Real Housewives of Atlanta – Reunion Part 3

One Sentence Summary:  The men finally get a say in tonight’s {yawn} Reunion.

Melissa’s Thoughts: 

Twirl bitch... TWIRL FOR ME!!

Twirl bitch… TWIRL FOR ME!!

Sorry folks, I am totally struggling with finding time for the last installment of the RHOA Reunion.  I mean what kind of f*ckery was part 2?  NeNe and Kim hugging it out like Laverne and Shirley?  No really, I like the cat-fighting version much better!  I’m talking ‘Two Housewives enter… One Housewife leave” Thunderdome style reuniting of these two.  I was left with a dead fish hug and a would-be sauntering off of Kim… who didn’t even have a word displayed on her ass!  Seriously??  F*ckery I say!  Well, bring on more such nonsense because tonight the men get to have a voice and not just to lob scenes at the women.  I’m sure it will be genius.

Hang on now, we’re going to start right in with Kim texting NeNe sweet nothings after she left?  F*CKERY!!  “No BS, a little sad, but I truly wish you well and I’m so happy for you.  Someday I know we will laugh about it all.  I will always care about you girl. xo”  Aw, hearts and flowers… let’s all ride off along rainbows on unicorns.  NeNe replied that someday they can make it right.

Kandi’s Turn

Finally a Kandi montage!!  I don’t hide that I adore Kandi and when you throw some Riley in there, I love the whole package even more.  I love Kandi and Todd – really I just love that she’s found happiness.  Hey now, the bones doctor called Kandi marrying the man who was with her referring to Todd?  I’m sure I called that a bunch of hooey.  OK, I don’ t know if I called it hooey because I live in extreme fear of bad juju with the whole psychic thing and psychics scare the baby cheeses out of me.  Really they do.  I swear I’ve been a few times with friends… and BAM, shit they shouldn’t know they start talking about.  No joke, freaks me completely out.  Anywho, seems the the good witch doctor called it, so it shall be.  See BAM… shit they shouldn’t know all happening.  Meanwhile, what I don’t care for is this tension between NeNe and Kandi.  Please don’t make this the season 6 war!!  Not when I like NeNe again.  Now a viewer tries to challenge Kandi that sex toys and God don’t mix.  Ok now… I’m going to throw this out there… and maybe it’s in poor taste (maybe I’m going to be struck by lightening), but I’m sure there are MANY people out there who may call out to God when they’re in the throes of enjoyment of a sex toy.  I’m just saying I hear that happens.  No, for real.  Let’s not be all offended that Kandi prays and has a sex toy line.  Seriously, I’m sure she’s hitting her knees thanking God every day for the blessings she’s had in her life… good on her I say.  Now poor Kandi has to get called to the curb over Todd moving in while Riley is impressionable?  Come on people, I’m going to have to agree with Cynthia that it’s important for the kids to be a huge part of the decision to keep someone in your life.  It can be a deal braker.

True Love… Never

Heehee, I'm still here!

Heehee, I’m still here!

That’s right… The madness that was the crazy Kenya / Walter relationship.  This was a whole bag of crazy tied with a bullshit ribbon if you ask me.  Really.  Even I wanted to call that poor man up and tell him to run for the hills like Forest being chased with rocks.  So here comes Walter’s radio show story (btw, thanks to our friend Really Real Atlanta Housewife for breaking THAT story) and of course Andy she’s going to say she didn’t lure Walter on the show to court her and promote his business!!  I’m with NeNe, I never saw anything that would even remotely indicate there was a relationship there – even when it was just the two of them.  Hell, I think I have a better relationship with my UPS driver than the two of them.  OK, well maybe that’s a bit slanted as he brings me clothing and shoes and makeup and random things I “need” to have from amazon.  I love Phaedra’s take on Kenya’s tears… FINALLY she’ll call her an “actress” and claim it was all an act and if she was in a relationship why would she flirt with all the other men.  I hear ya Phaedra!!

When asked about whether she thinks it’s hypocritical to scold Phaedra  for assassinating her character when she called Walter gay, she does a quick shimmy-shake to try to get out of the trap and claims that there’s nothing wrong with being gay she just doesn’t want to date a gay man.  Well, I’m thinking you’d be hard pressed to find a gay man who would even consider dating you sweetie, especially with all that craziness you bring to the table.  Yes Kenya you did reveal a lot about Walter and you dragged that man through the mud.  So wait they never did the deed either??  They dated before to get to that point but never did?  I’m with you Kandi, I’m not sure who in their right mind wants to go all full court press to get married to someone before they’ve tested the water.  Hell, I question wanting to actually date someone without knowing what you’re in for.  Steve Harvey can have his 90 day cookie rule, but at that point you’re already invested, and what if it sucks?  You need to know that business up front if you ask me.  Kenya decides it’s time to call Phaedra out on calling her a whore when she had sex with a convicted felon fresh out of prison and got knocked up and lied about it.  I do have to somewhat agree whore is a pretty strong word and it shouldn’t be tossed about.  Wait, did I just agree with Kenya??  Kenya tells Phaedra not to come for her unless she sends for her – not really sure what that means, but whatever.  No one in the room believes Kenya about Walter, but she’s still fighting the good fight saying she was good to him and he was an asshole to her and if his toupee caught on fire she wouldn’t even spit on it to put it out.  HARSH!  Meanwhile, Walter asked Kandi out which she found confusing because she didn’t realize he was “dating” Kenya at the time… like the rest of us.  So when asked about her love-life now Kenya goes to laughter then tears over the really good place she’s in.  HA, no it’s not Big Poppa.

