Real Housewives of New Jersey: Season 5, Ep 7: When Joes Collide

Juicy goes after Joey because there's only one man allowed to call Teresa names.

Juicy goes after Joey because there’s only one man allowed to call Teresa names.

One Sentence Summary:  New York brings more than just trust falls for the NJ crew.

Melissa’s Thoughts: 

So it’s time for catch up round #2 for the NJ ladies and methinks the crew isn’t really going to roll with the trust falls.  Though, let’s face it, who is going to trust Teresa to catch them?  She’d likely get too distracted by her refection than pay attention to what is happening around her.

RHONJ in 500 or Less

Do we really need to start with “There’s a Stripper in the House”?  As the Gorgas pack they talk about Teresa and what she’s done to the family and Joey wants to confront her because he’s pissed.

Meanwhile Teresa packings as her maniacs bounce around and Gia wishes she had another family.

At Kathy’s Rich is the current voice of reason reminding us Teresa has never admitted her mistakes.  In the bus everyone but Rosie thinks it retreat is a waste of time.

The Giudices arrive at the resort with the massive chips on their shoulders.  More importantly, is anyone else flashing to the shinning as they enter the castle?

Caroline and Albert have their own adventure and stroll through Patterson Falls.  Caroline is happy he’s thinking of taking time from work and for them to start their adventures together.

At the Lauritas Chris stops at the house for a visit and discuss their lack of time for the Teresa BS.

When the rest of the gang arrives Teresa answers the door as though it’s her best friends arriving for a party.  HA, I guess she wasn’t ready for the Laurita / Manzo snubs and rants about Jac’s tweet calling her a moron.

Yeah Rich, it’s weird there’s no one else there, I’d be a little creeped out too.  Everyone quietly discusses amongst themselves their issues with Teresa and her behavior while Teresa thinks the world is out to hurt her and Joe thinks they use Nicholas as an excuse.

At lunch Teresa calls Joey the king of the castle while everyone tries not make eye contact.  Melissa asks Teresa about the water throwing at the gym and Teresa tries to blame Melissa as Rich (wisely) opts to head for a drink.

The team builders arrive all smiles, and I like them cracking wise about the group.  They start off easy peasy with stepping on squares.

As night falls, their facilitator asks about the level of trust for the group and Teresa tells them she’ll be loyal regardless of what Joey does to her and brings up Jacqueline, but is reminded to focus on those present.  Do you think the facilitator wants his money back yet?  Juicy and Rosie head outside as Melissa hits her knees for forgiveness while Teresa screams back.  Teresa tells Joey he should stick with his sister and not his wife and she storms off to Juicy when called scum.  Juicy who storms back and the two Joes collide in a flurry of arms,  legs and curses.

Bottom Line:

You know those facilitators realize they should have asked for more money for this gig.


One response to “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Season 5, Ep 7: When Joes Collide

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