Project Runway Season 10, Episode 8 – Starving Artist

One Sentence Summary: The designers have to use their negotiating skills to earn enough money to buy fabric for their fall collection.

No, I’m not crazy. Why would you say that?

My Thoughts:

Rachel:  I’d like to tell you that I am late watching this week’s episode because I was very busy Thursday watching the President and getting my knowledge on so I can be an informed voter in November.  But that would make me a liar, and I respect you all too much for that.  So, I’ll be honest and tell you it is because I was too busy getting my wine on at the Houston’s bar in Boca and catching up with a good friend.  Personally, I don’t ever think wine is the wrong choice, but it did keep me from Heidi, Tim and the person who keeps commenting on my Project Runway posts thinking I’m not smart enough to figure out that they’re trying to sell Dish TV’s DVR – The Hopper.  Hey look, more free ads for you!  How about a little banner up top?  But I digress… Tonight, I’m focused and ready to judge tonight’s fashion… and behavior.

The designers are all trying to be positive and move on from the Lord & Taylor challenge; especially Sonjia & Gunnar.  Well, everyone but Christopher who questions deciding this is the week to keep everyone and saving Gunnar over Nathan.  Uh, did you see what Nathan made?  You know, I loved me some Nathan, but that was a terrible dress.  So, he’s pissed, but it’s time to design.

They meet Heidi on the runway.  She tells them they had better bring their negotiation skills with them this week.  Off they go to meet Tim who will give them the details of the challenge.  So, if Heidi isn’t going to be telling everyone what the deal is, can’t we just skip her and go right to Tim?  I mean, other than seeing her in a new outfit, there’s no other point to that scene.

In the workroom, there are tables of craft supplies waiting for them.  Elena is less than pleased to see glitter.  Well, of course, why would she like anything pleasant or upbeat?  That would be far too…. well, pleasant and upbeat.  The designers are going to have to create or offer something (alterations, fashion advice, etc) to sell to New Yorkers in order to raise money for fabric at Mood this week.   But, as always, there’s a catch.  The catch is that they will be earning money as teams of three.  Oy, why why why with the teams?  I think I might hate team challenges as

Team Joy

much as the designers.  Button bag chooses the teams.

Up first, Christopher, who is the last designer with immunity this season.  Also on his team, Sonjia & Gunnar.  Oh, what a coincidence that the two designers that hate each other are on the same team.  What are the chances?

Next team, Dmitry & Elena – another love match.  And by love, I mean hate.  Alicia is the lucky third person caught up in that shit storm.

This leaves Fabio, Ven & Melissa on the last team.

Chris/Gunnar/Sonjia make stenciled t-shirts that look pretty cool.  Dmitry/Elena/Alicia also make t-shirts that are less, um, cool.  Actually, they’re pretty fug.  This sends Elena into one of her fits and Dmitry calls her a walking depression.  Pretty much.  Melissa/Ven/Fabio are doing tanks & accessories.

Hawking t-shirts is fun!

Off they go into the streets to sell pretty much anything they can.  Sales start off slowly but pick up as taping goes.  I mean as their sales skills sharpen.  The next day we find out how much everyone made.  Melissa/Ven/Fabio made $800.48.

Christopher/Sonjia/Gunnar made $684.  Dmitry/Elena/Alicia made $500.  Their earnings will go to creating two looks for fall with including outerwear.

After sketching & the usual Mood drama, the designers head back to the workroom.  Elena & Dmitry are already at odds, but it’s a quiet odds so no one is concerned… yet.  When Tim comes to visit them, he’s concerned in general but hearing Dmitry say he’s doing exposed darts really does a number on Tim’s head… and the rest of the room.  Tim calls them buttresses.  I can tell you what I don’t want on my dress… buttresses.  Well, off to Melissa/Ven/Fabio where Ven is doing another fan effect garment.  Lot of one-trick ponies this year.  Christopher shredding.  Dmitry and his fitted dress.  Ven and the fan.  Elena and… bad design.  It’s making me sleepy.  Well, it’s that or the aftereffects of the gym.  Anyway, Tim thinks the collection is good minus Ven’s skirt.  Finally it’s Christopher/Sonjia/Gunnar who are doing the army vibe.  Tim likes their looks but is concerned about over-designing on Sonjia’s jacket.  Elena is concerned about the over-ugly on Christopher’s coat.  Don’t disagree with her.

