Dancing With The Stars, Season 16 – Week 1 in 500 or Less

One-Sentence Summary:  The “stars” strut their stuff in their first dances of the season.

Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 11.44.27 AMOur Thoughts:

Rachel:  Was a fun night tweeting live.  Hope you’ll join the conversation next week.  Follow us @twowineybitches and let us know what you think of the dances too.  There were a few bright stars this week but mostly middle of the road performances.  Here’s how it went down…

Week 1 (Scores Below)

The illusion netting and spandex were in full effect tonight.  Kellie was first with an awesome Cha Cha that started the season on the right foot.  See what I did there.   We get early Bruno hip action in celebration.  Too soon.  Victor “Vicious” Ortiz’s story wowed more than his Foxtrot.  Ingo does a lot of deep lunges in a Contemporary dance that was meh.  His talent’s clearly on his paddleboard, but the judges were swayed by his sway.  Lisa brings Giggy & a lot of pink to the dance floor.  She looks great which distracts me from her less-than-perfect Foxtrot. PS – Her partner & new pro Gleb is smoking hot. D.L. Hughley nicknames himself “Boogie Fantastic” which is far more fantastic than his clunky Cha Cha.  He gets the lowest score of the night.  Zendaya is up next.  We don’t spend enough time with her to determine if I like her yet. She does a beautiful contemporary dance & earns the highest score of the night.  Bachelor Sean Lowe is next.  His dancing is a lot like his kissing – stiff and lacking passion.  He tried to distract us with some hip thrusts.  It fooled Carrie-Ann.  Not me.  My pick this year, Aly Raisman, is up next with the Cha Cha.  She scores a respectable 21 with potential to make it to the finals.  Dorothy Hamill does a contemporary dance, but I only see Tristan out there.  Yum. Wynonna has fun with her Cha Cha & so do we, but the dancing needs a lot of work.  Andy Dick is much more tolerable than I expected. Sobriety is good.  His Foxtrot is just OK.  Jacoby Jones wraps up the night with a Cha Cha that the audience loves.  The judges are less enthused.  I liked it but he’s still a Raven so I can’t root for him.  Ever.


Kellie Pickler – 21

Victor Ortiz – 18

Ingo – 20

Lisa – 18

DL Hughley – 14

Zendaya – 24

Sean Lowe – 19

Dorothy Hamill – 21

Wynonna Judd – 18

Andy Dick – 17

Jacoby Jones – 20

Bottom Line:

Rachel:  Night 1 is done. I’m still Team Aly Raisman, but I loved Kellie Pickler too. I’m thinking D.L. Hughley might want to start rehearsing for next week right now.


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