A Secret No More – What Brandi Said About Adrienne Revealed


Mess with a Maloof. Get the horns.

Rachel:  In what has to be the second-most overblown “scandal” in recent history (the first being Beyonce lip-synching the National Anthem), we finally learn what we already knew and didn’t really care about in the first place:   Adrienne Maloof used a surrogate for her twins as told exclusively to Life & Style Magazine.  I’ll give you a minute to process that bombshell…

That’s right.  Adrienne has finally admitted to having someone else carry her twins after a rough pregnancy with her oldest.  I can’t really figure out what all the fuss was about in the first place.  Look, I get that it’s her business to share and not Brandi’s, but it’s hardly the stuff scandals are made of.  It’s got as much shock value as you telling me that those aren’t really Michael Jackson’s biological kids.  I mean give me something I can chew on people.

And seriously, who cares if someone used a surrogate?  Is this really the stuff hushed conversations are made of?  Do people whisper “surrogacy” like uptight women whisper “cancer” at the dinner table?  I’m going with no.  Quite honestly, the fact that everyone made such a big deal out of it on the show caused far more interest in the subject than would have happened if everyone had just blown it off.  I’m looking at you, Kim.

But not one to let it go at just setting the record straight, Adrienne goes on to accuse Brandi of being the real reason her marriage to Paul broke up.  So, it wasn’t that he abused you and the kids like you accused him of doing in the press?  Color me crazy, but isn’t that a much more detrimental accusation for your kids to hear?  Or say accusing someone of being a drug addict… you know… kinda like you did to Brandi on national TV?  I mean I’m no shrink – though I’m still working on that life coach thing – but I don’t think having been born to a surrogate even ranks in the top 10 things that might damage your kids.

Here’s a small token of advice for my Housewife friends:  If you have some skeletons in your closet that you don’t want outed, maybe don’t sign up to be on a TV show that puts your life on a silver platter and serves it up to the public at large.  Clearly, no matter how airtight that contract with Bravo is, it’s not going to stop someone with gossip Tourettes from letting the cat out of the bag.  Want privacy?  Stay a private citizen.  It’s basic math.

Wonder what Camille thinks about all this drama….


3 responses to “A Secret No More – What Brandi Said About Adrienne Revealed

  1. Could not possibly agree more that these are the 2 dumbest, most “who gives a shit?” scandals in recent history!

  2. Give me a break! Really? I’m having a hard time believing it. So freaking what! Are we certain that Adrienne isn’t just going along with a rumor to keep the real secret hidden? Either way, Adrienne is the f’ing liar. On the trip to Ojai, didn’t she lie then about the twins’ painful labor? So her hubby watched and coached the surrogate give birth? And no doubt they pre-natally threatened the surrogate with life-ruin if she revealed. Just can’t believe that it’s been made such a huge deal; that this was the reason for so much indignation and hostility. At least 2 things seem odd: why would Adrienne lie about it at Ojai if everyone already knew the truth? Secondly, why would fuck-face Faye call Brandi a liar? If Faye has known Adrienne for 25 years, wouldn’t she wonder why she had no baby bump during the twins’ gestation?
    Come on, such shallow vapid insipid drama queens. Adrienne is still covering up something bigger, I’m sure of it. Otherwise o can’t understand the big deal. Why couldn’t she own up like Camille and admit that she couldn’t be bothered with morning sickness and stretch marks? Makes me wish now that the pre-op penis WAS the secret. You know, something we can sink our teeth into : )

    • Hmm… you may be right. I have to go back and watch the Ojai trip again. Genius sleuthing there my friend. And Faye called Brandi a liar to get herself some airtime. We all know she’s not above it. I just read the article in Life & Style and Adrienne is now mad that Paul & Brandi have made peace. It’s another “poor me” moment for Adrienne to get attention. Spare us.

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