Project Runway Season 10, Episode 6 – Fix My Friend

One Sentence Summary: The designers are tasked with giving women makeovers which means “insult them until they cry” to one of them.

Yo, yo, yo. You better come correct. I’m droppin’ some knowledge here.

My Thoughts:

Rachel:  I have to say that I have thoroughly loved watching the previews for this week’s episode.  Apparently our favorite German supermodel is going “gangsta” tonight during judging.  Let’s be honest, Heidi can pull off a lot of things that the average woman could not; like a burlap bag with orthopedic shoes.  However, there’s nothing about her that says to me that she can pull off thug love.  Sorry.  So, I’m looking very forward to watching that go down tonight.  On the other hand, I’m already cringing at tonight’s challenge – outfitting average humans.  Someone always gets insulted by one of the designer’s lack of enjoyment at fitting a non-model figure.  That’s only part of why I’m cringing.  I’m also cringing because I think it’s Dmitry that does the insulting and I was just getting ready to order my Team Dmitry t-shirt.  Methinks I might have to put that order on hold.  Shall we find out?

At the Atlas, Dmitry is telling his roomies that he wants to win a challenge.  He keeps getting close but he hasn’t taken the top prize yet and that is affecting his confidence.  Ah yes, the omen scene.  Could this mean we can count on seeing Dmitry lose his confidence tonight?  Oh, yes.  Yes, it could.

On the runway, the designers meet with Heidi and some regular Joes & Joannes.  They’re the friends of other regular Joannes who are in need of a makeover, which the designers will be giving them. Heidi wishes them luck and then reminds them that they are helping someone.  I think you might need to remind them a few more times.  I know some designers don’t get it, but personally, I love that someone gets to feel super special for a day (if the designers don’t act a fool while fitting them).  I also love that they have to work on a real woman and not an anorexic stick figure for a change.  There, I’ve said my peace on the subject.  Now go see Tim in the workroom.

They meet with Tim & Johnny Lavoy of L’Oreal, who will be working with the designers to do their clients’ hair makeovers.  They have 30 minutes to consult with their randomly chosen clients and sketch a design.  Then it’s off to Mood, natch.  When they come back, they have one day to create the looks.

Ven is the first one to complain about his client’s body.  He’s disappointed she’s

If I just pinch a little of your skin here, maybe I can design something for a woman your size.

not the same size as a model.  Have you looked in the mirror, Ven?  You’re not exactly rocking svelte yourself.  Nathan’s client wants her belly to show but in a sophisticated way.  OK, he gets to complain.  Gunnar gets the award for awesomeness because he thinks it’s important to design for the average everyday woman.  Yes, it is.  Now, just don’t put her in a sack.  As discussed above, only Heidi Klum can pull that off.

Fabio is working with shades of grey… Just 4, not fifty… the latter would be more appropriate for Nathan’s client with her belly-baring request.  As the designers start working, they take a minute to do hair consultations with Johnny, which essentially adds up to a giant L’Oreal commercial.  Meanwhile, Ven is still bitching about how it’s unfair that he got a plus-sized woman when others got tiny figures.  The rest of the designers are ignoring him & discussing their siblings.  We learn that Dmitry was a ballroom dancer in a previous life.  For real?  Can we get a little Paso Doble up in the workroom?

Enter Tim… He is offended by Nathan’s client’s request to do a bare midriff.  Honey, we all are.  So it seems she’ll be getting sexy, but not quite the way she imagined.  Elena is doing a high-waisted skirt on a woman with a short waist.  That results in a Tim-with-pondering-finger-on-mouth” moment.  Work it out.  Tim moves on to Ven who makes it known that he’s not excited by his client’s figure.  Then he goes on to say that her “before” picture was a nightmare.  And just when you think the insulting train had reached its final destination, he calls her old.  She’s in her late 30’s.  Well, you just landed on this fossil’s shit list.  And Tim’s not thrilled with you either.  Oh, I’m so afraid for his client. Glad it’s not Dmitry doing the insulting tonight as I originally thought, but sad anyone is getting insulted at all.

The clients come back with their new ‘dos and it’s making me want to go do something new & fab with my hair.  Hmmm… what to do… what to do… Oh wait,

It’s not that it’s too short. It’s just that it’s extra mini.

we’re not talking about me.  Unless you insist.  You don’t?  Fair enough.  Moving on…  So far, most peeps are liking their new hair and the beginnings of their new outfits.  Ven actually compliments his client’s hair and it feels like maybe a shift in attitude has happened.  And then he tells her he’s using black because it’s slimming.  Never mind.  Attitude remains.  Oh, but we’re not done.  Next, he asks his client to try on a belt.  It’s too small so he’ll see if they have a larger one.  Nope, that’s too small too.  Thankfully, he says it loud enough for everyone to hear.  You know, because that’s not humiliating.  OMG Ven, why not just call her a cow and get it over with?  Poor girl.

