Real Housewives of Miami – Season 2 Episode 11: Uncomfortable Public Relations

Melissa:  I’m back!  Yes, I’m happy to be among those who haven’t been struck down by Sandy the whore of a storm.  Yes, I’m allowed to be pissed at a storm.  It took me down for 2 weeks!  TWO!!  Do you have any idea how twitchy I was because I didn’t have television to fill that senseless entertainment void in my life?  Anyway, adding insult to injury was being returned to full power, and THESE ladies are my first return to reality (television).  I mean really, I almost want to drive Aviva to Miami (cause Lord knows she’s not going to fly there!) just to have her call them white trash.  Anywho, in complaining to my partner in crime who can no longer tolerate these twits, we’ve decided they get 200-ish words and that’s it.  Really, until they’re rolling like a Camille or a Phaedra… We’re phoning it in.  I have no problems saying until they bring it, they don’t get our A game.

Right there with you Elsa, we don’t understand how they haven’t yanked this show either.

The Miami Ladies in 200-ish

Elsa goes to Lea’s to defend Marysol, but first needs the explanation on Elaine/James.  OK Bravo, just give Elsa her own show!  Marta is moving back in with Joanna and Romain – shocker.  The ladies are all ready for roll call at Lisa Pliner’s shoe party.  Elaine and her jiffy pop wig strolls in to tell Lea she plans to confronting Marysol about ruining her business.  Karent is hosting a dinner party at Thomas Kramer’s and decides to invite all the ladies so they can get to know her.  Why does she need Thomas’s house?  Can’t she have it at hers?  Even Elsa thinks there’s a little something hinky going on there.  Joanna invites all the ladies to Bimini to mend things – I’m flashing St. Barths!!  Romain excuses himself for a meeting which gets Thomas questioning if he’s cheating.  Lea diverts attention by calling out Marysol over James to get Ana called out by Thomas for talking about it to Joanna.  He doesn’t appreciate the dinner he cooked all afternoon (um, it’s fondue) being ruined by her and tries to put her in her place to which Ana declares she is are less of an intelligent person by being there (that’s how we fell watching this drivel).  What I wouldn’t give for Elsa to slap Thomas with her pocketbook.  I don’t care if it’s your house you douche hat, respect your elders!  Thankfully Lisa hops on the pole to show everyone how she scored her husband.

Bottom Line:  Anyone else humming Money Can’t Buy You Class?


2 responses to “Real Housewives of Miami – Season 2 Episode 11: Uncomfortable Public Relations

  1. Thomas Kramer is such a slimy, rude pig. I couldn’t even sit through it.

    • Right?? I felt myself getting more uncomfortable each moment that passed. Why is it people excuse douchy behavior as “eccentric” when someone has money?

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