The Face, Season 1 Week 1 – Game On

One Sentence Summary:  It’s a night of firsts with the first girl going home and the first blown temper from Naomi.

If we stick together, she can't hurt us.

If we stick together, she can’t hurt us.

My Thoughts:  

Rachel:  First of all, let me start by saying that I fully forgot about this show.  Shame on me.  I know.  But it hasn’t won a place in my heart yet quite like the train wreck that is America’s Next Top Model.  I expect it will seeing as how I was so jazzed after the first episode.  But I also have a memory like a sieve and an attention span of a gnat.  Squirrel!  Besides, you know how I loves me some Nigel Barker.  And I imagine we’re so close to a Naomi Campbell moment of crazy that will just suck me right in.  But right now, I’m 3 weeks behind because I’ve been asleep at the wheel.  So here we go with what they’re calling Week 1.  Um, so what was last week?  Pre-week 1?  Fake week 1?  Dress rehearsal?  Anyway… let’s go.  I have a lot of Face to watch.

So, the models are in their new apartment and Sandra (Team Naomi) may need to be medicated.  She’s rather excited to be there.  I think my patience level would be about 10 minutes living in a house with her.  But the alliances are forming already –

Sandra, come on down!  You're the next contestant on the Price Is Right!

Sandra, come on down! You’re the next contestant on the Price Is Right!

team vs team.  Should be interesting to see how long that lasts.

Nigel welcomes the 12 finalists to their test shoots.  This will test their modeling skills before they’re sent out into the real world of modeling.  And by real, he means “real”.  They won’t be competing as teams, but as individuals today.  Nigel tells them personal style is everything.  Two women can wear the same thing but look totally different.  This begs the question, “Who wore it better?”  Personally, I prefer Joan Rivers’ version:  Bitch Stole My Look.  Anywho, if you haven’t figured it out yet, the girls will be competing head to head wearing the same look. And each week’s test shoot will be judged by one of the the Coaches.  The first judge:  Naomi, natch.  Nobody puts Naomi second.

Devyn is up first and she chooses Stephanie as her competitor.  They’re wearing black sequin dresses and their theme is Party Girl.  Stephanie wins Round 1.  Molly picks Sandra.  Sandra says her style is “swaglicious”.  I’m having a hard time seeing her outfit because my eyes are rolled so far back in my head after that comment.  Molly wins.  Apparently, swaglicious doesn’t play here.  Margaux picks Aleksandra for mod 60’s.  My girl Margaux takes it.  Christy vs Ebony.  Ebony takes it and Christy is unhappy.  I have a feeling I’m really going to dislike Christy.  Zi Lin vs Brittany are up and Zi Lin can’t get into the pants.  So, they’re an accessory.  Naomi likes the ingenuity and she wins.  Last up, Madeleine vs Jocelyn do Biker Chic.  Madeleine cries because her shoes are too small.  I don’t

When life gives you hips, go pantless.  That's what I always say.

When life gives you hips, go pantless. That’s what I always say.

have to tell you how that goes over.  Jocelyn wins the round.

Oh wait, we’re doing this again?  I guess so.  Round 2 is between the winners of  Round 1. First up, Margeux vs Ebony on the red carpet.  Margaux takes it again! Downtown Girls Joceyln & Marley go for it with Joceyln taking the round.  Hippie Chic is Stephanie & Zi Lin with Zi Lin definitely kicking ass.

Final round – All 3 winning girls (Margaux, Zi Lin and Joceyln) do Masculine Chic.  Zi Lin takes the prize and gets a $5,000 shopping spree.  Margaux feels like she was the better choice and wonders if Zi Lin took the crown because she’s Team Naomi.  Hmm… why don’t you ask her?  So how well that goes over.

Photo shoot time at the Navy Yard in Brooklyn.  This is a campaign shoot – aka a team challenge – for W Magazine.  They will be completing a story that W started featuring uptown vs downtown girls.  They have to style their own team with the wardrobe provided by Philip Lim and portray their characters strongly.  One team wins.  Two teams lose.  Winning team goes in W Mag.  Losing teams will have to nominate a girl for elimination.  The Coach of the winning team sends the first girl home.

The girls start discussing what they want to do.  Sandra wants to choke, drag and beat people.  The rest of her team is not super stoked.  They want to do 3 vs 1 because they’re convinced all the other teams are doing 2 vs 2.  Good call actually.    The coaches come by to advise.  Naomi’s not thrilled with the idea.  She thinks it’s 2 vs 2.  Um, yeah, that’s what I meant.  Do 2 vs. 2.  Coco, on the other hand, likes 3 on 1 and that’s because she’s the most theatrical of the bunch.  Hmm… I’m starting to waver in my loyalty to Naomi…

Patrick Demarchelier is today’s photographer.  That’s awesome.  He’s so amazing.    Team Naomi is first and Alexsandria struggles big time.  Zi Lin needs to drop the pageantry.  Team Karolina is next.  Karolina is less interested in directing them and more interested in seeing how they do on their own.  Finally, it’s Team Coco.  Coco goes way choreographed and it’s fun, but Stephanie & Marley don’t know what to do with their faces.

The winning photo

The winning photo

The guest judges arrive to choose the best photo.  This week’s judges are:  Stefano Tonchi of W Magazine, Claudine Ingenieri also of W Magazine and Bethann Hardison who is a top model agent.  They choose Team Karolina’s photo for the win.  Their photo was definitely the best story.  I dig it.

Nigel goes to the loft, shows the girls their photos and announces the winner.  They will be in W Magazine and online at Us Magazine.  That means Team Naomi and Team Coco will have to face their coaches and hear which one is being nominated for elimination.  It will be up to Karolina to choose who goes home.  Naomi tells Aleksandra & Zi Lin that she is disappointed in them.  Aleksandra talks back and Zi Lin apologizes.  Um, you might want to follow Zi Lin’s lead there Aleksandra.  Over in Coco’s room, she tells Marley that she needs her to follow her direction and Stephanie went overboard with her expressions.

Up for elimination:

Team Naomi:  Aleksandra

Team Coco:  Stephanie

Stephanie & Aleksandra face Karolina who is worried about Stephanie’s lack of experience and Aleksandra’s lack of passion.  Aleksandra also argues with Karolina.  Oh honey, you might want to take a few lessons in humility.

Eliminated:  Aleksandra

Oh it's on.

Oh it’s on.

Stephanie returns to her team and Naomi is not happy.  And by not happy, I mean super pissed.  She goes back to her team’s room and kicks out the camera.  Karolina comes back to the model’s loft and goes to talk to Naomi.  Bad call.  Naomi isn’t interested in speaking to her.  At all.  Out goes Karolina.  And out comes Naomi after her to tell Karolina that she’s very disappointed in her and that it’s game on from here on out.  Aw yeah, this is why we watch Naomi Campbell.  I hope she does bring it.  This show needs a little spice.  OK, a lot of spice.  At least, Tyra’s crazy keeps you from falling asleep.  Just sayin…  Bring in Ms. Jay!!!!

Bottom Line:  Margaux is still my girl.  Still liking Devyn too.  Starting to develop a soft spot for Zi Lin.  


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