Vanderpump Rules – Episode 2 The Is a Break-Up – in 100 or less

Melissa’s Thoughts:

Yes, I’m here again… Saving you all from having to watch the SUR drama, but still be able to keep up with the gossip (or lack-there-of) of their antics.  Consider this hour back to your life a New Years gift from me to you.  Enjoy!  That being said I need to hunker myself down with my Pinot Noir and roll tape before I change my mind.  It’s Gay Pride time and Lisa needs to incorporate more pink into her life with a SUR float in the parade. Maybe I should switch to a Rosé?

I'm back BITCHES!!

I’m back BITCHES!!

In 100 or less:

Lisa has a Gay Pride plan.  Stassi doesn’t like Jax’s behavior so she picks a fight at the restaurant – and angers Lisa.  Scheana and mom get Mother’s Day ink.  Jax and Stasi fight (he prefers to sleep in his truck instead of with her… shocking!).  Kevin Lee is back to build the float!  SUR folks enjoy some day drinking.  Drama kicks in when Scheana lotions up Jax.  Stassi cries in the parking lot over Jax.  Stassi and Jax fight (again).  At Peter’s birthday Jax tries to be nice to Stassi but they fight (again) and break-up… I think.

Bottom Line:  Seriously don’t know how Jax deals with Stassi… or the rest of them for that matter.  I mean for real, you need to take it down a notch Drama Club.


6 responses to “Vanderpump Rules – Episode 2 The Is a Break-Up – in 100 or less

  1. Stassi just needs to leave the show. Though being friends with Lisa’s kid must have it’s perks or she really is the devil incarnate

  2. Why doesn’t anyone call Stassi on her behavior? For example, she needles an apology out of Sheena then changes the rules – she needs more genuflecting. Then she sets up her friend Kristin to find out about another model’s sex life with K’s boyfriend. WTF? Why hasn’t anyone kneecapped this chick?

    • She’s the Mean Girl… We all know one. We’ve all put up with their bullshit too – unfortunately. I just want someone to write on her face with marker while she sleeps. I’m not suggesting using a sharpie, just make her panic a bit. It’s juvenile of me – I’ll own that, but it would be funny.

  3. Stassi is an absolute mole! She thinks she is SO grown up but behaves like a petulant teenager! I’m sure the mean girls movie was based on her life! Her friends pander to her insecurities when she would probably drop them in a hot minute. Can’t believe the scrag served us at Sur…..thought she was up herself then and now seeing the show……TOTALLY reinforced!

    • Oh man, I would LOVE to have been at that dinner table with you!! She does adore herself… then again I have to assume you have to be a bit to go on a reality show.

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