We’re So Far Behind!!!!

Hi all…  So sorry to everyone for us being so far behind schedule.  Melissa has been without power for two weeks now no thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  She and her family are all safe, but have been surviving on the power of a generator since Sandy swept through town.  Please send good thoughts her way.  And Rachel should be picking up the slack but has been traveling for business for 2 weeks and staying in a home with internet service that doesn’t agree with her computer.  She will be spending the weekend catching up on all shows.

So please accept our apologies and know that we appreciate your patience with us.  We hope all of you out in Sandy’s path and the path of the latest storms are safe and doing well.  Our thoughts are with you.


Two Winey Bitches


2 responses to “We’re So Far Behind!!!!

  1. Take your time girls. I actually thought it was because of the elections hehe. On the eve of the results I remember checking this site and not seeing an update and just dimissing it as… “Ummm the leader of the free world is getting chosen… Real Housewives of Miami… errr NOT the highest of priorities at the mo.” lol. What am I saying? If I can’t see Karent’s joker smile what reason do I really have to get up in the mornings? Obamney? who’s that?!?

    • While I was glued to the TV the night of the election with a vice grip on a bottle of wine, it’s not the only reason we’re behind. I’m a bit intimidated by what’s waiting for me on the DVR but I’m slowly chipping away. We’ll be back on schedule soon! But thanks for giving us the benefit of the doubt!

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