Project Runway Season 10, Episode 11 – It’s Fashion Baby

One Sentence Summary: For a change, it’s not the designers whining and crying this week as they make outfits for Heidi’s children’s clothing line.

My Thoughts:

Dear Lord, why can’t they just make it work?

Rachel:  So, I have a minor bone to pick with Lifetime and the whole Project Runway family.  Oh yeah, that’s right.  The whole mishpocheh.  (Click here if you’re not up on your Yiddish.)  I just read today that they’re doing another All-Star season next.  Really?  Already?  Let me say, in the spirit of full disclosure, that I am not a fan of all-star seasons of anything.  Well, I am slightly excited about RuPaul’s Drag Race doing one, but those bitches are fierce.  Project Runway Take 2.  Not so much. It’s too soon.  You just had one five minutes ago and it wasn’t really the greatest fun I’ve ever had.  And while I loves me some Joanna Coles, I wasn’t feeling the judging panel.  They just never gelled.  So, yeah, basically I disagree with the choice.  There I’ve said it.  Now, I’ll quit my crying and turn it over to the fake babies Tim is handing out tonight.  Though I feel like my complaining has only just begun…

The designers are awake and aware of how close they are to Lincoln Center.  Time to get really serious and really real.  But first it’s going to get really loud.  Yes, the designers are headed to Babies R Us to find out just how fabulous their next challenge is.  They walk in to see Heidi & Tim waiting for them.  Heidi tells them that her four kids have inspired her to create the affordable children’s clothing line, Truly Scrumptious.  Truly terrible name. And of course that means the designers will be designing something for this line.  Needless to say, none of the designers is jumping for joy at the idea.  And really, neither am I.  I get that the show needs to support Heidi in her endeavors, but this is stupid.  And here come the kiddies that will be modeling their looks.  OK, these kids are kinda scrumptious… but I’m still anti this challenge.  Dmitry is concerned because these babies don’t seem old enough to speak.  Uh true, but I bet mommy has a pretty good grasp of English.  Just a thought.  But right now, it’s the button bag’s turn to

Did she just say babies? This is a joke, right? Just keep smiling… The joke is coming any minute now…

speak and pair up designers & babies.  Oh, and baby mommas.

The designers will each make an outfit for their “model”.  There will be one girl winner and one boy winner.  Each winning outfit will be manufactured by Truly Scrumptious and sold at Babies R Us.  And no going to Mood today.  Heidi will be supplying the fabrics so the looks are cohesive with her line.  Time to meet with the mommies!

Elena’s mom likes adult clothes.  Melissa’s mom likes girlie girl clothes.  Dmitry’s mom is a little more opinionated than he’d like.  Bet he’s wishing he was talking to the kid now.  Sonjia’s mom likes to dress her son up.  Fabio’s mom likes easy clothes that fit her kid’s big head.  Ha!  Love that kid!  She also likes vintage.  Christopher’s mom prefers a classic look.  And with that they all get to sketching.

Post-Babies R Us, the designers return to the workroom to find their toddler-sized mannequins waiting for them.  But that’s not all.  Yeah, you know what’s coming… Also waiting for them are the “we’ll scare the hell out of you so you never want children” Like Real babydolls.  Tim tells them that they’re giving them to the designers so they get a better understanding of what goes into creating clothing for infants.  Please.  You’re so not giving them those dolls for any other reason than ratings.  I have a sinking feeling this whole thing is going to backfire on all of us viewers as we’re about to listen to crying babies for the next 25 minutes.

This thing does stop crying at some point, right?

And first one crying is Dmitry’s baby whom he tells to please shut-up.  Yeah, maybe fatherhood isn’t really for Dmitry.  Stick to ballroom dancing in your spare time.  Now, the whole room is full of crying babies and I’m desperately wishing I could fast forward right now.  How is this fun for anyone?  Well, it seems like it’s fun for Fabio who is talking to his baby like it’s real.  That’s… cute… I guess.