Send In The Men

Time to let the men have a say {yawn}.

Time to let the men have a say {yawn}.

Yes, more intros all around.  Seems Kordell is missing… Shocking!  Yes, the men found their voices this season and found a friendship.  Andy points out that Gregg is usually the voice of reason but at the Hollywood party he was the one who suggested Kenya needed medication.  Um, if you ask me that’s still the voice of reason talking right there.

Todd found his way to the front of the cameras this year though he didn’t want to be on the show, but he’ll support his lady and if that’s what he wants, that’s what he’ll do.  Oh hey, side note… I just now noticed Kenya’s dress matches the sofa – yes, that took me 3 hours to notice.  HA!

Talk turns to Walter and the guys stand up for Walter that he came on the show to promote his company not to court Kenya’s affections.  She’s still holding strong though that not EVERYONE has declared they don’t believe they were a couple.  Oh thank you for taking the poll Andy… yep, all in agreement that Kenya put Walter up for the show – no surprise there.  Kenya is still trying to tie the Walter interview to anyone possible… oh hey, look over there… it’s not me.  So let’s all agree that we think Kenya brought Walter on the show.  Regardless of what happened, we all believe Walter and not Kenya… there, done.  Can we move on?  OK, so I totally am distracted by the twirl now that her dress matches the sofa.  Kenya tries once again to claim it’s all Walter’s fault and he’s the one to blame, and she didn’t recruit him to court her on the show.  Then of all things, she breaks out in song “You say I’m fake, I say I’m fabulous”.  Now really my dear, if you want people to think you AREN’T crazy… don’t show them crazy side number 7 in your arsenal.  It sends mixed messages.

So now it’s Apollo’s turn and he reminds her that he’s an educated convicted felon – there’s a difference.  With the best rebuttal she can toss out Kenya tells him to stop texting her.  Hang on now!  New rumor on the streets of ATL is since Anguilla Kenya has been texting Apollo wanting to get with him and do things to him that his wife won’t?  Say what now??  SO THAT’S WHY PHAEDRA CALLED HER A WHORE!!  Oh snap even suggesting Phaedra should get get and AIDS test.

Kordell’s Absence

Pay no attention to the empty seat... Kordell is a supportive husband unless he's meeting his lawyer to draw up papers.

Pay no attention to the empty seat… Kordell is a supportive husband unless he’s meeting his lawyer to draw up papers.

So tables turn to Porsha and Kordell’s um… nature.  According to Porsha, she and Kordell are doing great (well, for another week I guess).  She was hoping to get advice from the strong women in the group but she felt let down.  NeNe gets a chance to tell Porsha she thinks Kordell is a bit controlling and isn’t supportive of her.  Porsha insists no one has asked her how she feels.  Her husband loves her to the core, and her responsibility is to consider her husband when making decisions because she’s a housewife – straight out of the 50s.  NeNe reminds her that the ladies don’t really lift up unless someone dies and they might send a flower – classic NeNe.  Well,  it seems as though it’s time for Porsha to rant… full on rant that they took and oath in front of everyone and she’s going to represent that to the fullest.  Oh guuurl, that’s just going to bite you on the ass in a week.  She wants more from the strong women she sees in the room, she wants a career and children and cook Kordell’s meals.  She thinks the women have beautiful independence and she wants them to look at her as she is.  She’s ready to be real with them if they are ready to be real with her.  Wow, I’m almost winded just watching that outburst.  Cynthia is the first to break the silence that everyone goes through first season and it’s rough.  NeNe said her first season she didn’t have anyone to learn from.  OK, wait, I looked away for a second and now Porsha is singing “Amazing Grace”.  What just happened there??  What did I miss?  I’ll give she has a voice, but still don’t know why she’s signing.

Final Moments

Andy saw the ladies really having a good time in ways he hasn’t before.  Um, let’s just refer to that as the Kim factor.  NeNe thinks it was a lot better this year and stepped into the motherly role and really enjoyed this season.  Kandi agrees, but Phaedra gives it a not-so-great.  NeNe thinks they still need to look for another Housewife, and Kandi as a point of clarification asks if they need one more or to replace a person to which NeNe says they need to replace and she’ll talk to Andy later in his office.

Bottom Line:

Wow, even with the men there’s still no drama.  What happened to my ATL ladies?


4 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta – Reunion Part 3

  1. There are no words for Kenya’s behavior except maybe delusional?! I’ve never seen anyone so DEEPLY in denial and the repeated attempts to try and detract focus from the realness of what she’s done cries out for serious therapy. It’s obvious because of most of the wives reaction towards her, that this is possibly her first and last season which I confess I’ll miss her crazy train antics. (Who doesn’t love schadenfreude?!) That being said, I can’t WAIT to see who the new housewife will be!

    • DELUSIONAL hairpik69?! You’re being awfully nice!! Fingers crossed it’s first and last season for Kenya. I wonder though who NeNe wants off… my money is on Porsha.

  2. Ok Porsha is sweet but should learn to lose a fight. Its over Kenya won. Kandi come one girl you really think pheadra was cool and treating kenya like she was supposed to do it all free. Have you learned nothing from tardy for the party? Really? I am not a huge kenya fan but in this case she is right. I would use stallion booty as donkey booty was dumb too no one wants to think of themselves as a beast of burden. But I was with her kenya when she broke away and changed directions using her own resources. It may have been pheadra’s idea but so what its not an orginal idea to begin with. wake up people, this is business and the days of stealing talent are over. Pheadra wanted Kenya to work for free in the name of friendship and that was the bottomline she was trying to use kenya like Kim used Kandi. Grow up people stop using your friends.

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