August Featured Wines – Second Flight

Melissa:  It’s my turn with out second flight of the month and I struggled with any new and favorite wines I’ve sampled, so I headed to the cellar for a little inspiration… An old standby.  As we start to wind down summer (at least up here in the Northeast) we’re treated to cool evenings to relax and grill.  For our second flight I bring you a steak-lovers’s red.

The Waxed Bat Shiraz – Petit Verdot – Malbec

The Waxed Bat Shiraz – Petit Verdot – Malbec

What They Say: A huge hit with customers, show judges and critics from Opi Sadler, the “magician” who’s helped put Argentina on the fine wine map. When a previous vintage won a top international trophy, judges praised its “lovely oak complexity and real depth.” And Decanter has described past vintages as “so thick you could paint with it.”  Named for Opi’s memory of tiny creatures in his grandfather’s wine cellar, its intense flavor purity (thanks to Mendoza’s high altitude, dazzling sun and cool nights) make it a red you’re not likely to forget. Its rich flavors win huge acclaim every vintage

What we say:  I am an unapologetic meatatarian, and there is nothing better this time of year than relaxing on the deck, grilling up a thick ribeye  and pairing it with a little Waxed Bat!  This is a wonderfully chewy red that I discovered about a year ago thanks to a membership with Wall Street Journal wines.  Decanter wasn’t joking when they say you can paint with it, this is a strong red that needs bold flavors like grilled meats, hearty pasta dishes or stews.

Blend Information:  80% shiraz, 10% petit verdot, and 10% malbec

Price Point:  $13.99



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