Project Runway Season 10, Episode 7 – Oh My Lord & Taylor

One Sentence Summary: Lets all sip a martini as the designers make a cocktail dress for Lord & Taylor.

Hi ho, hi ho, off to sew we go.

My Thoughts:

Rachel:  Well, we’re back for another week of fashion on the fly… and so is Ven.  I’m still horrified by his behavior last week and even more horrified that he managed to not hear a word the judges told him.  I mean I’m not Project Runway Rolodex, but I can’t remember a time when a contestant was kept on stage after sending the eliminated designer home just to get called out on their behavior.  And there has been some bad behavior up in that workroom.  But Ven completely missed the train and walked away with exactly zero lessons learned, but 100% ego still in tact.  Shocking.  $10 says we start with him dogging the judges & Nathan’s outfit.  Any takers?

OK, maybe I was wrong.  Glad there were no takers… What we do hear is Sonjia saying that men wear clothes they want women to wear and women make clothes that women actually want to wear.  Don’t let Michael Kors hear you say that.

Heidi meets the designers on the runway to tell them that they will be meeting Tim & a special guest on 5th Avenue.  You know, I know Tyra is always talking about how hard being a model is on ANTM, but I’m watching Heidi roll out in a fabulous dress in perfect hair & make-up to say 10 words.  I’m thinking that seems kinda like a pretty clutch job to me.  Sign me up.  I’ll happily do it… I’ll just need to borrow Heidi’s legs…. and face… and hair… ok the whole body.  Oh never mind.

The designers show up at Lord & Taylor department store.  They meet Tim &

Why would you think Lord & Taylor is stuffy?

Bonnie Brooks, Lord & Taylor’s President.  There are 9 mannequins beside them.  Each mannequin features a cocktail or evening dress by a designer from each season of Project Runway.  Today, they will be making their own cocktail or evening dress.  The winning look will be manufactured by Lord & Taylor along with the other 9 dresses and will be featured in the window of the store.  How fun is that?   The dresses must retail for between $200 & $300 & fit in with the whole collection.   No Mood today.  The manufacturer is providing material for them.  The designers get 30 minutes to sketch.  Gunnar is excited.  Elena is annoyed that Gunnar is excited.  It’s hard for her to make something simple.  I don’t know, you’re simply annoying.

The designers are picking out their fabrics and Ven wants the one Melissa wants.  She doesn’t want to share so she just gives it to him.  Christopher is nervous to do another shredded fabric dress.  And Elena is still annoyed.  Her aesthetic doesn’t fit with Lord & Taylor.  This just isn’t her challenge.  Lady, this is what you signed up for.  You really didn’t think you’d get to make 15 boxy overly-shoulder padded jackets, did you?  Oh you did.  I see.  Well, that’s not going to get you to Fashion Week.  So why don’t you channel your frustration into hurtling insults at Gunnar?   There you go.

I think Elena complained for another 10 minutes, but it started to morph into Charlie Brown’s teacher for me.  The workroom is starting to divide into girls vs boys as is becoming the trend.  And as Christopher starts to get down with his shredding, Tim comes by with some friendly guidance.   Gunnar is being warned to stay away from his tendency to make everyone look like a matador.  Ole!  Sonjia is trying to predict what the judges will say.  Tim warns her that this will only lead to a psychotic breakdown.  I wouldn’t be against seeing that.  Nathan gets a thumbs up and a prediction of “swoon”.  And then there’s Elena.  Tim is worried that her dress is too one-of-a-kind for production.  Hey, there’s our psychotic breakdown!  She’s upscale and mass market and in tears.  He tries to

Yeah, you’re screwed.

give her a pep talk about how it’s a good exercise for her.  She thanks him but deep down she just wants to bite his head off.  Ven is doing Ven.   ‘Nuff said.  Melissa has made a dress in a fabric she hates.  She wants another fabric.  Tim isn’t against the idea.  This is a for real “make it work” moment.  That’s a lot of work in not a lot of time.

