Letters For Noah – PLEASE HELP

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To all our readers old and new:

A dear friend of ours started an important Facebook page Monday night. She is the mother of a teenage boy, Noah, that is hurting deeply right now. He has suffered terrible bullying and is currently being treated for severe depression. He doesn’t realize how beautiful and how important he is. That his life matters. That HE matters. Let’s band together to show him that he does. Please, it just takes a few minutes to read the note from Noah’s mom, send a message to Noah and share this page. It’s a small gesture that will mean the world to a young man.

And as it’s become normal in this day and age to be suspect of any of these pleas for help, please trust us that this is not spam.  We both know this family very well.  We go back to middle school with the mother.  This is 100% legitimate.

Thank you,

Rachel & Melissa

PS – We will make sure all comments left here are shared with Noah’s mom.

From Noah’s Mother:

My son Noah is 12 years old. On February 8 he will be 13. A teenager at last. This past weekend he posted on his Instagram account that he was planning to commit suicide on his birthday. He also posted images of his arm where he has been cutting himself for the past two months.

Noah has been dealing with bullying for the past year. He has been feeling alone and left out, ostracized from old friends and a misfit among new kids. Things begin to get better, and then another setback. He was once the life of the party among his friends; big man on campus at his first elementary school. Now his self-esteem has disappeared.

Noah has been in therapy. I have been doing my very best. But he is in pain. I can’t do this alone.

Noah is getting treatment in a hospital now. But it is still not enough. He needs people to rally. Which is why I’ve created this page, Letters for Noah. I thought of it last night in the ER when I couldn’t sleep. Noah needs to know that He Matters and that It Does Get Better. So many people have been asking me how they can help. Well, this is how:

Today I opened a P.O. Box. I am asking you and your kids to send Noah letters with a message of hope, telliing him not to give up. Help him see that He Matters and that It Does Get Better. Please send your letters to:

P.O. Box 444
Simpsonville, Maryland 21150

***I would like to get as many letters as possible to him by his 13th birthday on 2.8.2013.***

Please feel free to share this.

Thank you all so much for your love and support.


Link to the Facebook Page:  Letters For Noah


6 responses to “Letters For Noah – PLEASE HELP

  1. Dear Noah,

    Life is not made in your first 13 years. It begins when you stop letting people control how you feel. You are the only one who can allow them to make you feel the way you do. Stop allowing them in. Turn to your family, relatives and close friends. Allow their love and support and the knowledge of what an amazing and wonderful person you are shine into you. You have so much in front of you that is good. These bullies don’t know anymore about life than you. They are insecure and scared, the same as you. You have an advantage though. You can control how they affect you and you can turn them away. Not the other way around. You have the power because you are amazing!

  2. Just sent him a card. Thanks for sharing.

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