Vanderpump Rules – Episode 3 You Don’t Know Jax – in 100 or less

Melissa’s Thoughts: 

What can I say, I love watching these people and their “problems”.  Seems since last week’s fight with Jax, Stassi decided to befriend another SUR bartender, Frank, and has become torn about who she should be with.  Really Stassi?  How about putting your vagina away for a few weeks until the dust from the mushroom cloud of your relationship settles.  Sorry, let me top off my wine and let’s get this party started.

I"m so angey I will turn this sweater right side out just to beat up Frank!

I”m so angry I will turn this sweater right side out just to beat up Frank!

100 or Less

Stassi meets the chicas for support.  Kristen has a photo shoot – with Tom’s ex.  Kristen freaks out as Stassi chukles.  Jax complains about Stassi to Frank.  The boys rally until Kristen storms in.  Stassi tells Kristen she’s torn about Frank.  Jax shares his heartbreak to the chicas.  Stassi goes out with Frank, until Jax shows up to win Stassi back.  Frank tries to intercept as they leave and declares Jax knocked up someone in Vegas.  The next morning is at Stassi’s with a new crew.  She ditches work to drink Jax’s Cristal.  Jax heads to Tom’s… with the dog.

Bottom Line:  Damn, I’ve seen some smooth operators in my time, but Frank takes the cake.


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