Day of the runway and Melissa is in a mad dash to ger her dress done.  She’s frantic.  Sonjie is also frantic about finishing.  Elena is just frantic for sport.  On the other hand, the boys are feeling really good about their looks and secretly thinking, “Don’t you wish you were a Chifonnie right now?”  Things don’t get better when the models arrive and now we have full-on tears from Sonjie.  Tim takes her aside and tells her to channel her inner winner, which I think it akin to fake it til you make it.  Personally, I just think they should just give them all Xanax.

But it’s time for the runway and Bonnie Brooks is back to judge.  Let’s see whose nervous breakdown made it on to the runway, shall we?

Fabio – It’s a pretty simple black dress, but I like it. The back is great.

Melissa – She stuck with the original fabric and it looks amazing. Not comfortable, but very cool.

Gunnar – A cute cocktail dress but so much bling! Nothing exciting.

Elena – I like the idea a lot but don’t think it’s very flattering on the model.

Christopher – I like it but I always like ballerina pink & black.

Alicia – Well I”m not seeing Chanel. And I’m not sure I get the fabric.

Sonjia – I don’t know what the big fuss was. It’s cute.

Ven – It’s a nice dress but he’s done it 75 times now.

Dmitry – That’s a great dress.

Your Top 4 (Yep, they’re crazy those judges) – Fabio (Michael: The asymmetrical thing is hard to do well, but you handled it in a way that many women would want to try.), Christopher (Brooke: I like the lightness of it.  Beautiful combo of lightness & strength.), Melissa (Heidi:  It’s a show stopper. Any woman who can fit in a dress like that, would definitely turn some heads.), Elena (pause for tears… Nina:  The back is extraordinarily beautiful and you can really see the harness.  Overall, it’s a really great dress.)

Your Bottom 3 – Gunnar (Nina:  It’s very expected.  I’ve seen this sequined dress so I don’t need to see it again.), Alicia (Brooke:  I think it’s caught between a work dress and a cocktail dress.)

After hearing Elena & Alicia say they had a hard time doing a dress for Lord & Taylor, Heidi wonders why anyone would say they couldn’t do something.  It’s about taking the challenge and putting your spin on it.

OMG, no more shredding.

And the winner is Christopher.  I guess if you’re going to get told not to do your “signature look” anymore, that it’s a little less painful when it comes with a challenge win.  The shredded look coming soon to a Lord & Taylor near you.

Alicia is in and sent back to the lounge.  The other designers didn’t even try to pretend that they weren’t shocked to see her.  I’m just waiting for this to be a week where no one goes home because her dress was way worse than Gunnar’s.  Way.  And I’m right.  Gunnar is safe as well.  They judges think everyone met the bar this week and no one should go home.  And now the producers can do all the challenges they planned before Kooan and Andrea bailed.

Bottom Line:

Well, that was rather uneventful.  But next week looks to be like we’re going to have another Cold War.


4 responses to “Project Runway Season 10, Episode 7 – Oh My Lord & Taylor

  1. I thought Elena’s dress was really beautiful up close but from far away it WAS unflattering. It gave the model an odd shape. Still, I’d wear it, and I think it’s her best look to date! (I kind of hate everything else she’s created!)

  2. Okay, when is Dmitry going to win a challenge? He has been the most consistent designer this season. I talk about this show every week with one of my Dish co-workers and we both agree that it’s totally his turn. You know, assuming he survives the experience of being on a team with Elena next week. That would be hard for anyone. I used to watch this show every week with my sister, but I have a night class on Thursdays now. Fortunately, our Hopper records it for us, and she waits for me to get back to our apartment so we can still watch it together. Seriously, Dmitry better not get sent home because of Elena next week. I don’t think he’s made something yet that I haven’t loved.

    • I appreciate the comments, but if the Dish Network wants to advertise the Hopper system on our blog, we’d happily sell you some banner space. I’ve let two slide now, but no more. Going forward they’re getting deleted. Thank you.

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