Gallery Girls Season 1, Finale – Wrap Your Trouble With Dreams

One Sentence Summary:  Gallery Girls ends their first seasons with some girls taking a step forward and some a few steps back.

The face of an “it” girl in the making… in her own mind.

My Thoughts:

Rachel:   Well, here we are at the end of Season 1 of Gallery Girls.  Who knew our time together would be so short.  I guess that Bravo wasn’t willing to do more than 8 episodes before they were sure they had a winner here.  I’m thinking that they do.  I mean they’ve really managed to take the 20-something set and show them, for better or worse, trying to make their way in NYC.  This is no Jerseylicious or Bad Girls Club.  This is the silver spoons vs the hipsters and I love it.  While I want to throttle half these girls most of the time, I can’t help but be excited every week to watch… I even include Angela in that.  She’s a twit, but the things that come out of her mouth are endlessly amusing and fascinating.  However, I really could do without Chantal.  Yeah, I’ve had my fill of her and I’m thinking tonight isn’t going to do much to change my mind about that.  Shall we see?

Oh, but first a fun fact!  Did you know that each episode of Gallery Girls is named after a Velvet Underground song?  I did not until tonight.  How cool of you Bravo.  A tip of the hat…

Anywho, we start with Maggie and Amy meeting for coffee and it was actually Maggie that extended the invite.  Hmmm… guess now that Liz is off the radar, it’s ok to hang with Amy.  And of course it’s now ok to talk smack about Liz how she

My enemy’s enemy is my friend.

doesn’t do anything at Eli’s gallery – she doesn’t – and how she totally overreacted in Miami – she did.  And it’s that behavior from Liz that made Maggie and Ryan realize that their opinion of Amy was based on things that Liz had said.  Maggie apologizes for not being very nice to Amy.  Signs of humanity from Maggie!  Can it be?  This makes Amy cry tears of joy.  Maggie says this whole situation has taught her a lesson that you shouldn’t listen to what other people say. She should take the time to find out who someone is based on their own merits.  Ya think? I thought we learned that in elementary school.  Anywho, seeing Liz’s true colors made her realize that Amy is actually a nice person, which Amy agrees with wholeheartedly.  Amy says that it’s Liz that is the mean person.  Well, in all fairness, you did try and ply her with gluten.  I mean that’s got to be some violation of the friend code, no?  But everyone is happy here and off they go into the dog-eat-dog world of art wrapped in the warmth of their new friendship.

At End of Century, Lara & Claudia discuss the fact that they have enough money for rent, but not enough to pay their bills.  The electricity is about to be disconnect and they don’t know what to do.  As they wonder what it would be like to run the store by candlelight, Chantal strolls in with wine & a new fur from France.  She finds the news about the unpaid bills amusing.  On what planet is that amusing?  Oh right, Planet Trustafarian Boyfriend.  Claudia says she’s been looking for ways to sublet the store because she’s spending all this money from her parents and they’re not making any of it back.  Chantal summons up all her business acumen and says that she’s thinking about moving to Paris.  Oh, well good for you, Chantal.  As long as you have a plan for yourself, it’s all good.  Don’t worry your self-proclaimed pretty little head about your business partners or the money Claudia’s parents fronted.  Lara says the problem is that they don’t promote the art the way they promote the clothes.  Claudia tries.  Lara tries too.  Chantal just knows that Claudia isn’t doing it right, but that’s not her problem.  Funny, I thought if it was your business that would automatically make it your problem.  Lara just doesn’t want to stress about money right now so Claudia just needs to sell a painting.  OMG, I want to grab them all by their matte red lips and shake them.  Claudia feels foolish for trusting these girls.  Yeah, I’m gonna say you probably should.  Sublet the shit, move on and get yourselves some actual jobs.  The smug look on Chantal’s face so clearly says that she could care less about the fact that her “friend” is going to totally lose the $15k her parents donated to their little party.  I mean why should she when she has Paris.  Makes me sad for Paris.

