Real Housewives of Miami – Season 2 Episode 12: Parents Fly South

Gotta tell you my friends, I’m so far down on the meh meter with these ladies I actually look for things to do so I don’t have to watch… Even cleaning toilets is a welcome opportunity instead of tuning into Miami.  I am considering scheduling an elective root canal next week.  Maybe some meds will dull the pain of these crazies.

The Miami Ladies in 200-ish

I can't remember... is this how you do face yoga?

I can’t remember… is this how you do face yoga?

Lea’s Star Island house is only good for an 10 year old’s party?  Eye roll.  Naturally the party is a good excuse for the Pliner Party debrief.  Lisa’s ILs arrive and I totally understand not getting along with the MIL especially when Mamma just lets herself into the house.  Btw, If my MIL went into my fridge and started telling me I don’t have the right food I’d send her to head back home to her own fridge.  Marysol invites Elaine to talk and Sweet Mary, does her hair come in a smaller size?  Lisa, desperate to get preggers turns to acupuncture – too many jokes about little pricks.  Speaking of… Rodolfo is back and Karen wants to freeze embryos.  Nice side step Rodolfo.  Joanna wants to make sure Rodolfo is legit and recruits the boys to get his story – including a past fiancee.  Frederic’s folks are in town to celebrate their 50th anniversary and this mamma plans to rock vintage Dior (from her friend Christian) for the occasion.  Joanna’s mom is up next, but Joanna is too pretty without makeup I can’t focus on their conversation.  Lisa hosts a Passover Seder to bring the families together and win IL points.  How did douchetastic Thomas get an invite to the anniversary party?  Needing some air time, Ana gets a visit from her hubs picking up his laundry.  Big story here, his chippie isn’t joining family dinners anytime soon (gee, wonder why).  Meanwhile back at the anniversary party Adrianna needs a spotlight moment and treats everyone to her dancing a Brazilian Carnival performance.


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