America’s Next Top Model Season 19, Week 4 – The Girl Who Does What Tyler Perry Says

I want my mommy!!!!

My Thoughts:

Rachel:  This whole Friday night thing is not working for me.  And I say this having stayed home last night.  So, clearly it’s not that my raging social life is getting in the way.  It’s more that my brain which functions a lot like a sieve these days never remembers it’s on until I see it on my DVR the next day. But I’m here.  I’m watching.  And I’m still trying to figure out how this show works.

Soooo… The girls arrive back home after Victoria’s big win.  She’s excited that the fans voted for someone with a Jewish & Native American background.  Say what?  Who do you think is watching this show?  But it doesn’t matter because her mind is truly focused on her mom.  Yes, her again. The girls are confused by Victoria and it doesn’t help that she wants the Tyra suite all to herself.  Welcome to the downside of home schooling your child – zero social skills.  The girls are also discussing the new twist where someone gets to come back to the show after being eliminated.  Personally, I think they’ve made this season so convoluted that it’s bordering on the ridiculous.  OK, it’s actually gone over the cliff plunging headfirst into ridiculous.

The girls think Kristin is in a good position since her social media scores are off the charts.  But she’s not interested in riding social media to the end.  All I know is that if people really are voting show to show (and not just on all the pics that are already posted) then you probably won’t have to worry about it for long seeing as how your ‘tude isn’t winning anyone over… especially one Miss Kiara.  There’s only one HBIC and that’s Kiara.  Too bad no one told Kristin.

And the love continues to grow as Kristin goes into Destiny’s purse without

I’m emotionally 1 year old.

asking.  Who does that?  I get that guys are sometimes too dumb to realize that they shouldn’t be digging around in a woman’s purse, but every girl knows that rule.  When she’s confronted by Destiny, she goes full throttle nasty and does everything to provoke her.  She says if she can get Destiny to slap her, she’ll go home which is one less person in her way.  This girl is charming.  Some of the girls want Destiny to fight harder, but I give her a shit ton of credit for taking the high road… Well, the road high enough where it doesn’t involve violence.  Nastasia on the other hand is ready to roll.  Kristin, not realizing that someone is going to take her up on her offer & whoop her ass, keeps pushing and pushing and pushing.  So, kiddies, who’s going to blow first?

Time for the challenge.  Too funny… I used to work in that building… Anyway, the girls meet up with Miss Tyra in Santa Monica for their challenge.  Tyra

Cheer for Tyler Perry!

reminds them that being a top model is more than just being pretty.  It’s kind of like acting.  Well, not really, but let’s play along.  With that, she introduces Tyler Perry who knows about transformation because of his Madea movies.  So keeping my mouth shut on that one because I do like him… Just not so much Madea. The challenge today is that each girl will have to transform herself into one of the following characters & interact with the people on the street – Hollywood Diva, Tourist, Superstar Rap Artist & Free Spirit.  The prize for today’s challenge is a walk-on role in a Tyler Perry movie.  Victoria gets diva and does some crazy British accent.  Things go very wrong when she runs after a guy with fried chicken who throws the food at her.  Yeah, again, welcome to no social skills.  She did handle it pretty well though & never broke character.  Kiara did her thang too.  Gotta give it to her.  Leila didn’t quite nail it.  Laura channels her daddy’s Dynasty days for her hippie performance.  And Yvonne really got her rap on as Chocolate Stang.  The name alone is prize-worthy. But Kiara wins the challenge and the role in Tyler’s upcoming movie.

Yvonne isn’t thrilled with the challenge results and her last photo so she’s looking for some words of encouragement from her friend at home.  She says if she wanted to be known for her ass, she’d take a picture and post it on Twitter.  Hey, it worked for Kim Kardashian… OK, she showed a little more… but still, don’t knock it just yet.

Time for the photo shoot at Universal Studios.  They are on the set of War of The Worlds with Johnny & their photographer, Ricky Middlesworth.  They are going to be shooting today as zombies.  Victoria didn’t quite get the “bad side” part of

You had better start voting for me or I’m coming for you.

the assignment, but I’m guessing that’s because she has never actually gone to the “bad side”.  Laura nails it, Nastasia photographs short & Alyssa needs to tone down the sexuality.  Resident sweet pea, Kristin, rolls onto set and tells Johnny that because of her make-up she can’t laugh at his… wait for it.. lame jokes.  Wow, are you trying to get sent home?  Or do you want him to punch you too?  Johnny’s not into her bitch shtick… You’re not alone, friend.  He still tries to help her out with some advice, but of course she’s too busy pouting to care.  Yvonne disappoints on set because she wasn’t working her curves.  Sadly, she’s fighting the one thing that sets her apart.

Back at the house, it’s time for the weekly warning about panel.  I guess Kristin was going to read the screen this week, but Victoria started to do it.  Need I tell you Kristin’s reaction?  No.  Destiny is nervous about panel because she has nowhere to go when she leaves.  Well, then methinks you might need to turn it up a notch.  Maybe drink a Red Bull or something & muster up some energy before you go onto a set.

Leila’s up first and the panel loves her.  So does social media.  Kiara gets the feedback that she looks like she’s in a movie not a model.  Brittany gets great feedback that would have been even better had she shown the make-up more.  Victoria doesn’t bring it to her eyes.  Destiny doesn’t understand what she has so she can’t bring it to the set.  Laura has a stunning photo minus the missing neck.  Kristin doesn’t look like a model and didn’t showcase the clothes.  She asks about ugly pretty and how she can do that… Well, maybe take that ugly personality of yours and bring some of it to your face.  Tyra was a bit more helpful.  The camera loves Alyssa’s face but she doesn’t look like a zombie.  Nastasia gets called out for not really being 5’9″ but still got a good photo.  Tyra tells Yvonne that she has to mix her experience as a character actress with her modeling.

Top Photo:  Laura – she also had highest social media score

Staying:  Leila, Brittany, Alyssa, Kiara, Nastasia, Victoria, Kristin

Bottom Two:  Yvonne & Destiny

Destiny is out tonight.  I’m bummed.  I like her.  I wish she would have brought it harder.  So off she goes to Competition Part Deux.  Maybe she’ll fare better there.

Bottom Line:  So, can someone please explain the social networking thing to me?  This show is pre-recorded right?  So the photos have already been voted on, yes?  And that means then that Kristin’s behavior will have no bearing on voting right?  It’s sad when ANTM is confusing.


One response to “America’s Next Top Model Season 19, Week 4 – The Girl Who Does What Tyler Perry Says

  1. RE: Well, maybe take that ugly personality of yours and bring some of it to your face…Ha! Oh god yes! I cannot stand that girl. Here’s hoping next week is her week to go!

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