Ex-Wives Of Rock – Season 2, Episode 1; Back In The Saddle… Again

One-Sentence Summary:  The rock stars of the reality TV wives are back and ready for another crazy season.

My Thoughts:  

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 5.34.07 PMRachel:  Ok, I really thought I was the only one watching the Ex Wives Of Rock, but I guess there must be a couple of you out there since a second season just popped up on DVR.  I’m so excited it’s back!  Seriously, I was worried the girls weren’t coming back to me.  I find them to be such a fun break from the uptight, holier-than-thou Housewives, etc.  Maybe it’s just that they’re my brand of crazy; the kind that wears leather and skulls and rocks tattoos.  Anyway, I’m going to cover these ladies this season even if I’m all alone in my admiration.

Athena’s Return

We return to LA as Athena is returning home from rehab.  Bobbie picks her up and fills her in on the latest.  She finally got out of her shitty book deal.  Well, she has to pay them, but at least she has a new writer.  She is also single, which means she kicked Damon to the curb.  Thank God.  That guy was terrible.

Sharise is throwing a surprise party for Athena and Brandon is co-hosting… So, I guess he’s still around and apparently only one of the ladies got smart in the off-season.  What she sees in that dude, I do not know.  Brandi, Nikki Sixx’s ex, is also coming to the party.  I’m thinking she might be a new Ex-Wife since they’re really giving us the 411 on her, including her stint in Playboy.

So Sharise’s guests, who are at a party to celebrate Athena’s sobriety, are drinking cocktails – in Sharise’s closet – because Sharise didn’t think they would stay if there was no liquor.  Anyone else see the insanity of that?  They just won’t talk in her face so she doesn’t smell the liquor.  Um, how about you hold off on the booze for a couple hours, in the middle of the afternoon, to support your newly sober friend?

Athena shows up and is surprised by the people… and the drinking.  Yeah, with you there, sister.  Sharise is worried that Athena not drinking will affect their friendship because they’re a drinking bunch of girls.  Uh, so don’t drink around her.  Maybe be a little supportive, at least right out of the gate.

Athena realized, in rehab, that she drinks because she is angry. Soooo… you’re not angry anymore? While she was in rehab, she was able to go and see her mom who passed away not long after her last visit. She thinks her mom was waiting for her to get her shit together before she passed. She died knowing Athena was ok. Wow, that’s pretty deep.

Sharise tells Athena that she and Brandon are back together because he did a lot of penance. She also tells her that Blue was invited but hasn’t yet shown up.  Methinks she might not be showing up and me also thinks Athena is ok with that.  Seems Blue texted Athena a few not-so-supportive messages while she was in rehab including the directive to lose her number.  Yipes. Athena kinda wants to kick her ass. And I more than kinda want to watch that.  Sharise thinks she should sit down with Blue and talk it out. Blue was there for Athena in a way the rest of them couldn’t be. Couldn’t be or wouldn’t be? But Athena has thanked her enough times so she’s done. Sharise would still like them to make up, so they can all go get drinks together. Seriously. Did you just say that?

As for Blue, she is at her new studio getting a workout from Max, her aerialist.  Um, hi Max.  Blue’s assistant reminds her about Athena’s surprise party.  Blue says that she doesn’t want to go hang out with someone that finds her help irritating. I guess the “lose my number” text came after Blue heard that Athena was going around telling everyone how much Blue annoyed her and found her help irritating. Athena annoys the hell out of her but she doesn’t go around telling people, hence the text.  She read us the text message and it essentially says what Athena said it said, but with way more words.  But Blue says she would be there again for Athena if she needed her. But not at a surprise party.

Brandi sits down at the party with Athena and discuss the joys of sharing kids with your ex.  Athena’s learned that she has to watch what she says in front of her kids and that her friends are what’s going to get her through this.  She’s also going to take ownership of her mistakes.  Excellent. I hope this is true.

In other news that happened during rehab, Athena moved out of the house in Calabasas, as she could no longer afford it. Her daughter moved their stuff into a smaller apartment and decorated it with Bobbie’s help.  Looks pretty damn good, I must say.  Her sons are living with James.  She hopes they’re not mad at her for that. Makes two of us.

Sharise goes for a private lesson with Blue. Blue wants to work on her flexibility, but Sharise wants to work on the rift between Blue and Athena.  Blue’s feelings are hurt.  Sharise gets it, but still wants them to meet for lunch to talk about it.  You know, since there are many drinks on the line.

After Athena just said she was done talking trash about James in front of her kids, she gets an email that James is suing her for custody of their son… and talks trash about James in front of her kid.  Her daughter doesn’t want her to start drinking because she’s mad.  Athena says she wont, but she’s pretty damn angry.  And with that, Blue calls. Awesome timing. She wants to meet and talk.  Not surprisingly, Athena agrees.  I mean it’s a reality show. They’re contractually obligated to talk to each other.

Athena & Blue meet up and Blue says she was worried about Athena. Athena says that seems strange seeing as how she sent her a text saying lose her number.  Well, Blue says, that came off of the heels of her hearing how annoying she is.  Athena is sorry she said it, but Blue is actually annoying. Blue just wants her to understand why she was hurt.  She is owed an apology. Athena thinks she is the one that is owed an apology.  And we end week 1 with a stand-off.

Bottom Line:  Well, not the most exciting show ever, but I’ll take it. And really, Blue needs to just shut up about her feelings seeing as her friend was in a bad enough way to have to go to rehab.  Maybe it would make her less annoying and people would stop saying it.


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