Ex-Wives Of Rock – Season 2, Episode 2; Shout At The Devil

One-Sentence Summary:  Athena & Blue make-up just in time for Bobbie and Sharise to get into it over creative liberties.

My Thoughts:  

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 5.34.07 PMRachel:  It’s funny because I love this show and I am excited that it’s back, yet I’m always surprised when I see it on my DVR.  It’s like I have selective Alzheimer’s about this show, but in a good way.  And whomever is the producer on this show really needs to rock on down to abc and speak to the producers of the Bachelor/Bachelorettes series about how you can make an interesting show in under 2 hours. Now, let’s see what the ladies are up to this week.

Strippers vs. Mud Wrestlers

We return to Athena & Blue trying to sort out their issues. Blue says she’s so hurt by Athena and this is rare for her.  Athena thinks she’s full of shit and is now processing everything she says like Charlie Brown’s teacher.  Wah-wah-wah-wah… But Blue is still trying to work this out and tells Athena that she loves her and cares about her. Athena is willing to let Blue stick around if she promises to just say she’s pissed when she’s pissed instead of threatening to never speak to Athena again. And we have a deal. A deal that Blue thinks is the start-over of a beautiful friendship and Athena thinks was the quickest way to end the lunch and get back to her life.

Bobbie is meeting with her ghost writer, Caroline, to talk about her tell-all book. Caroline wants Bobbie to get as dirty as possible, seeing as the book is called Dirty Rocker Boys. She also wants to know more about Sharise being a stripper. Say what? This is new information. Turns out it wasn’t so much a stripper as it was a mud wrestler, which was apparently a big attraction at the Tropicana in Hollywood back in the 80’s.  I feel like that is the LA I should have been living in…. Not necessarily the mud wrestling, per se. More like the ridiculousness of the 80’s Hollywood. Oh well. But whatever you call it – mud wrestling/stripping – it’s where she met Vince Neil. Caroline prefers the storyline of a stripper and would like Bobbie to just go with her on that.  Don’t do it. Bobbie refuses (good girl) and leaves her ghost writer less than pleased. Too bad, Bobbie isn’t lying on her friends. How refreshing.

Cut to Sharise taking one of Blue’s pole dancing classes, natch. They chat post-class and Blue is feeling overwhelmed by how much work the new studio is. Sharise shares a story about a little thing called delegating. AKA – let other people do the shit work. And just coincidentally, Sharise happened to meet a woman that does business organization that she’s been meaning to introduce to Blue. Fabulous. This bores me. Can we move on?

Bobbie goes to Athena to get some advice about her book. She reads the part about Sharise, you know the one that calls her a mud wrestler AND a stripper, and continues on to tell the world how she & Bobbie “banged half of Hollywood and a good chunk of the Valley.” Klassy. Athena doesn’t think Sharise will be too thrilled to read that. Apparently, Bobbie’s contract says that her publisher can “elaborate” on stories if they want. All for the art, no doubt. Athena throws down the kid card and says that lying about Sharise isn’t fair to her kid. But she thinks Bobbie needs to tell Sharise before it’s published if her publisher won’t back down. Ya think?

While Bobbie mulls that over, Athena’s daughter rolls in with her laptop to show her mom an article on TMZ. Seems her ex thinks she’s a drunk and an unfit mom… and is thinking it out loud, which pretty much sucks out loud for her. Needless to say, she’s not pleased.

And with that fueling her fire, Athena heads off to a meeting with James and their

Happier days for James & Athena.

Happier days for James & Athena.

lawyers. Waiting for her outside the meeting is TMZ. Honestly, I think they have more wiretaps going than the government. How the hell are they EVERYWHERE? They must have 10,000 people working for them. The “reporter” – for lack of a better term – wants to know if she can ever be friends with James. Do I need to tell you what her answer was? If I do, you clearly have never seen the show.

Athena returns home and tells Tobi that James didn’t show up. Really? You pick a fight with your ex and then don’t bother showing up? Dick move. Athena says Matty is coming back to live with them. Tobi is not thrilled. He’s rude and disrespectful to her and Athena. Yeah, well I can’t imagine why the kid has anger issues.  Hello!

Bobbie is meeting with Sharise and Kirk, Sharise’s baby daddy and business partner, to talk about a clothing line. Ah yes, this charmer again. Man, Sharise has terrible taste in men. Bobbie shows up and wants to talk about the book before the dresses. She reads the excerpt to her and Sharise says no way. She played a stripper in a Motley Crue video (which Vince Neil won’t let us watch), but she was never a stripper in real life. She also cites her 10-year-old son as the main concern. Bobbie understands that it’s a no-go on the stripper thing… Too bad she failed to mention that little part about her & Sharise banging half of LA. But seeing as how Sharise is already pissed and no longer wants to talk dresses, she decides to let it go and bail out.

As Blue finishes hand-washing her studio floor, Cheryl, the business guru Sharise mentioned, shows up. They talk about her control issues and recommends that she find people that are interested in growing her business with her. Really? You can charge someone for that inane advice? Sign me up! I mean, duh!

Bobbie tells Athena about her meeting with Sharise. Athena understands the response. So does Bobbie, but she also really wants her book deal. I have a feeling Sharise is here-to-forth going to be known as a mud-wrestler-slash-stripper. But there’s a knock on the door and Athena finds a box of flowers waiting for her. It’s from James and his note is a request for them to meet without lawyers.

Bottom Line:  I know James is going to try and get back together with Athena based on the previews.  Please Lord, do not let her be that stupid.


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