Bye Bye Breaking Amish – We Hardly Knew Ye… At All

Well kiddies, while I am (I think) smart enough to figure that most reality TV is not so much real, I wasn’t smart enough to realize that Breaking Amish was beyond fake. I mean I knew TLC was creating situations like going to Times Square still wearing their traditional garb, but I didn’t realize none of the “kids” are actually still Amish … and haven’t been for a while. That being said, here’s a blog that exposes the truth. So, no more Breaking Amish for me. Color me duped…

X Amish Atheist

World War III has broken out on Facebook and it’s between the ex-Amish and fans of TLC’s Breaking Amish. Almost every time a fan comments on the Breaking Amish Facebook page, one or more members of the large ex-Amish community on Facebook retorts with a vicious comment about the show or one of the cast members.

Why? It’s because Breaking Amish appears to be largely staged and scripted and its cast members left the Amish a long time ago. This would be fine if the show was promoted as such but most people have the false assumption that it is real and that these kids are leaving the Amish for the first time.

Here are some comments by ex-Amish people on the Breaking Amish Facebook page: (UPDATE: The Official Breaking Amish fanpage appears to be gone as of Sept. 12, 2012)

“This show is seriously messed up!!! It’s fake as…

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2 responses to “Bye Bye Breaking Amish – We Hardly Knew Ye… At All

  1. Hmmm, sorry to hear this, as I watched the first two episodes last night. I was a little insure of how the one girl magically got a drivers license and a dwi at another Amish settlement and wondered why they seemed so catty. And also… How they even hot in touch with these kids anyhow! Check out National Geographic’s shows, I think the one is called Amish: Out of Order, and they have another one about a similar group called Meet the Hutterites. I think both seasons might be done at the moment but they are showing reruns and they might even be free online. It’s definitely good stuff, and informative, too.

    • Thanks. Yes, I’ve been told to check out the Nat Geo shows. Thanks for the titles. I’ll see if they’re on On Demand or Netflix. As for Breaking Amish, I knew they had to contrive them to a degree but I really didn’t think it was to this degree.

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