September’s Featured Wines – Second Flight

Melissa:  I’ll admit, I was scratching my head with my feature this month (hence the late delivery – apologies).  So, I turned to George my wine guy.  Now if you’re at all near North Jersey and the Sparta area, you should stop in and visit George, Lou, GJ and the boys at White Deer Liquor Store… They won’t steer you wrong (I wish they had a website so I could send love their way).  I stopped in looking for some new options for the Featured Wines and George was all about what he called this “sleeper” wine (a smaller less known offering that he can’t keep on the shelves).  George rarely steers me wrong, and I’m happy to say once again he’s spot on.

Punto Final Malbec

Punto Final Malbec

What They Say:  Deep ruby red in color with notes of black berry, blueberry and cassis.  On the palate, the wine is balanced and round, with a jammy mouthfeel and a long finish. Pair with steak , pasta with meat sauce, risotto, lamb and cheeses.

What We Say:  I’m a huge fan of Argentinian wines and haven’t really met one I don’t like.  The same is true for this lovely wine.  Upon the first sip I mistakenly thought it would be too light for my husband’s taste, but no… You let this sit on the tongue for a 3 count and my goodness it brings a smoothness that just takes over and yes it will stay with you for a lovely finish.  This was paired with a grilled Ribeye as suggested and I will be picking up a few more bottles for the cellar to go with my heavier fall and winter dishes.  I like this to sip as it’s light enough for my palate and it gets better the farther into your glass you progress.  The flavor really comes alive though when paired.

Blend Information:  Malbec

Price Point:  12.99 –



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