?  “It’s good to meet you SIR.”  THAT is what that kid should have led with.  I’ve been with my husband for 13 years and only recently started calling his parents by their first names!

Holy stupid conversation!  Did you really just ask their intentions?  They are 13… she wants to hold his hand and he wants to hold her boob.  What the hell do you expect them to say?  Thankfully Peter decided to head off to work and not add to this silliness so the kids can go off and do their thing and the moms can talk about how surreal it is to have their children “dating”.  I don’t even want to think of the day my child comes home with a date.  UGH, maybe I’ll have to take a page from my dad’s book and have a few handguns and hunting knives on the kitchen island being cleaned.  Hmmm, that does sound like a plan.

At least the family date seemed to go well but I’m with NeNe that 13 is a bit young.

Back to the Womb

Porsha tries to blame her little sister that she doesn't want to move… she need some quiet time with her netflix account in Mom's room.

Porsha tries to blame her little sister that she doesn’t want to move… she needs some quiet time with her netflix account in Mom’s room.

Lauren drags Porsha out to look at houses (of course with Mamma in tow)… here’s a question, did Porsha ever actually live on her own?  Oh, this is a lovely place, but speciously not as lovely as Mamma’s place.  That girl is never going to move out.   Is this the real Housewives, or Real Children of Atlanta?  Sweet Jesus woman, you need to get the hell out of your parents house!  How are you going to start over with that attitude.  You’re going to end up being never leaving Mamma’s house and wonder why you don’t get asked on dates.  

Study Buddies

So here’s Phaedra’s study group.  Man, I do love Bush’s socks those are awesome.  WAIT, Willie Watkins has 15 funerals on a typical Saturday?  Is it drive-through style?  I’m sorry, did Phaedra just tell that girl she’s thick like a pork chop?  Oh no, that’s so wrong.  I guess Phaedra’s “study group” isn’t more than a chat to catch up on Phaedra’s drama.  Do you think they wonder why she’s even there?

Mamma’s Watching

Here we go friends… grab yourself some popcorn and top off your glass… it’s go time.  Man that’s a frosty greeting from Mamma.  I really don’t know how this night is going to go well.  Mamma’ shot that whole “I must break you” aura about her – yeah, and I totally read that with Drago’s accent.  It’s almost as bad as “you’re a wizard Harry”.  OK, sorry… I could movie line rant all night long I’m back   Mamma doesn’t waste time throwing the first blow that Carmon is running the house and Kandi shouldn’t want her “workers” going behind her back talking about her man.  Yeah Kandi, that’s Mamma Joyce’s job!  So there’s gossip about how much Carmon is around Todd and Mamma isn’t having any of it.  Hang on, now Mamma Joyce is upset there aren’t enough pictures of HER around the house?  Man, I’m waiting for her to throw in the kitchen sink on this battle. 

Here we go, Mamma went there with the ring and how he’s thrifty and wouldn’t have paid for an expensive ring.  OH MAMMA… you DID NOT just say Kandi stepped down!  Hang on now, that’s not cool.  It’s one thing to think it, but another to flat out say it.  She wants a provider for Kandi and Todd isn’t going to be able to provide to the means Joyce thinks he needs to.

Kandi, you need to speak up here and put an end to this silliness not run off to get pie.  In all seriousness, is Mamma Joyce drinking?  Is that vodka in her glass?  I swear, breaking out into song about staying on his ass is not doing much for your cause.  OK, here’s where I have to get the soapbox out.  Mamma Joyce at this point you seem like you’re hostile because Kandi is happy and that means she isn’t going to be fawning all over you “in the manner to which you have grown accustomed to”.  You seriously just sound like a bitter lady who thinks her gravy train is leaving the station.  This isn’t a Mother looking out for her child, this is nothing more than childish behavior.

Bottom Line:

I feel for her, but I think things are going to get super ugly since Mamma Joyce has apparently found her desperate inner voice.


2 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 6, Episode 5: Save the Drama For Mama

  1. I’ve never been a huge Mama Joyce fan, but this season I seriously can’t believe how inappropriate she is. It’s painful to watch. While I do believe in respecting my elders, I also don’t believe in giving out respect when it’s not due and maybe I’m a brat (or just have that great of a relationship with my mother), but I swear to jesiis if anyone ever talked to me or my future husband like that – whether that “anyone” birthed me or not – I would have kicked her out of my house and made sure she understood she was no longer welcome until she changed her tune.

    That being said, anyone who knows anything about boundaries knows that Mama Joyce wouldn’t be acting like this if Kandi didn’t allow it (not just now, but over all these years). Sorry, Kandi, but there’s a huge difference between being respectful of your mother and letting her control your life and shit on the things you love.

    • I’m so behind Miss Mile High, but I’m 100% with you on the boundaries Mamma Joyce seems to not care about. That is a horrible way to treat anyone regardless of what you think of the situation. The disrespect is insane.

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