Project Runway Season 10, Episode 10 – I Get A Kick Out Of Fashion

One Sentence Summary: The designers make kicky little outfits for the Rockettes.

How come we didn’t get to see this?

My Thoughts:

Rachel:  Imagine my surprise when I tuned into this week’s Project Runway and saw scenes from last week’s episode that looked completely unfamiliar.  Mondo?  Gunnar going home?  An homage to a menstrual cycle?  What the???  And that’s when it dawned on me that I fully spaced an entire week of Project Runway.  For a second I thought perhaps I should slow down on the wine as it was making me forgetful, and then I realized that that was just crazy talk.  Clearly, it was having to watch the Real Housewives Of Miami premiere that bored me into a comatose state whereby I forsake Heidi and the crew.  I’m ashamed of myself.  I really am.  So, that’s why I’m going to pour myself an extra large glass of wine tonight to numb the pain so I can bring you the skinny.  Fine, it’s because I’m too lazy to get up and get more when I run out.

Anywho, I watched last week’s episode and am annoyed that Ven made it through yet again.  Yes, Gunnar’s outfit was tragic, but Ven is a one-trick pony… oh, and a jerk.  But I was super happy to see my boy Dmitry do separates AND win a challenge.  And can someone please tell Mondo that the diva attitude is not cute on him?  We all loved him so much more when he was sweet humble Mondo who was scared to tell the world he was HIV+.   This guy’s a whole lot of not fun.  Though I would love to lock him & Christian Siriano in a room for a few hours and see who would make it out in one piece.  Or in a one-piece.  But let’s get to tonight’s show…

The boys are lamenting the loss of Gunnar’s energy in their apartment.  Fabio slept in his bed as some sort of homage to the loss.  In the other boys’ apartment, the other two bottom designers are packing to move in with Fabio & Dmitry.  That’s right boys, it’s getting cozy.  Ven is not sure how he ended up in the bottom two but it must be because the judges don’t get his aesthetic.  Oh, they get it.  We all get it… over and over and over again.  Time to put that pony out to pasture.

In the girls’ apartment, Sonjia is realizing that Elena is the only one left that hasn’t won a challenge.  Elena thinks it’s time for her to bring her stress level down to a 1 because that really plays into winning.  Yes, we’ll all be winners if you take it down to a 1.

Off the designers go to meet Tim & The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.  The girls do a number and Heidi joins them for the final kicks.  She announces that

You go, girl! You too, Heidi!

this week’s challenge is to design a new costume for the Rockettes.  The winning look will be featured in an upcoming show.  How fun is that?  With that, Linda Haberman, Rockettes Director & Choreographer, joins them on stage to let the designers know that they need to design something that will work for special events all year.  And Heidi reminds them that the looks have to be fabulous up close and as seen from the balcony.  Tim says think glamour & elegance but also remember to embrace a modern aesthetic.

The designers have 30 minutes to sketch.  Dmitry is excited for this because of his background in ballroom dancing.  Please can he be on the next Dancing With The Stars?  Melissa is inspired by Radio City Music Hall.  Elena has done dance costumes before so she feels good about this challenge as well.  Really?  I was so expecting her to bitch about this one.  Color me surprised.  Fabio is going to try a little see-through action.

At Mood, everyone is frantically trying to figure out where to find the spandex and sequins.  Oy vey.  Christopher is going to be making an NYC skyline on his costume.  Elena isn’t sure what to do and panic buys fabrics.  Not only are the colors terrible together, but she’s $150 dollars over budget.  How the hell do you do that?  I mean we’ve all seen the cash register meltdown moments before but that is crazy.  Stealing people’s leftover budget isn’t going to help this time.

Elena works something out and they head back to the workroom.  Tim tells them that they only have a few hours to work today because they’re being treated to a lovely dinner tonight.  Oh, that’s nice.  That should perk up the room…  Or not.  Seems Elena’s pledge to take the stress to a 1 was on a scale of negative 100.  She hates her fabric and somehow it’s Dmitry’s fault that she chose blue.  Anyone else hear a cuckoo clock?  She also thinks the outfit only has to look good from far away.  Were you there when Heidi said it has to look good up close?

