Hollywood Exes Season 1 Episode 10 – Whoop Ash Woes

One Sentence Summary:  The exes put their careers in drive and hit some potholes along the way.

You see this face. This is not the face of a happy woman. You might want to fix that… fast.

My Thoughts:  

Rachel:  I’m back this week as Melissa’s DVR has decided to be a bit fussy this week.  Apparently, the DVR isn’t all that interested in the fact that we have a job to do.  But I’m actually happy to help out on this one because I’m actually enjoying this show.  While I think Mayte went a little off the rails two weeks ago and Jessica certainly didn’t help the situation by being insensitive, for the most part these ladies are… well, ladies.  I appreciate that.  Now, let’s see what these ladies are up to this week.

Sheree and Nicole meet for a little breakfast check-in.  Sheree says she and her husband have been spending more time in LA together than in San Diego.  Nicole wonders if that means her husband might be willing to move to LA.  Sheree shudders at the idea.  Yeah, I think she really likes having her freedom for a few days a week.  Her fear is that if she & Terrell spend every day together, she will get lost and her identity becomes an extension of him.  Uh, isn’t that second part just called marriage?  I hear you on the lost identity part, but you can still do you and be part of we.  And the reality is that you actually can do your business from San Diego as well.  Since you like to confront everyone’s issues head on, maybe you should try that with your own?  Just a thought.

Meanwhile, Miss Andrea is back at the studio to find out why her class turn-out is low.  Robert, the studio owner, thinks he has to introduce her as a choreographer and not a dance teacher.  So he recommends that she do a showcase to showoff her talents.  It could be a big welcome to the LA market.  She loves the idea and  wants it to be a charity benefit so it has a purpose.  I just love Drea… No, not for anything specifically having to do with this scene.  Just in general.

I brought a glass just in case, but right now, I’m listening…

Oh boy… Babygate 2012 is still in full effect as Jessica & Mayte meet to discuss the conversation in Palm Springs, yet again.  This is ridiculous already.  This had better be the last of this storyline.  Jessica says that she feels badly that Mayte was hurting.  She makes everything a joke and it’s a barrier for her own pain.  She never meant to hurt Mayte and needs to learn to be careful when talking about certain subjects.  Good on you, Jessica.  Very grown-up and appropriately contrite.  Mayte is sorry she made Jessica feel uncomfortable.  That’s it?  Not for overreacting?  Not for bringing it up in front of everyone in public?  Not for ignoring her earlier requests to talk?  Or throwing a glass at her?  M’kay.  Jessica tells Mayte the real story about her situation – how she was emotionally & physically scarred – and how Josie is her miracle.  With that, everyone’s happy now and friends again!  But seriously, I do appreciate that these women did sit down and have a conversation without nastiness, screaming or more glass throwing.  These housewives could teach a thing or two to some of those crazy ladies over on Bravo… not to mention a few Basketball Wives.

Along with her jewelry line, Nicole is starting a clothing line called Open Hours that is comfortable and travels well.  She is showing her line to potential buyers this week but isn’t loving the samples she’s being shown.  Her partner is Jamie and the one responsible for getting all the products ready on time.  Too bad that’s not happening.  Apparently, someone is making design changes without running them past Nicole.  How dumb can you be?  You don’t think maybe she wants to see something she designed before you change it?  Then there’s the model that is 5’7″ wearing clothes for girls that are 5’11”.  I’m a 5’7″ girl and I have to admit that it does look like crap on this model.  I hope, for her sake, is the height and not the clothes.  We have one unhappy Nicole.  Jamie not being confident that things can get done on time isn’t helping.  As Nicole leaves, Jamie says, “We’re screwed.”  Yeah you are, and on national TV.

Drea and Jessica meet to discuss her benefit show.  Lots of meetings tonight…  Drea tells Jessica that she was in an abusive relationship and wants to do something to celebrate the women that make it out.  She saw in her childhood that love is painful, demeaning and physically violent.  But she is strong now and talks about it as a survivor and not as a victim.  Good on you, Drea.  Jessica says she understands the pressure to please a man and to live up to societal pressures about beauty.  She had her nose done because Jose said that was the one thing on her he’d change.  She says that there was no part of her that needed a nose job, but she felt pressured to do it so Jose would be happy.  Yipes.  One more reason to dislike Jose Canseco… not that we needed more.  Drea says that we, as women, get subliminal messages that we’re not good enough everywhere in society.  Amen, ladies.  It’s nice to hear them admit that they feel the pressure too.  They believe that women shouldn’t fight each other.  They should fight for each other. Well, it’s a feel good Hollywood Exes!

