From The WTF Files: Who Needs A Hug?

For all you lonely hearts out there, a jacket that hugs you back…

Si Chan says he designed his jacket, which features a row of clasped hands running up the front, to make the wearer feel “warm and hugged.” The price for that feeling: $1200

Rachel:  This is what I would expect to see Kermit the Frog wearing as he is carted off to the Muppet loony bin.  I mean I appreciate the sentiment of wanting to make someone feel loved and less alone in the world, I just don’t think it should manifest in the form of a jacket that could choke you out.  And really, do you think wearing this out in public is going to help you with your loneliness issues?  Methinks, no.  Besides $1200 could buy you a lot more than hugs if you just look on Craig’s List.  Hey, just helping you spend your money more wisely.

Melissa:  OK, I’ve finally stopped laughing at this picture long enough to type something.  Really, who needs that much affection?  Hey buddy, I’ll bet that jacket is why you’re not getting hugs from actual ladies.  Personally, I’m too paranoid (not to mention I fancy myself as having a sense of style) to wear something that I would worry might become possessed and start choking me.  I get that’s completely illogical, but I also worry a Megaladon is going to attack me when I go in the ocean.  You know what must be annoying as hell?  Having to interlace all those fingers together.  You need to start getting ready to leave an extra 15 minutes early just so you can get your fingers all aligned.  Do you think if you put your hands in the pockets you go right into the bottom set of hands like a muff?  Is there some kind of piping in there, because you could also make them look like you’re waving to everyone all day as you stroll through town.  Jazz hands ALL DAY LONG!!  OR, if you particularly dislike someone you can give them 8 one-finger salutes.  Now that would be awesome.

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