The Winey Bitches take in sunset at the Eiffel Tower.

Hey everyone!  Hope you’re all recovering from what we’re sure was a very painful third installment of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion.  We can feel it burning a hole in our DVRs all the way over here in Paris. Or maybe it’s just all that hot wine we’ve been drinking… or the champagne… or the cognac.  We don’t know… What we do know is that we’re having an amazing time in Paris.  Today is our third day and we finally had some sun!  But you know what, rain is ok when it’s Parisian rain.  We’ve been slowly taking in the sites while taking many long leisurely breaks to enjoy the food and wine of France.  Some of the highlights thus far have been hanging with the Mona Lisa and a couple hundred of her

Apparently this is art. Where are the Gallery Girls when we need them?

closest friends, trying to interpret modern art at the Pompidou, eating crazy good falafel in the Marais, Melissa conquering her fear of heights at the Eiffel Tower and having a crazy man fall on top of Rachel in the Metro – that one being particularly amusing for Melissa.  We’ve also managed to eat our way through the Ile St. Louis where we’re staying in an awesome apartment.  OK, so we’ve eaten our way through most of the city at this point.  But the food is so amazing here, it’s hard to push away from the table.  Tonight we had a salted caramel ice cream that would make you weep.  That might have to become a daily tradition.  We’ve discovered some pretty awesome places so far and still have four more days left!  We’ll make sure to share some of our favorites – wine, restaurants, sites – when we are back and focused.  Until then, au revoir!  Oh and let us know what awesomeness we’ve missed back home in the way of RHONY Reunion, Big Rich Texas and the rest of the mess we love to watch!

Cheese & wine as we plan for the next day’s adventure.


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