Off to dinner the designers go to enjoy some time away from the workroom.  Now it’s Sonjia’s turn to be the buzzkill and make her table miserable with talk of the challenge & her design… So much for Christopher & Melissa’s easy breezy evening.   At the other table, Elena apologizes to Dmitry for being nasty to him in the workroom.  And Ven is even opening up a bit about his life.  See, this is why I drink wine.  It’s the good mood food.  Yes, wine is food.

Back to the workroom and lots of critiquing each other’s outfits.  Let’s let Tim do the talking.  And here he comes… Sonjia feels “disabled” to Tim.  It’s because she

Yep, those are some very purple feathers.

still has no idea what she’s making and this makes Tim really nervous.  I believe this is the epitome of a “make it work” moment.  Things are not better at Elena’s station where her band uniform fabrics have transformed themselves into, well, a band uniform.  All her model needs is a baton.  Make it work – Take 2.  She thinks there are worse costumes in the room so she’s ok.  Fabio is struggling with the sequins.  Tim tells him to bitch slap that bitch.  Ha, hilarious.  Christopher is making it work for sure up top, but the fact that the dancers are going to have their chooches hanging out of the skirt might pose a problem.  Ven needs impact.  This isn’t a time for clean & sophisticated.  Bling it up!  Tim is very concerned about the room overall.  This isn’t going well.  So, he’s taking them back to Mood with $100 and 15 minutes to shop.  Yipes… It must really be bad up in there.

Fabio, Dmitry & Ven decide to stay and work.  The rest go back and are just as clueless about what they want as they were the first time around.  Elena gets more sparkle.  Sonjia doesn’t know what to buy.  Melissa can’t afford the fabrics she likes.  Maybe the boys were smart to stay back and work.

It’s the morning of the runway and there’s still tons of work to be done.  Ven steps up and helps Melissa with her stitching.  Well, lookie at that.  The grinch’s heart grew three sizes today.  Then Melissa’s zipper falls off and Fabio now steps in to help fix it.  As does Christopher & Sonjia.  Design by committee!

Time for the runway… Guest judge is Debra Messing.  Aw, it’s Grace!  BTW, Heidi’s dress is insane!  I want!

Dmitry – This is a great dress. I like.

Melissa – It’s cute… and short. She did accidentally color block a #1 on it. Don’t think it’s the best she could have done.

Ven – I know everyone says it’s just a dress, but I like it. It’s not breaking any barriers, but at least there’s no rose on it.

Elena – Oofah. That’s bad. It looks like the Ice Capades does Bring It On.

Christopher – I think this is such a great concept. I don’t see how any of the other outfits can beat this.

Sonjia – I think it’s pretty but it’s not a Rockettes outfit. Can you dance in feathers?

Fabio – Oy. The skirt is cool but I hate the top.

Your Top Three – Dmitry (Michael:  Exciting. Polished. Impeccably made. I can still tell who designed it. You didn’t get lost in the challenge. It would be a new modern take for the Rockettes.), Melissa (Heidi: All I see is the 1 on the front, but I like the pink & black.  It’s probably a little too short.), Christopher (Nina: The illusion is beautiful.  It’s New York at its best. I love it.)

Your Bottom Three – Sonjia (Michael: This costume has no movement.  It doesn’t come off glam enough for the stage. It’s more cocktail than costume.), Ven (Heidi:  I think the fabric is really nice, but there’s no design to it.  The dress has to sing & dance on its own. It doesn’t tell a story.)  Elena (Michael:  She looks like a Las Vegas cheerleader. It’s busy and tacky.  It’s like you just never stopped.)

And the winner tonight is Christopher.  He really did nail it.  I bet it will look amazing to see an entire dance line of those costumes.  I wish we could see it.

Going home tonight:  Ven.  I’m so confused by this.  What Elena did was seriously terrible.  Her clothes in general suck.  And tonight, Ven actually seemed human.  I kinda wanted to see him flourish a little bit.  And that’s saying something because I’m pretty sure I was ripping him a new one at the beginning of the episode.

Bottom Line:  And then there were six.  I think Elena is not long for the runway and won’t be at Fashion Week.  Well, more I hope than I think…


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