Video Vixens Lisa Vanderpump & Jeana Keough

OK, so I might be late to this news, but I had no idea that I was watching two of our beloved Housewives on the boob tube back in the days when “boob tube” referred to the wasteland that is television and not breast implants… though I think we can all agree that it’s still a vast wasteland.  That’s rigth, both Lisa Vanderpump and Jeana Keough are video vixens from the 80’s.   You remember videos right?  They were those things that MTV used to play, hence their name: Music Television.  I miss those days…

Lisa took her turn as an evil heartbreaker in ABC’s “Poison Arrow” video.  Still love that song.

Video:  Poison Arrow by ABC

And Jeana was one of the hot chicks in ZZ Top’s “Legs”:

Video:   Legs by ZZ Top

Well, that was a fun trip down memory lane.  I wonder if that means soon we’ll see a Robert Palmer girl make her Housewives debut…


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