So now we’re on minute 3 of non-stop crying and I’m already ready to shoot my television.  I can’t imagine what it’s like in that workroom.  Finally, Heidi & Tim come in for their walkthrough, which, not coincidentally, calms most of the babies.  Elena’s first and Heidi’s digging her jacket.  Fabio needs a whimsy injection.  Dmitry’s on the right track but he needs to find “more cute”.  Sonjia’s outfit is off to a good start but she needs to add some details.  Christopher is trying to make his mom happy with his all-white outfit.  Heidi isn’t against it, but Tim wonders if that’s so practical.  Finally, Melissa.  She seems to have made a pair of pants that Heidi already made.  Heidi wonders where the actual design is.  Yipes.  But before the judges can leave and the babies start crying again, it’s time for a twist.  That’s right, time to make a companion outfit for mommy!   As if the hysterical babies weren’t enough to give the designers a nervous breakdown.

Cute couple.

After a trip to Mood and some more work, it’s time to sleep… or not.  Atlas is alive and kicking with crying babies!  The designers fumble around to get the babies to stop crying and to get to the workroom in one piece.  Upon their arrival, they get a visit from Tim who is taking their babies to daycare.  It’s a workroom miracle!  Everyone is chugging along… Everyone but Melissa who is way behind.  The designers are knee-deep in mommy-wear, but Melissa is still dealing with the baby’s outfit.

The mommies and babies arrive and Christopher’s mom hates everything.  He’s panicked, but Sonjia thinks the real worry is what Heidi thinks, not what “Mary J Blige” thinks.  Hee hee… She totally is trying to work the MJB vibe.  And that closes another day.

The next morning the boys are discussing how far behind Melissa is.  Christopher says they shouldn’t help her.  Fabio wonders how you say no to someone that needs help.  Uh, by saying no.  Look, I’m all about camaraderie and helping out, but this girl is behind every week.  Time management is part of the competition.  And I say this really liking Melissa.  Fine, call me a Scrooge anyhow.  Turns out she doesn’t need the boys as she’s asked the mom to sew on buttons for her.  Really, Melissa?

Tim comes to collect the gang for the runway, but Melissa is still furiously working on the sewing machine.  That doesn’t work for Tim who tells her that she has to stop immediately.  Whatever condition the garment is in is what goes down the runway.  Period.  She’s not ready and is pretty sure she’s going home tonight.

Oh look it’s an All-Stars preview… Cassanova’s an all-star?  And do I need to deal with Laura again already?  Well, if I do watch, I’ll probably be Team Andrae or maybe Emilio.

Time for the runway with special guest judge Hilary Duff.

The Runway:

Fabio – I love the outfit. That kid is too freaking cute. And I dig mom’s dress.

Melissa – The vest is super cute but the dress is a mess. Mom’s not looking too hot herself, but I think shorts was a good idea.

Dmitry – The jumper is cute but I don’t know what to do with that pointy head. Mom looks good but we didn’t need the shot of the VPLs (visible panty lines for those playing at home).

Sonjia – Oh that kid’s adorable. I like what she was going for but I don’t know that I love the jacket. Probably just me though. Mom looks great.

Christopher – Oh I think that little girl looks so cute. I know it’s not a practical dress for a kid, but it’s cutie patootie. Mom looks nice.

Elena – She did a good job, but I want her gone so I’m not saying more than that.  Well, i’m saying i don’t like the top with the jacket.

Heidi is impressed with everyone… but still, we judge…

Your Top – Sonjia (Hilary: He can move in it which is really important. I love that you can dress it up & down.  I love what mom is wearing as well.), Fabio (Michael: It’s a modern take on nautical. On boys, it’s a tried & true thing.), Dmitry: (Heidi: I think they both look very modern. It’s not very commercial but I think there are lot of moms out there that would like that.)  Christopher (Michael:  I don’t think the jacket is working well, but I think the special occasion dress is great.  I happen to think the sheath for mom is fabulous.)

Your Bottom – Melissa (Heidi: I love this jacket, but I don’t love the dress underneath. It’s too simple and she constantly has to cover her butt.), Elena (Nina: I think the jacket is the problem. There is no practicality to this jacket whatsoever.  The mom’s look is my favorite, but it’s baby challenge.)  

Heidi and the winning looks.

And the winners tonight are Sonjia and Christopher.  I think Christopher was the winner on the girl side by default since the other two girl looks are not loved.  I kinda wanted Fabio to have this win for the boys.

Going home tonight:  Elena.  FINALLY!!!!  Man, am I happy to see her go.  I know I’m not in the majority here since she’s leading the Fan Favorite vote… which I so totally do not understand.  But she’s gone.  Peace out!

Bottom Line:  Minus the babies crying, it actually was a fun challenge.  I have to admit I was wrong.  I don’t like it, but…


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