In job search news, Frank Bernarducci gives Maggie a call after Art Basel to tell her that they’re warming to the idea of giving her a job.  He tells her that he’d like her to help them tomorrow at an event and then they’ll take it from there.  They have an opening that they’d like her to work and they’ll actually pay her.  What a novel concept – payment for work!  Looks like Eli might be losing his favorite servant.

Claudia and Angela meet up for some drinks and some man-hunting.  But first, Angela must make an announcement about the biggest most important purchase of her life.  Oh sorry “essential” purchase of her life… a Givenchy bag.  Claudia tells her that she’s so shallow and takes the words right out of my mouth.  Personally, I’m just glad to hear that she didn’t steal it.  Angela doesn’t get how Claudia doesn’t see the importance of buying a real adult handbag.  It makes her a real adult.   Claudia thinks maybe a real adult job would be a better way toward real adulthood.  Angela thinks that’s funny, and that’s why she’s an idiot.  Speaking of idiots, conversation turns to Chantal and her being a pathological liar

You think that candle would be strong enough to burn down End of Century?

who doesn’t care about anyone but herself.  Pretty much.  Claudia is just done with End of Century and is either going to quit or sublet the store & take a job.  Uh, I would recommend all of the above.  Angela thinks the problem is that Chantal has a different vision for the store than Claudia.  Claudia wants to make money and Chantal wants to achieve some kind of hipster status.  Angela, you finally said something that makes sense.  Congratulations.  This is true, but it’s also offensive to Claudia because she has real money invested in this, but at this point, would just like to see the whole thing die.  Angela thinks she should want to see it thrive without her if she leaves because those are her friends.  Nope, Claudia would be happy to watch it burn.  I know we should all rise above and be bigger people, but I’m with Claudia here.  Burn the bitch down.

Maggie shows up for her trial work day at the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery.  Maggie is looking at the exhibit and realizes that she’s going to need some time to get out of Eli’s Chinese art world and get reacquainted with modern art.  The gallery owner tells Maggie that everyone does everything in his business.  She should get acquainted with the price list and the actual art in the gallery.  She’s not exactly setting the world on fire with her smarts here, but they’re not giving up on her… yet.  She will have to learn how to make a macchiato, however, if she wants to stay.  But she says that she’s going to do whatever it takes to get the job.  A little old fashioned work ethic from our Maggie after seeing some kindness from her earlier… Maggie, I hardly recognize you… and I like it.

Kerri, whom I constantly forget about because they haven’t quite sorted her storyline yet, meets with dad to talk about the conflict between her job and her internship.  Obviously, she needs to put the priority on the paying job, but she doesn’t want to kill herself like her dad did working non-stop.  She’s willing to do what it takes, but also wants to have a life.  And that concludes our visit with Kerri.  I really like her, but they’re really stretching for material here.  Get the girl a date or something!  There’s got to be a member of a boy band out there looking for some extra camera time, no?

Oh joy, more scenes of Angela getting dressed.  You know, I’m thinking if she’s so happy to take her clothes off in front of the world, there are jobs she could get that use those skills and would earn her enough money for more Givenchy bags pretty quickly.  Just being entrepreneurial on her behalf.  I’m a giver that way.  But we’re not here for a fashion show.  We’re here because Angela needs to tell Chantal that Claudia is about to bail on her.  Nice.  She meets up with Chantal at an art center of some sort in Brooklyn and finds her drinking wine straight from the bottle… again.  Oh Chantal, you’re such a rebel.  The rules of the world were made for you to break.  Ack, she’s such a poseur.  Anyway, Angela pulls her aside and tells her that Claudia called her a pathological liar and said she faked her sickness in Paris to stay there longer.  Oh Angela, how is that helpful?  I get the BFF rules and you want to protect Chantal from losing the business she cares nothing about, but you didn’t have to go there.  Tell her Claudia’s unhappy, thinking of leaving and end it there.  I’m also pretty sure that, while Claudia had her suspicions that Chantal was faking her Parisian illness (and we all think she was faking it), she didn’t actually come right out and say it.  Questioned it, yes.  But you just can’t help throwing gasoline on the flame, can you?  You may not make it as an artist, but you do have a future as a Housewife.  Chantal finds Spencer and starts crying to him that she doesn’t need this crap.  Actually, you kinda do.  You need a lot more crap, quite frankly.

