Hollywood Exes – Season 2, Episode 8; Let’s Catch Up

One Sentence Summary:  The ladies head to Utah and I play mad catch-up.

My Thoughts:

There's a new ex in town.

There’s a new ex in town.

Rachel:  Talk about falling asleep on the job.  I’m only 7 weeks behind.  To say I’ve been treading water over here would be an understatement.  It’s been a bit crazy, but I’m not complaining.  I did manage to sneak in a lovely trip to Martha’s Vineyard. I’m not really sure how I’ve fallen so far behind with these ladies since I find them to be far more real than the Housewives and far less irritating.  Well, for the most part. Well, up until now.  I’ve just hunkered down with a bottle of pinot noir and watched all the episodes that have been sitting on my DVR so that I could catch-up.  And I’m caught up.  Whew.  My head is swirling with thoughts so let’s get the run down on where I stand with these ladies so we can get to tonight’s episode.

The Ladies

Rachel:  OK, so after watching enough of this show in one sitting to really give myself a severe drinking problem, I have some strong opinions on these ladies. Lucky for you, I’m going to share them.

Nicole – I’ll start with her since, apparently, we’re all here thanks to her genius idea.  Last year, she got on my nerves with her “Poor me, I can’t fly private anymore.” routine.  But now that she’s hitched herself a new ride, she seems much happier, and calmer.  Now, I’m not trying to give someone credit for finding happiness in a bank account, but she seems truly in love with Michael, so I’ll excuse it this time. Yep, I’m back on Team Nicole.

Sheree – She’s still playing the role of Mother Hen this season, but it sure seems less preachy.  Am I just that buzzed or is she really far less in-your-face this season?  Maybe it’s the move to LA.  Maybe it’s the wine… mine, not hers.  I don’t know, but she can stay too.

Drea – Still my girl.  Seriously, love love love her.  Yes, she is hyper-sensitive and has emotional swings as wide as the Pirate Ship ride and Disneyworld.  But who doesn’t really?  And let’s be honest, most of us don’t pull it off with the same witty one-liners and sass that Drea does. That, in and of itself, makes her screen-worthy. I love it when she gives the who, what, when & where to Jessica. Lord knows she needs it.  I just hope she can get back to dancing soon.  I feel like it’s a really good outlet that might replace some of those tears.

Jessica – Speaking of the devil, this girl just straight up gets on my nerves.  She needs to figure out how to surgically implant a gate between her brain and her mouth.  I think what makes it worse is that she doesn’t really seem to care when she insults someone.  And seriously, why is she still even dealing with Jose?  I get they have a kid in common, but that’s so not what keeps her coming back for more of his bullshit . Seriously, move along li’l doggie.  And by move along, I mean off the show.  While you do that, I’ll just be over here eating my veal.  I’m sorry, but you lose all credibility when you roll into a room with a leather handbag and start giving people crap about animal rights.

Mayte – And speaking about animal rights, there’s this nut job.  I seriously started watching this show because of her. I had to know what life being married to Prince was like. He’s such an enigma to me. I really wanted to like her.  I am still struggling to like her, but… well… I don’t. And while I am happy that she finally fulfilled her wish to become a mom, her own childish behavior is really working a nerve this year.  I get passion.  I also get freedom of choice.  Not everyone has to think the way you think.  You know kinda like how your mom doesn’t approve of adoption, but you’re all for it…

Now let’s talk about tonight’s show.  First and foremost, I have not yet formed an opinion about Shamicka.  I do like that she’s got an alter-ego; Shamicka Sharon and I look forward to meeting her.  I have a feeling it will be tonight as our resident brat, Mayte, doesn’t behave well on a Shamicka-hosted trip according to the previews.

But first, Drea and Shamicka do a little shopping for the upcoming trip. Naturally, they talk fur – Drea has promised not to wear it, but Shamicka isn’t trying to be part of that deal. They also talk about Jessica. Drea just doesn’t know what to do about her feud with her, especially in the face of a trip together. Word means everything  to Drea, which is why she has such a problem with Jessica. Yeah, I think we all have the same problem with Jessica. But Drea is willing to try for peace, yet again, because she wants to get it straight between them before the trip.  Good luck with that.

Speak of the devil, Jessica and Sheree take their turn shopping.  Again, we talk about fur.  Gee, foreshadow much?  Sheree finds a raccoon hat that

Cuteness trumps political correctness every time.