After Tim leaves the designers with his concerns, Ven gets the negative vote on keeping his skirt. Need I tell you he’s not pleased?  Elena finds Dmitry’s advice (and accent) amusing.  Christopher wishes she’d find a tranquilizer.  Elena, however, is not finding amusement with the fit of Alicia’s pants.  She doesn’t get far when voicing her concerns and thinks it’s because they are concerned she’ll take over.  No, they would just like you stop flapping your jaws, in general.  That doesn’t happen.  That will never happen.  It’s like she has to bitch and moan in order to receive breath.

Thankfully, it’s time for the runway and the designers take all their smokey-eyed models to the runway.  Anna Sui is the guest judge tonight.

The Runway:




Not a lover of the shawl, but the dress is fab.  I mean at this point if you like his look, you like his look… the silhouette doesn’t change.  Well, that’s almost a super cool jacket by Elena, but that collar is tragic.  Alicia made black pants and a lilac top.  They’re essentially non-factors in my opinion.




I love Sonjia’s jacket.  I like the whole look.  I think I actually really dig Christopher’s jacket too and Gunnar’s dresses are pretty fab.




Hmmm… I think I want to like it more than I do.  I think Ven’s skirt ended up being ok, but the first skirt was better.  Like the jacket.  Top is not great.  On the second look, we have another jacket with tragic collar issues.

Your Winning Team – Christopher (Nina:  I like the camel coat very much.  I think it’s dramatic but not too much.  Phenomenal job.), Sonjia (Heidi:  That is an exquisite looking jacket that every woman would like to have.), Gunnar (Michael: The play of textures is great. The silhouette is doing great things for her body.)

Your Losing Teams – Well, before we can get into hearing what the judges think, Elena throws Dmitry under the bus for being overbearing & controlling.  World’s biggest pot calling the kettle black moment ever. It just devolves from there with Dmitry fighting back and Elena going after him like he’s a tasty bone thrown into her cage. Anna thinks they need to take the lesson that if there is no love or joy in the making of the clothes, it shows through.  Dmitry (Nina:  We know you know to deliver on that, but we see dresses over and over.  The shawl, though well-made, looked old lady.), Elena (Nina:  You complain that Dmitry only does dresses, but you only do coats.  This one has too much volume and it looks like a mistake.  You need to have it zippered for it to look better.)  Alicia (Michael:  I’m falling asleep over these two pieces.  Heidi:  They’re throw-away pieces.)

Onto the next… Fabio (Michael:  The mohair coat is a full flop. It just hangs and is so sad.), Melissa (Nina:  I particularly like the white jacket.), Ven (Michael:  You are usually king of construction, but today you got the first project you would get at design school.)

Well, I really want Elena to go home, but the judges really hate Team Fabio/Melissa/Ven’s outfits.  But the good news first…


And the winner tonight is Sonjia.  That really was a great jacket.  Make fun of the Fashion Star show, but it’s so awesome able to buy the outfits that win… it’s also so smart.  Think about it.  You’ve got all the viewers loving what they’re seeing being coaxed into making impulse purchases because they are only making one run of the clothes.  Straight genius.

Now the bottom two – Alicia & Fabio.  Tonight it’s Alicia’s turn to go home.  Poor girl got caught in the middle of a raging storm and ended up being the casualty.  She’s taking it well.  I’d be pissed.  Like Elena pissed.

Bottom Line:  Well, I can’t say that Alicia didn’t earn that ticket home, but I really was hoping to see Elena get her ass handed to her.  Instead, her ass was just hanging out of her Daisy Dukes.


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