Over on the UES, Amy is on the hunt for a new job.  She is actually sending out resumes and writing samples in hopes of landing something.  Color me impressed.  Maggie is also hoping for news of a new job after the trial at

You know I don’t really care about anything you are saying to me.

Bernarducci.  Even though she hasn’t been officially hired, she’s still ready to quit Eli Klein’s.  She tells Eli that she has been looking for a full-time paid job in other galleries and is probably getting one at Bernarducci.  Eli is happy for her and says that he doesn’t want people working for him for free… even though he lets Maggie work for free. He says he’s happy for her as she slouches in her chair, rolls her eyes, and barely musters the energy for words.  Ah Maggie, two steps forward, one step back.  Don’t be burning your bridges, especially before you have a job offer.

Hey look!  There’s a customer at End of Century!  And look!  Claudia is the only one at the store, as usual.  Not that I’d expect to see Chantal there anyhow, but it seems she’s pissed at Claudia. Claudia got a text from Angela telling her that she spilled the beans to Chantal about their conversation.  Claudia has learned to not to trust Angela and is concerned that she damaged her friendship with Chantal in a profound way because she said some really mean shit.  Um, what friendship?  Please explain to me how Chantal treating you the way she has, treating the business the way she has and hoping for you to fail in Miami is friendship?  Maybe this is the final nail in the coffin, but it sure as shit isn’t the first one.

After she closes up the store, she heads over to Chantal’s for some damage control.  Seems she suddenly is back on Team End of Century so she wants to try and salvage their friendship.  They sit down to chat and Claudia says she feels like Angela was out of place.  Chantal tells her everything Angela told her including that she didn’t think she was really sick. Claudia denies saying that and even if she did, she was joking because she was actually really scared for her.  Claudia was just venting her frustration to Angela and she’s sorry. Well, let’s be honest, she’s really just sorry it got back to Chantal… who doesn’t have much to say about it because Claudia knows she’s in the wrong and she accepts her apology.  Claudia isn’t finished, however, and would like to discuss the fact that this is a hard transition from friendship to business partners.  She feels like she’s doing the work alone and was pissed that Chantal went to Paris when there are bills that need to be paid.  Chantal’s response is that Claudia probably isn’t cut out for all this work.  Uh, you mean the extra work she has to do because you don’t want to do anything?  Claudia is insulted by that.  She works really hard but has just lost her passion for the store.  Chantal thinks that maybe she should just leave then.  Claudia doesn’t argue that but wants to know

Oh Claudia, you bore me with your talk of work and responsibility.

how they’d pay her parents back.  Oh Claudia, you don’t really think Chantal cares about that, do you?  I mean she just told you it’s not the “height of her worries.”  Wow, this girl is just beyond disrespectful and selfish.  I’m assuming no one had the brains to put a partnership agreement into place when they started this.  Sorry, I realize that is a ridiculous statement considering who I am referring to.  Claudia get out and have a lawyer draft some kind of separation agreement.  Lesson learned.  Move on.  The dream is dead.  Let Chantal figure out how to get the lights turned back on.

Amy is getting her hair done before her one-day trial for a new job. They like the trial days in the gallery world, don’t they?  And Amy likes herself some Farrah Fawcett hair.  Damn girl, the feathered bangs went out about 2o… no, 30 years ago.  Wow, I’m old.  Anyway, the girl is busting her ass to find a job so I’ll not give her too much grief… for now.  Whoa… her trial is at the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery?  Well well well… a little drama pot is being stirred.  Bravo, you devils.  This doesn’t bode well for the new Maggie-Amy friendship.  Wait, how did Amy’s hair get totally straight by the time she got to the gallery?  Bad editing, peeps.  Anyway, she says hi to Mookie the poodle and gets started on her day.  Frank really liked her writing sample, which he said was much better than the other less-than-stellar samples he got.  He likes Amy’s spunk and that she is taking notes, but it’s time for the all-important macchiato test.  Amy passes with flying colors.  Seems she’s much more suited for this job than “the other girl” that was here and whose enthusiasm was at a zero.  No see, that was enthusiastic for Maggie.  And I like that the gallery people are pretending to not know that they probably know each other even though they both have Bravo TV cameras following them around.  But let’s play along… Amy gets the job and her work days are Thursday, Friday & Saturday.  Really?  How do I get that job?  Although that is 3 more days than Chantal works.

