From The WTF Files: The Twihardest

This seems like a perfectly normal way to show your love for the Twilight trilogy… for a crazy person:

When a poster just won’t do the job.

Melissa:  OK, I’m the girl who thinks that people who tattoo their significant other’s name on their body are moron.  Sorry folks, but you’re just asking for trouble with that move.  But anyone who would permanently declare their love for a horrible movie based on a horrible series of books (Yeah, I was dumb enough to read them… All) is beyond me.  I’m talking “WTF were you thinking” smack-worthy.  But then, oh… THEN, I looked closer and holy mom jeans!  How old is this woman??  Are you kidding me?  I get that teenagers went all Team Jacob/Edward in the wake of the first movie, but it should be a rule that if you are old enough to have a daughter that’s old enough to beg you to let her see the movie… You CANNOT be more caught up in that drama than she is.  Just saying. 

Wonder what she’ll do when she discovers 50 Shades of Gray.

Rachel:  While I don’t think there is any explanation sound enough to make this tattoo seem like a good idea, I did find an article that explains that she did this because the movies & books helped her lose weight.  (Read more here.)  Yep, she was so obsessed with the Twilight trilogy, on paper and on film, that she forgot to eat.  OK fine, she didn’t exactly forget to eat, but her rationale isn’t any better.  I mean maybe pay homage to your spirit guides by getting yourself a discreet logo if it really means that much to you, but let’s leave the back tattoo collage thing to rock stars & biker gangs, shall we?  I wonder how she is handling the whole Kristen-Edward-Rupert scandal.  It must be tearing her up inside… and making her question her outside.  Oh and I’d like to say and extra special thank you to her for including her ass crack in the photo.  I feel like that was just the cherry on this crazy sundae.

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4 responses to “From The WTF Files: The Twihardest

  1. Every thing – every SINGLE thing – about this is going to give me nightmares. Thanks, ladies! 😉

  2. People actually DO this to themselves?

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