Day of the runway… and yes, Ven is still bitching about how his plus sized model made it more challenging for him than for the other designers.  Dude, you’re no slim Jim!  Hello!  Shut it already.  But he, sadly, does not and insults his client yet again in the workroom.  She finally sticks up for herself and says that she’s tired of hearing him essentially call her fat.  He says that’s not what he was saying, even though that’s exactly what he was saying.  Her friend calls him out and he is mildly apologetic.  He even tries to compliment her by saying her hair looks great but ends up insulting her yet again when he tells her how surprised he was at how good she looked when she came back from her hair makeover yesterday.  SMH. Just shut up and finish the outfit.

Time for the runway with our guest judge Alice Temperley.  Oh, I like her clothes.

Nathan – Say what? I think I had that dress in 1987, but at least her belly button isn’t showing.

Elena – You kinda have to love it because she’s so happy in the outfit. The top is cute. Don’t know how I feel about the skirt on her.

Melissa – I think the dress is cute, but that giant ugly scarf is in the way. Thank goodness for immunity.

Gunnar – Girlfriend is owning the runway. I don’t know. It’s so hard to read the details on an all-black dress like that. I can’t decide. I don’t like the chest area.

Alicia – It’s cute! I was expecting super trashy. Oh wait, just saw the cut-outs. Well, it’s only mildly trashy.

Christopher – Hmm… Love the jacket that we saw for 2 seconds. Like the top of the dress. The bottom makes her look hippy. No one wants that.

Ven – She doesn’t look terrible. I like the skirt. I can’t stand him (or turquoise), but she looks kinda cute. Her hair is great.

Dmitry – I like the dress but his looks are all kinda of the same concept. She looks great in it though.

Fabio – What a fun dress!  I would wear that. Might could stand to be a bit shorter on her and I would have not used those shoes.

Sonjia – Another hmmm… It’s so short… Though not as short as some we’ve seen. But, on her model, it feels inappropriately short.

Your Top 3Dmitry (Nina:  You look edgy, you look cool.  The color looks good with your hair color.), Gunnar (Alice: I think it’s a successful makeover. She’s got a beautiful body. I think it looks nice.) , Fabio (Michael:  It’s a transformation but it’s still her and that’s the best transformation. The dress is fabulous. The haircut is amazing. And she owns it.)

Your Bottom 3 – Nathan (Heidi: I didn’t realize this was for the stage.  It looks cheap. You look like a hoochie mama. {This term had to be translated to Alice as a tart.}) ,Ven (Nina: The skirt is great. You just needed to give her something else on top.  From the waist up, I don’t know where she’s going, but it’s certainly not the office.),  Sonjia (Heidi: The knot wasn’t a bad idea. I just don’t think it worked. And it’s just so super short that it makes it a little slutty looking.)

Fabio’s client is just as excited about the win as he is. Now, that’s a good makeover.

And the winner is Fabio.  He really did nail it.  I can see a lot of women wearing that dress.  And the haircut was fantastic.  So wish I could pull that off.  Damned, curly hair!

Sadly, going home tonight is Nathan.  I feel badly that he’s going home because I really like him.  I haven’t loved his work but he seems so sweet.  I just want to hug him and have a glass of wine with him.  I do. But this isn’t Project Hang With A Winey Bitch, so he goes.  Tim feels the same was as he is a bit choked up saying good-bye to Nathan, an individual with profound qualities of character.  Well, that compliment is quite the win on its own merits, no?

Ven is left standing on the stage alone as a possible candidate for a double elimination.  Apparently, the judges want to scare the shit out of him and reprimand him for not doing his client any favors.  Can’t say as he doesn’t deserve the tongue lashing, but he stays.  You’d think he might have had a moment of clarity after being called out, but alas, he tells the other designers that he shouldn’t have been last on stage because there were worse looks.  Yeah, and “worse look” is going home.  They were talking to you about your ‘tude, jackhole.

Bottom Line:

So Heidi saying Hoochie Mama was her street moment?  When will I learn to not believe previews?  And now I can order my Team Dmitry shirt.  Woot!


2 responses to “Project Runway Season 10, Episode 6 – Fix My Friend

  1. Ven seems to have no social skills whatsoever and he clearly believes he’s above reproach. My Dish co-worker and I were just talking about this and we were actually amazed that the first thing Ven said after coming in from the runway was that he didn’t think he deserved the treatment he got in there. Really?! Yeah, he learned nothing. I wasn’t home last night, so I was glad I could rely on my Hopper to make sure this episode was recorded for me to get caught up on later. I watched it this morning over breakfast. Here’s hoping Ven doesn’t stick around much longer. His designs are getting boring and after this episode, I don’t think he doesn’t deserve to be there anymore.

    • Well, I think if he continues to do the same look on the runway over & over, he’ll be gone sooner than later. At least we can hope. I just felt so awful for his client. I kept wondering if she was at home watching this and cringing. So, who are you rooting for this season?

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