That night, Maggie heads to Eli’s opening so as to not burn bridges before her meeting with Frank tomorrow where she thinks she’ll be getting a job offer.  Whoops.  At the gallery, the usual suspects arrive including Jane Holzer who asks Liz where Maggie is.  Liz tells her she doesn’t know because she’s not really talking to her.  That’s professional.  And as Maggie walks in, Liz makes sure to let whomever she’s talking to know that Maggie’s boyfriend is disgusting.  Oh grow up, Liz.  Maggie makes her rounds and Liz gives her a fake “hi” before she goes back to dissing her.  That’s about enough for Maggie and she leaves.  Of course she leaves just as Amy comes floating in on cloud nine excited to tell the world about her new job.  Amy tells Eli about it and he tells her that she’ll be working with Maggie.  Amy realizes that Maggie is the girl they didn’t like and is freaked out about what that will do to their burgeoning friendship.  Nothing good, that’s for sure.  Eli, still clueless to the fact that Maggie quit without actually having the job, tells Amy that they’ll be great working together.  Yeah, you may want to brace yourself for yet another return visit from Maggie.

And it’s time for the showdown… Amy shows up for work with Maggie close on her heels.  Maggie walks in and is shocked to see Amy behind the desk.  When she asks Amy what she’s doing there, Amy starts sputtering about resumes and being there for a few hours and a bunch of other nonsensical stuff.  Oy, take a breath, lady.  She finally sends Maggie off with a compliment on her coat to see Marina & Frank.  Frank tells her that they wanted her to come in so they could talk to her about everything.  They had hopes for her, but they didn’t get the sense that she was that interested in the job.  Her lack of enthusiasm gave him the impression that she might not really even want to work in the art world.  Maggie is completely stunned and thinks Frank didn’t see that she was really excited.  He tells her that Amy really went the extra mile on her training day and that is why she got the job.  They wanted to give her the courtesy of telling her why they made that decision.  Maggie is devastated and thinks they got it completely wrong.  I actually feel badly for her, but hope she takes this as a lesson that the aloof thing isn’t cute in the workplace.  Employees would like to know that you actually give a shit.  She cries to Amy on her way out and Amy tries to console her with hugs & a pep talk.  Maggie tells Amy that it won’t affect their friendship. I’m so glad Maggie wasn’t mean to her.  Maybe there’s hope for her after all.

On the cab ride home, Maggie calls Ryan to tell him the news.  She doesn’t understand the things that were just said to her and is worried that her dad is going to be disappointed in her.  Aw, that is actually super sad.  Meanwhile, we start the season wrap-up as Amy sits guiltily at her new work desk. Kerri tells Sharon that she has to make some decisions on her future.  Sharon thinks that’s really smart of her.  Angela continues taking pictures in her quest to become an “it” girl, while Liz continues to try and reach out to her dad.  Claudia keeps showing up for work at End Of Century while Chantal keeps showing up at the bar for more wine and deep pensive thoughts about her fabulousness.  And with that, we’re out.

Bottom Line:  We need a reunion show, but I doubt we’re going to get it. But I did just look at the End of Century website and it seems they’re still around.  Claudia is still listed as the contact, so consider this your reunion update.  And with that, I bid you all adieu until next season… whenever that may be.


2 responses to “Gallery Girls Season 1, Finale – Wrap Your Trouble With Dreams

  1. LOVED your wrap up. I’d love to hold Chantal’s head under water for about 18 minutes. It will either give her a reality check or relieve us from further Chantorture. 🙂

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