Cuteness trumps political correctness every time.

she doesn’t want to turn down if it’s cute, just because Mayte might have an issue with it.  But Jessica says the bigger issue at hand, is Drea. She also thinks she & Drea need to sit down before the trip.  They need to work it out once and for all.  OK, every other Housewife and reality lady needs to take note.  This is how you deal with your shit. You sit down like grown-ups and have a conversation.  You don’t wait until you’re in the same room with a hundred other people and publicly confront them.  Granted, I’m saying this before I actually hear what goes down with Drea & Jessica.

Mayte is having anxiety about leaving her daughter to go to Utah. But she knows it will be special bonding time for Gia, with her mom.  You mean the mom who wanted nothing to do with the kid because she wasn’t biological?  My how the tune has changed.

Jessica and Drea meet to try and sort out their issues… again.  Apparently, there

If this can happen, there is hope for world peace.

If this can happen, there is hope for world peace.

is an official reconciliation uniform since they both show up in the same outfit.  Now, that’s pretty damn funny… and a very fortunate icebreaker.  Jessica actually says she’s sorry.  No but.  Just sorry.  Drea apologizes back and it seems detente is quickly – and quietly – achieved.  I am actually really impressed with Jessica right now, and that says a lot. She actually walked in with no attitude. Drea, feeling the sisterhood restored, explains what’s been happening in her life with her kids and the back & forth to Chicago. This gives Jessica a new respect for Drea. And with that, we have a budding friendship. Well, will wonders never cease? A tip ‘o the hat to these two.

The women arrive in Utah and pile into Shamicka’s friend’s home. You know, the one that was generously leant to them. Everyone is stoked for the weekend. Everyone except Mayte, who isn’t happy that she will be sharing a room.  She needs her own room. She can’t understand how anyone would invite her on a trip and expect her to share a room. Are you serious right now? What happens to women that they think they can’t share a room?  Who cares? But, she needs privacy.  She has work to do.  WTF work you gotta do? Shamicka has had enough with the diva attitude and offers to bunk up so Mayte can have her privacy.  She should have given her the address of a hotel in town.  Go get your privacy there.

And as if we haven’t had enough drama, Shamicka and Nicole put on their fur as they get ready for dinner and Mayte goes ballistic. It’s just disrespectful to her

But it's always about me...

But it’s always about me…

that these women would dare to wear fur in her presence knowing how she feels. What part of her thought Shamicka would be respectful?  She certainly didn’t earn it.  Shamicka has finally had enough and tells Mayte that she is a grown ass woman and she can wear fur if she wants to wear fur. There’s Shamicka Sharon!  Nicole has had enough too and says she’s exercising her choice.  Look, I get that fur is a big hot point for a lot of people, but at what point does anyone think it’s OK to force their beliefs on someone else… and in such a childish manner?  Ugh, I’m so damn done with Mayte.

Sheree, Shamicka and Nicole leave for dinner, but Mayte just can’t be with them. {{{massive eye roll}}} Jessica & Drea stay back with her, which pisses me off. Why are you indulging her?  Drea tries to calm her down, but Mayte is just too upset. Idiot.

Meanwhile, the other ladies are enjoying a lovely drama-free dinner at the restaurant and wondering if the other ladies will be joining them. The other ladies do show up, but proceed to sit at a separate table.  You must be kidding me. What grade are you in?  And really, Drea?  You’re ok with this?  I mean this level of drama over a difference in opinion is embarrassing.  Nicole is especially upset with Jessica for playing this game. She calls her over and the women explain that their issue with Mayte is the behavior. Shamicka doesn’t do tantrums, but she’s willing to have an adult conversation with her.  That seems fair.  What say you, Mayte? What a shock. She says no. She’s out and she doesn’t know why Nicole brought Shamicka into the group in the first place. OMG, Mayte, you are such a child! Please, I beg of you, go home! Mama Bear Sheree’s turn to try and repair the rift.  She heads over to their table and asks Mayte to just have a conversation back at the house. Another no.  She doesn’t need new friends.  And then Sheree punched her in her throat… OK, that didn’t happen. That was just me dreaming…

Bottom Line:

Rachel:  It’s a good damn thing I’m not living in LA right now or Mayte would be peeling some wet toilet paper off her house right now.  No, I’m not above it.


2 responses to “Hollywood Exes – Season 2, Episode 8; Let’s Catch Up

  1. Seriously, I didn’t think it was possible to dislike someone as much as I dislike Jessica but dammit if Mayte hasn’t done just that! What a little brat. And I’m totally with you on Drea. She needs to come over and park it on the couch with me, the TV and her show!

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