America’s Next Top Model Season 19, Week 6 – The Girl That Gets Pwn’d

Take this competition and shove it.

My Thoughts:

Rachel:  Well, I spent last weekend in bed sick as a dog.  So, while I did finally remember to watch on Friday, typing on a keyboard seemed too taxing for my sad self.  It’s no excuse, but I just couldn’t get it together for Ty Ty last week.  But if you want to know my two cents, I’m wholly annoyed that Laura, one of my faves, went to the dark side by making the evil Kristin her new BFF.  That annoyance was doubled when it was at Leila’s expense… which was tripled when Leila got sent to the random second chance sweepstakes.  Can we please please pretty please send Kristin home tonight?  Haven’t we all had enough?

Oh, and one last nit before we get to tonight’s episode… Who is naming each week’s show?  These have to be the lamest names ever.  They really are trying way too hard this season.  It’s gotta be reined in before next season.  Ok, the show…

The girls get home after panel and Nastasia takes Kiara to the Tyra Suite with her.  Meanwhile, Laura is back in general population and she’s just over all the girls.  She needs to focus on the competition and not the drama.  I’m with you there, but could you do it without Kristin.  Brittany is upset that Brianboy was shaking his head at panel when Leila got sent home.  Seems Yvonne is upset with that too.  Oh girls, they’re called judges because they judge.  And let’s be honest, we’re all shocked Leila went home instead of you.  You eked it out.  Be happy about it and move along.

Seems Yvonne isn’t done bitching for the night.  She’s on the phone with her friend Brandon and doesn’t like that they’re being treated like a product.  Honey, you are a product.  You’re there to be a model, not a rocket scientist.  Not sure what you thought was going to happen…

But it’s time to package yourself up and get to the next challenge.  Rob & supermodel Chrissy Tiegen meet the girls wearing suits that track their moves and turn them into video games.  Today, the models will have to bring video game characters to life and the girl with the best moves will get to have her signature “taunt” featured in the video game, Uncharted 3.  Let me just say that I had to look up “taunt” online because I had no freaking clue what Rob was saying.  The accent is cute but damn hard to decipher sometimes.  Stuntman, Mike Mukadis, is on-set to help the girls with some signature moves.  I have to say, they aren’t making it super easy on them today.  They may actually break a sweat!  Laura is up first and rocks it.  Sadly, Kristin also does well.  The rest of the girls rock it out and then there’s Victoria.  Sweet skinny awkward Victoria who couldn’t manage to hurtle herself over the bunker.  The judges loved Brittany who brought her “Disney” to the challenge.  But Disney wasn’t enough to grab the win and Laura takes the challenge.

After the challenge, Chrissy sits down with the girls to talk about how important social media is.  She tells the girls not to be fake.  Be real.  And don’t let the negative comments get to you.  Laugh it off.   Make it a joke.  Lovely, practical advice but she didn’t really rattle the roof with that information.  Pat on the head, Chrissy.  Now, off you go.

Speaking of social media, the challenge scores are waiting for the girls back home. Nastasia is at the bottom with a 5 and Victoria hovers right above with a 6.  This worries Victoria.  Brittany is frustrated even though she scored an 8 and is near the top.  She wanted to win.  She doesn’t like not being number one.  Ah, welcome to the real world, dear.

Oh goodie, another hysterical phone call from Victoria to “mama”.  She misses kissing her mom on the cheek and their country cooking together.  She can’t taste the food without her.  Say what?  This poor girl is such a mess.  I’m not trying to rail against home schooling – it works for some people – but this mother has not given her daughter any coping skills for life outside the little bubble she’s created.  I swear I think she might break in half.

Aw crap, it’s the creepy dude with the beard in heels.   I can’t stand him so I

I got your steampunk right here.

haven’t bothered to remember his name.  Seriously, he just irks me to no end.  He delivers a Tyra mail about it being the wild wild west out there, which brings us to our photo shoot.

Johnny Wujek meets the girls and tells them that today’s theme is steampunk, which is defined by as: a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy featuring advanced machines and other technology based on steam power of the 19th century and taking place in a recognizable historical period or a fantasy world.  That’s a really confusing definition if you ask me, but it sounds cool so I’m willing to play.  Today’s photographer is Mike Ruiz.  They’ll be taking photos in front of a steam engine with a “temperamental co-star”… an owl.  Very cool.

Laura goes first and I have to say the outfit is pretty rad.  She kills it and Bryanboy is ecstatic.  Yes, Bryanboy is on set today and yes, that means Brittany is going to confront him about his head shaking at last panel.  Go easy, sister.  He tells her that it had nothing to do with her.  It had to do with Leila’s performance. This gives Brittany the determination to go forward.  Yeah, this chick is on my nerves.  Quit the moaning already and just model.  And model she does with a good shoot.

Meanwhile, Yvonne continues her plan to work the rest of my nerves by bitching about having to wait for all the girls to shoot their photos before she can leave.  Really?  Where you going?  You don’t have anything else to do.  Just shut it and sit there like a good little model.

