The Bachelor Season 17, Week 8 – An Evening With Sean, 500 Words

One Sentence Summary: Time for an hour of deep thoughts with Sean.

A little bit about a man and his ladies.

A little bit about a man and his ladies.

My Thoughts

Rachel:   As you may know, over here at Two Winey Bitches, there are shows that we watch but don’t feel warrant a lot of our time.  Yet, we also don’t want to totally ignore them so we give them an abbreviated post.  Tonight’s show is one of those.  I am mildly interested in listening to Sean justify keeping Tierra around and sending so many better women home before her.  But I’m not so interested that I’m going to hang on every word.  So, that being said…. Here are the Cliff Notes… Or Sean Notes as the case may be…

Deep Thoughts

Chris Harrison tells us shit we already know.  Earns his paycheck.  Sean has strong feelings for 3 women.  Fantasy Suite will be alone time for the girls to tell him anything they can’t say on camera.  Yeah, because it won’t be for the horizontal hula. Des was only an “I think so” when he asked himself if he could spend the rest of his life with her.  Catherine was a “definitely.  Hence the boot for Des.  Sean outs her brother, Angry Nate, for being “wild at heart”.  Sean wanted to hit him.  I wanted him to hit him.  I wish Sean had hit him.  Turns out Sean talked to Angry Nate before the family and it went really well.  Bro’d down.  Then he went 180 & turned into a jackass.  Telling you, producer pay-off.  His behavior did influence Sean’s decision, but wasn’t the factor.  Des just isn’t the one.  But is she the Bachelorette?

Sarah – Sean never looked at her disability as a hinderance.  Her kissing, however, was.  He felt no passion behind it.  Selma’s no-kiss rule shocked him.  He appreciated her finally kissing him, but it was too late.  She wasn’t his wife, even though he thought she could be at first.  He had a great time with Lesley.  They could let loose and have fun together.  But because the “fan favorite” couldn’t share her feelings, they couldn’t get past the awkwardness.  An “I love you” could have changed the game.

Tierra – When he watches the show back he feels like such a fool.  Yeah, well you should.  She shouldn’t have been on the show.  She’s a woman that can’t get along with her peers.  In hindsight, he should have kept Jackie on the two-on-one.  Would have been smart.  Turns out the Robyn/Tierra fight went on for hours.  Now that would make for good TV.  Chris calls Tierra a cancer.  Ha.

Ashley P – Miss 50 Shades of Grey – came on too strong.  Understatement of the year.  And she kept telling him the same story about her mom loving Sean.  Dismissed.  Catherine passes him “nerd notes”.  Super cute.  Sean likes that she is odd.  She’s not odd.  She’s interesting.  Learn the difference. Lindsay & Sean crowd surfed in Montana.  {{{ eye roll }}}

Time to talk virginity.  Chris dances around asking about it.  Viewers have expectations of the overnights.  Sean evades.  Chris asks again.  Sean says it’s none of our business.  He’s just humbled and honored to be in this position.  Just not the positions one would expect in a Fantasy Suite.

Bottom Line:

Rachel:  I have to ask an asshole question… If Sarah can wear a prosthetic, then why doesn’t she?  Couldn’t that help with the zip line and the roller blading?  I’m seriously curious.  I’m not saying she should do it.  I just wonder why not.  That is all.



2 responses to “The Bachelor Season 17, Week 8 – An Evening With Sean, 500 Words

  1. Sarah can’t wear a prosthetic because then she couldn’t be all passive aggressive about it. She’s all: I only have one arm and I’m making sure you notice but do not for the love of the Baby Jesus mention it.

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