Another woman getting her career ball rolling is Mayte.  She is meeting with her manager to discuss a potential project for her.  It’s a romantic movie set in the world of competitive dancing.  Because that hasn’t been done to death?  But I guess a girl’s gotta start somewhere.  The role would take place in Germany.  That’s where she was living when she met Prince at 16… and where Priscilla Presley met Elvis at 16.  And how well both those marriages turned out.

Time for Drea to cast dancers for her benefit.  Mayte is there to help her.  She tells her that hair is not choreography so don’t try and pick girls that swing their hair around and call it dancing.  She shows the dancers her choreography and some of them are not getting it… to say the least.  Lord have mercy… Seems she agrees and says some of the girls need some more classes before they come to an audition.  She doesn’t want to be known at R Kelly’s ex-wife that does janky presentations in LA.  ha ha… I love her.  To me, she’s Andrea Kelly who cracks my shit up in LA.

Sheree is taking her homemade Whoop Ash to Fred Segal.  You have to be kidding me.  She’s not kidding us when she says Fred Segal is one of the premiere stores in LA.  It is big time.  And she is really walking up in there with shit she made in her kitchen.  Ballsy.  The sales director says that he thinks the product

The lotion feels great, but could you make the name a little less… specific.

works nicely, but he’s taken aback by the name.  She tell us that it’s not surprising to her being that he’s an older white male.  I’ll agree with her here.  Personally, I like the name.  But he wonders how much he can sell with that name vs naming it Sheree Elizabeth, which puts it in another category.  It will be a broader market that way.  Well, yes, but is that what you want to do?  You made something for the African American community and now you’re going to dumb it down for this guy?  Take it to another store, lady.

Drea meets with her team about the benefit.  They are close to securing a venue – M Bar.  It’s too small of a space to do a full show.  There’s intimate and then there’s that.  I believe the comparison was her closet… And we all know it’s R Kelly that is the one trapped in the closet.  So she has no venue.  People, it’s LA.  You can’t find a venue for her?  Come on.  I can come up with 10 off the top of my head without even straining myself… and you know that doesn’t take much.  Her reputation riding on this.

So, Mama is going to help Mayte read through her movie script before her audition.  Um, is her mother wearing the world’s largest fanny pack on her actual fanny?  I believe that is a yes.  Nice.  They don’t get very far into the read-through as Mayte is coaching her mother’s acting.  Uh, just let her read and don’t worry about her acting.  She’s not the one trying to be the lead in a German-based competitive dance movie.

Time for Nicole’s fashion show for the buyers.  She shows up at the venue and  there are no clothes, no booze, no nothing.  So she has a venue and no product.  Drea has a product and no venue.  These two should get together.  All the ladies are showing up and there are still no clothes and no business partner.  Her girls jump in and start helping out with the set-up.  Those are good girlfriends.  Get the peeps some booze and you can hold them off for a minute.  Jamie finally shows up and then decides to tell the girls who were setting up because her late ass wasn’t there that they’re doing it wrong.  Really?  And they’re just putting together the gift bags now?  Why weren’t they done the night before?  Yeah, Jamie you’re fired.  Horrible… though Nicole could have maybe handled some of the work.  Lots of people standing around looking bored… Those clothes had better be exquisite.  Finally, the models are ready and now they’re just standing on platforms.  Maybe an announcement?  Some music?  A walk through the crowd?  Anyway, they finally showed up and they look great.  I would travel in that.  Nicole got lucky.

Bottom line:  I’m so happy to see that we’ve reached the end of the Mayte/Jessica drama, but sad to see in the previews that the Jose drama is returning.  Sigh…


4 responses to “Hollywood Exes Season 1 Episode 10 – Whoop Ash Woes

  1. I love the show. These ladies have more class and act more civilized than the other woman on other reality shows. What I want to know is what is the name of the song that Drea used for the dancers on the audition.

  2. Little Girl New-The Yellow Brick Journey. The song during Drea’s audtion.

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