Kirstin has a hard time with the shoot because she’s scared of the owl, who by the way is named Groovy… which is groovy.  Yvonne finally gets to set, and after a few shots, Johnny wants to change her skirt.  Need I tell you that this also annoys Yvonne?  So much so that she sticks her tongue out about the whole situation.  How very third grade of you.  Bryanboy catches this and asks her what that’s all about.  He tells her that they’re all working hard, which she isn’t interested in hearing.  She fully dismisses him with a snotty “I get your point.”  Oh this is going to go over like a fart in church.  She isn’t going to let him talk to her like that without some kind of response.  Dumb move from a smart girl.  Then she proceeds to faux apologize to the whole set.  This earns her a request from Bryanboy to just be quiet.  She finally gets a new skirt, but the photographs don’t show a new girl.  She’s still just annoyed Yvonne.

Finally, we have Victoria who has spent her time waiting by concocting a story about her character that is longer than “The Iliad”.  Or “50 Shades of Grey” for you modern “literature” fans.  She probably could have used some of that creative thinking time to practice a few moves since her shoot isn’t exactly setting the world on fire.

The Yvonne drama continues behind-the-scenes with Kiara telling Yvonne that Bryanboy is going to tell the judges what happened.  Yvonne doesn’t care.  She’s pissed off.  Kiara is trying to tell her to hold it in and she needs to apologize.  That advice she takes.  She starts crying to Bryanboy and apologizing for her hot temper.  He accepts her apology but reminds her that in the real world of fashion, people will judge her.  Yes, and in the not-so-real world of reality TV, we are judging you too.

Back at the house, Kristin asks the girls if she did a bad job.  Lord, I hope so.  Yvonne says her saving grace is that Bryanboy said she got a good shot.  Kristin says he’s just a brat to everyone.  Oh, I just want to slap her.  Hard.  Victoria is also worried, but hers is a more dramatic, internal struggle that takes place between she & the mirror.  Nutter.  Total nutter.

Time for panel… Kiara is up first.  Kelly feels like her face is stuck.  Tyra disagrees, but social media is on Kelly’s team.  Victoria disappoints Tyra but Kelly thinks the shot is usable.  Rob says it’s too safe.  Kristin – Kelly calls her photo a waitress at an Oktoberfest.  ha.. Bryanboy says her fans are dwindling and she’s living proof that no one is safe in this competition.  So far all the girls are averaging scores of 7.  Nastasia still is coming across short, but Tyra thinks she looks beautiful.  Bryanboy tells her that she’s gaining fans online.  Tyra gives her a 9 in contrast to Rob’s 5 which is an average of 7 with Kelly’s score of 7.  Come on, guys.  Yvonne’s turn.  Rob says she can do so much more.  Bryanboy says she’s losing fans quickly and what happened at the shoot didn’t help.  Tyra commends her for apologizing, but that doesn’t excuse her attitude.  Our first average score that’s a 6.  Alyssa gets good feedback from the judges but social media is lukewarm.  Highest score so far.  Brittany gets mixed reviews.  Kelly isn’t in love with it, but Rob thinks it’s amazing.  Tyra is proud of her and thinks if she can continue to do this, she’ll be successful.  She’s the rising star on social media.  Tyra gives her a 10.  Laura’s turn – Tyra says this picture is insane; pretty ugly – ugly pretty.  Rob loves it.  And social media was all about Laura this week.  She gets 10s across the board.  Someone’s going back to the Tyra Suite.  Here’s hoping Kristin isn’t around to join her.

Best photo: Laura

Staying:  Brittany, Alyssa, Kristin (ack), Kiara, Nastasia

Bottom Two:  Victoria & Yvonne

Going home tonight is Yvonne.  And she deserves to be going home tonight.  Nobody wants to work with a bitch… unless you look like Naomi Campbell.

Bottom Line:  Well, Kristin sticks around another week.  Not thrilled about that, but Yvonne needed to get the ax.


2 responses to “America’s Next Top Model Season 19, Week 6 – The Girl That Gets Pwn’d

  1. Oh my god. I could not believe last week’s drama with Laura. It was so evil the way she turned on Leila and made fun of her like that. Kristin is just the worst person ever — the dark side indeed. I loved the “waitress at Oktoberfest” critique!

    In the end, I just don’t understand how the social media score means anything when it’s not based on their on-scene presence. If it was based on how we see them act on the show, instead of just their photos, Kristin would have gotten the boot a long time ago. I guess we can only hope Leila rocks it enough to come back.

    • Yeah, this season is so convoluted that I feel like the outcomes don’t really equate to what’s going on. If you want to involve the audience, do it the right way where we vote AFTER the show has aired. But the CW isn’t going to invest in a second night when the whole reason for this retool is that not enough people were watching anymore. It will be interesting to see how this goes down after the season ends.

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