Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 5 Behind The Scenes

One Sentence Summary:  Hey look it’s footage that didn’t make the cut the first time around.

When there are no good show pics... eye candy it is.

When there are no good show pics… eye candy it is.

Melissa’s Thoughts: 

OK, I seriously don’t get the “Behind The Scenes” (let’s just call them BtS shall we?)   episode other than Bravo has nothing else to use up an hour on Sunday night.  I feel the folks over there wringing their hands with what they’ll do before the new RHONJ season starts.  I mean if the scenes were any good to begin with we would have seen them already no?  Come on Bravo, just move on.  Oh well, because I love you all I’ll sit here watching so you don’t have to.

More Than Just Friends

Of course our impression of NeNe changed this year… her fame aneurism went away and she realized her shit actually does stink and she needs a little poo pourri in the form of getting her sense of humor back.  Regardless, I like this throwback NeNe… I’d share a glass or two with this version – even bring out the good stuff.  So there was a whole would-be story line that Porsha accused NeNe and Cynthia of being gay?  Well, then again this was Kenya’s version of what happened and you know we can’t believe a thing that comes out of her mouth… Not even a cough.  Kenya tries to claim she doesn’t hate anyone, though once again it came from her mouth so…  Anyway, apparently we’re going to continue the storyline with Cynthia telling NeNe the story and that confrontation of Porsha.  Now here’s the thing, we’ve dismissed the story so why do we need to see round 2 between Cynthia and Porsha?  Yeah, I seriously don’t know why Bravo runs these BtS.  Now here’s the funny piece of Phaedra waiting at the door while Porsha and Cynthia arguing.

A Long Time Ago… We Used To Be Friends

Yes, and now I have the song in my head… which isn’t all that bad.  Do I really need to know the ladies prepped for Anguilla with scrubs?   Also, do I need to see Kandi fondling Kenya to confirm they are real cantaloupes?  She had better plan to get them done after any kids because I’ll telling you friends… wet tube socks filled with sand.  I know what I’m talking about.  OK, I’ll admit the ladies seem like they’re having an awesome time laughing and Kenya and Phaedra as friends is some funny shit.  I forgot those two liked each other once.

Booty Shoot

So Kandi sends Todd some nekkid pictures huh?  Of course Phaedra would never take a photo of herself naked – that is unless it’s Penthouse or Playboy… and right there… SHUT IT DOWN!  I did NOT need to have that visual.  For real, see this is why we don’t need any BtS!

Gone To The Dogs

Here we go with the dog funerals.  You all know Phaedra loves to hear “Money isn’t an object”.  Really do I need to watch the death prep?  This is just NOT COOL Bravo.  NOT COOL AT ALL!  No see, this just makes me think of Pet Cemetery.  Ever see the movie?  I couldn’t walk upstairs for a week… full on run is what I had to do.  You know, like when you’re in a spooky basement and you have to run up the stairs so the hand can’t reach out and grab your ankle.  Or wait, maybe that’s just me and my psychosis.  I never said I was normal friends.  OK, for real… a full on funeral??  This is some ridiculous BS happening up in here – DOVES TOO??  Yeah, there’s a reason this stuff was on the cutting room floor.

And to continue with the dogs we get to meet the pets of the Housewives.  I love  that Kenya is trying to blame that tiny little turn on Kandi’s bulldog.  Is there NOTHING that woman owns up to??  How do you not clean up after your dog in someone else’s house?  Make Kandi clean up after your dog?  You are insane Kenya!

And let’s segue to Kenya tonguing her dog… seriously, cutting room floor only Bravo!!

Model Behavior

Of course Cynthia is willing to help Apollo with his modeling – I’m thinking she would help anyone if she thought she could make some money.  I’m not gonna say I hate this scene though.  Oh hey now and a little Tyson Beckford??  Forget everything I ever said about BtS shows being useless.  Let me rephrase… every BtS show should have Tyson Beckford.  That man is FIIIIIINE!  Yeah, no clue about the rest of the scene, don’t even care they were talking.

Farewell Kim

OK, that hat… did she get a free bowl of soup with that hat?  Do we really need to hear that Kim can go buy a 9M house tomorrow?  Is that why she bought a foreclosure?  See, this is why I couldn’t stand Kim – well, truth be told just one of the multiple reasons she annoyed.  Yes Kandi, we’re all amazed at the amount of money Kim spends.  Anyone care to speculate what she’ll do if Kroy’s money dries up?  So Brielle got into a fight at school and Kim’s solution is to take the opportunity to bash NeNe – naturally, as a mom would.  How about trying to be supportive of your daughter, not try to bring up your own issues.  UGH!

Farewell Ladies

So the ladies are all up to their own things… home decor, babies, toys, hair lines, pageants and television.

Bottom Line:

So what will next week bring… BtS of the Reunion?


3 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 5 Behind The Scenes

  1. What I got from this:

    Are you saying RHONJ is starting soon?! Crazy Teresa and her Kenya-like denial of all reality will be back on my DVR soon? Love.

    Dog funeral – yeah. Some people have way too much disposable income. I’m all pet-centric and all, but fluffy would be in a shoe box. And please spare me the footage of animals being embalmed. I’d rather see Porsha bite Kenya than a dead animal.

    I didn’t know I could possibly dislike Kenya any more than I already do. Her dog shit on Someone’s floor and she couldn’t even own THAT?! Ummmm…there are 265 days in 2013 where I will continue to hope she doesn’t come back next year.

    I haven’t liked Nene in years, but I do like the New Normal Nene. It’s the I-actually-have-a-real-paying-gig mentality that makes a crazy woman go normal-Ish. I’m ok with it.

    Unlike most every blogger out there, I don’t hate Kim. I think they exploit all of the dumb shit she says and does, but I don’t ever get the impression she’s the racist everyone makes her out to be. The only reason I’m glad she’s left the show is that I grew tired of people making every single thing she would say into a racist remark.

    Kenya isn’t gone with anything fabulous and I 100% believe Walter’s take on things. I know I’m going back an episode, but really? You never slept with dude even once? And he’s gay because of it? And yet you love the gays? Lol. No. Way. You are mad that he didn’t want to touch your old, mean, broken, forgotten Miss America ass. I don’t blame him. I would have passed on those cantaloupes, too.

    And now I’m completely sorry for blogging in your comments. My bad b

    • Oh yes Miss Mile High:

      As for the dog shitting incident – so wrong on SOOOO many levels. If that were my house, I’d take her pooch’s little present and leave it under the seat in her car. Let’s see how long until she cleans that.

      I just can’t stand Kim’s sense of entitlement… or her word du jour sweats… or her screaming at everyone.

      As for Kenya not sampling the goods… who does that? I need to know what I’m getting into… especially if I’m going to put the full court marriage press on a man!

      Blog away on our comments… we love it!!

  2. Great blog and once again you’ve hit it out of the park! Thanks for doing this its my weekly highlight!

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