Real Housewives of New Jersey: Season 5 Reunion Part 2

One Sentence Summary:  Part 2 leaves us scratching our head trying to figure out how one Housewife changed into her crazy pants without us realizing.

Melissa’s Thoughts:

We're right there with you Andy... we're exhausted too.

Kinda wishing you had a drink right now don’t you Andy?  We’ll have a cocktail for you.

Shhhh… do you hear that?  THAT my friends is the sound of silence in my home.  THAT my friends is the sound of my having NOTHING else to worry about for the rest of the evening, dishes are done, house is clean(ish), day job is wrapped up and there’s nothing else to do.  To celebrate my hushed freedom I’m going to celebrate in my most favorite way ever… BAD TELEVISION!!  That’s right, I’m going to put my feet up and FINALLY catch up on the tilt-o-whirl that is the the Jersey Housewives reunion – part 2 that is.  All aboard, next stop… Crazy Town.  Oh yeah, and THAT was the sound of the cork on my pinot… it’s a happy day!

Reunion in 500 or less

So we’re going to kick things off with the group thinking about all the things they said this season that they would take back if they could… yeah, ‘cause that makes it all go away.  At least they can laugh about it now… sort of.  Apparently this is the “I’m sorry” part of the reunion.  Please let us not talk like it’s a ginormous therapy session.  Hey, Juicy is actually going to deny he ever uses the C word.  For not being “part of your vocabulary” it sure rolled off your tongue easy enough there Juice.

Finally Rosie gets to come and play, and props to her for really embracing changing herself and especially quitting smoking – you go girl!  I love Rosie.  I would love to hang with Rosie… I would totally be your wing woman!!  Just putting it out there my dear… just putting it out there.

Juicy attempts to defend Teresa’s involvement (supposedly, lack thereof) in the Trelissa drama this season – clearly someone realized where his bread is buttered.  I’m also starting to think this is circling back to therapy again.  “This is how you made me feel” / “Respond to that” time is upon us my friends, so that means I need to top off – that’s my new approach to reality therapy… I get to top off my drink.  In an attempt to distract from her part in the Trelissa drama Teresa tries to toss shade on Caroline / Dina’s situation.  Really Tre?  That’s your approach… “Nothing to see here folks… hey, what’s that over there?”

WOW… shoveling the snow with a tablespoon?  That’s some serious business.  I will say this, I love Caroline’s passion for her family and defending them with such conviction.  I love you Caroline!  Will you adopt me… even as a niece, I’ll take it!

Now let’s detour to Juicy’s legal woes and the cast mate’s thoughts.  I like the support – though I don’t necessarily trust where it’s all coming from.  Andy honey I would hope if Juicy is driving on television he’s smart enough to do it with a license.  Joey got depressed thinking about Juicy going to jail?  Man, what happened to these folks in the off-season?  Then again Joey IS moved to tears a lot.

Anyone notice the total absence of the other husbands?  Did I drink my way through that segment?  Did they all completely boycott the reunion?  I get it, but really?

Hang on now, “everyone was attacking” Teresa and she’s dredging it all back up again in the last minutes of the show?  Are you kidding me Teresa?  Hey, crazy pants… STFU!! (drop mic)

Bottom Line:

Here’s the thing, why do we need multiple nights of a reunion?  I mean really, we’ve all seen the show, it’s not like this group doesn’t over share to begin with.


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