Vanderpump Rules – Reunion Show

Melissa’s Thoughts:

I loved you man... and you hurt me!  Then you show up here in your chunky sweater like nothing happened.

I loved you man… and you hurt me! Then you show up here in your chunky sweater like nothing happened.

Oh it’s the reunion show and I’m wringing my hands with joy.  These kids surprised me.  I’ve  come to enjoy, and even look forward to, their tedious “problems”.  That being said I’m a whole mess of pissed off at Jason/Jax… I refuse to call him Jax so he shall be Jaxon now.  How dare you, sir!  How dare you get me to back you and the drama and force me to then feel bad for Stassi when you admit you lied.  You have charged your way to the top of this Bitch’s shit list, which is not a great list to be on.  So here’s my 200 for these crazy kids looking for fame and love in the City of Angels – it’s been fun.  Cheers!

200 or less

Lisa thinks it’s hard to see all the behind the scenes, and Stassi is still convinced she’s royalty.  Jaxson is back at SUR after quitting (for a hot minute).  Scheana still defends herself and home-wrecking ways.  Stassi admits to beating up on Jaxon and hooking up with Frank 2 days after their breakup – and Kristen claims even earlier.  The boys try to defend the shirtless fight – and don’t succeed.  Stassi is still the best sex Jaxon ever had – TMI.  All Stassi’s snark comes back to her, and Jaxon still claims to love her.  Stassi and Frank got back together then broke up again.  More evidence of Jaxon having unprotected sex – more evidence he’s a dumb ass.  Jaxon hurt everyone, yet doesn’t seem upset. Tom isn’t buying the charade and gets choked up over the betrayal.  Stassi freaks because everyone turned their backs on her so she cries (without ruining her makeup).  Jaxon still wants Stassi back, but the damage was done.  Only time will tell… and Season 2 – maybe.

Bottom Line:  

I said it before, these crazy kids grew on me… like mold spores, but whatever.  Hope there’s a season 2 in their future because clearly that’s the only acting they’re getting to do.


2 responses to “Vanderpump Rules – Reunion Show

  1. Tom Schwartz is a woman trapped in a man’s body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hate the show…Love Tom:)

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