Project Runway Season 10, Episode 4 – Women On The Go

One Sentence Summary:  The designers are dropping like flies as the real pressure starts to set in.

Just keep smiling… These designers are very fragile. We don’t want to startle them.

My Thoughts:

Rachel:  OK, I know I swore I wasn’t coming back to this show with regard to blogging.  I was just going to watch as a fan and not try and make anything interesting out of the boring workroom & somewhat flat designers.  But I just can’t stay away from this season.  These people are bananas!  And I love them!  Thank you, Lifetime for bring us back to the crazy!  Oh the sweet sweet crazy!  Now, I can’t promise you that I’m going to go into the kind of detail I went into the last few seasons, but I’ll do what I can to spread a little fashion snark into your world.  And yes, I always say this and then prattle on for hours on end.  You’re wise to my game and I’m comfortable with that.

So…. we start back at the Atlas and Andrea is still AWOL.  Girlfriend snuck out under cover of night without anyone knowing, which makes Christopher’s drama in the next room about facing her post-Runway flogging moot.  I didn’t realize that they let the cameramen sleep.  Or maybe it’s just that Andrea is that stealth.  Meanwhile, Kooan is feeling bad and not motivated to get out of bed… though his hair is already halfway out the door.

Andrea isn’t hiding behind one of the mannequins, is she?

The designers go to the Michael Kors flagship store on Madison Ave.  Tim & Michael welcome them to the stunning store.  But we can’t talk challenges until we talk Andrea.  Tim says she left and no one has heard from her, but they are confident she’s safe.  Hmm… Is that confident or hopeful?  The other designers are disappointed and angry at her for leaving.  They think it’s a cop-out and she took the cowards way out.  I agree. I also hate that she’s giving credence to the phrase: Those that can’t do, teach.  You should know better than to quit, Andrea. Christopher is feeling particularly bad and is seriously a woman on the verge.  Honey, it’s ok.  She’s home with her cats.  Does Christopher remind anyone else of Michael Costello?

But we’re here to make fashion, so let’s find out about today’s challenge:  It’s designing a look for a woman on the go.  The look has to be of the designer’s aesthetic, and be something a woman can wear from day to night.  Tim tells the designers that textiles have never been more important than they have been in this challenge.  So no linen people!

After a trip to Mood for fabrics, everyone heads back to the workroom to gossip more about Andrea.  This is shocking news… Well, it was shocking news.  Now it’s old news because we have a new bomb about to hit us.  Seems Kooan is done too.  He’s not feeling it and so it’s time for him to fly.  At first everyone thinks it’s a joke.  Then, when they realize it’s not, they start trying to convince him to stay.  He’s not interested.  And the room goes into meltdown… Nathan is in tears saying he too wants to leave… He’s not going to, but he feels it.  I think it’s time for some Prozac shakes up in this room.   Then poor Tim walks in to tell everyone Andrea has been in contact, is safe and has not been kidnapped by Project Runway terrorists, only to be interrupted by Kooan’s news.  Realizing the Andrea moment has passed, he accepts Kooan’s resignation and walks him out.  I’m kinda bummed he’s gone.  I feel like we hadn’t begun to see the true insanity of his designs.

But since we can’t nix two entire episodes from the season, someone’s coming back.  I guarantee it.  In the meantime, the remaining grumps – er, designers get back to work.  Soon after, Tim returns, says everything happens for a reason and in walks Raul.  Yay!  I’m right!  Wait, that’s not the point here. The designers are happy!  Well, everyone but Ven, though I’m starting to think he’s pretty much never happy.  Just worry about your pleating, Ven.  Tim does his walk around the  workroom and is happy with most people’s designs… Most people do not include Buffi or Nathan.

Dude, stop talking about my chooch.

The models show up and Fabio’s dress is extremely short on his.  So short that Christopher says that he can see her “fish whistle”.  Oh my God, I literally just chortled.  Yes, chortled.  Fish whistle!  That’s freaking hysterical.  Oh, I can’t wait to drop that doozy into conversation.  It’s so wrong that it’s right.

There are a few hours left before the runway and Christopher takes it upon himself to try and give Buffi constructive criticism.  That criticism would be to trash her pink top and make it black.  Being that pink is Buffi’s signature color, she doesn’t take it well.  She tells everyone in the sewing room that she isn’t going to change her design.  Christopher overhears and tells her that he was just trying to be helpful.  Buffi says that it’s ok because he actually did help her since it was great for her to have to defend herself.  Way to play that one off, Buffi.  Christopher, have you already forgotten how traumatized you were after your clash with Andrea?  Just put your nose back in your sewing machine and worry about your own outfit.  Anyway, it’s crunch time with hair, make-up and last-minute tailoring… or in Raul’s case, adding 4 inches of material to his pants.

Guest judges: Rachel Roy & Hayden Panettiere

It’s runway time!  Uh oh, Heidi is disappointed in Kooan and Andrea.  You can hear the disdain dripping from her lips as she tells… nay, warns the other designers that there are many others out there that would die to be where they are.  Anyone who speaks even a little “Heidi” knows that means “I’m not afraid to replace any one of you.” I hope Andrea and her cats have gone on a long vacation because I’m thinking Heidi might be planning a little visit to set things straight.  Kooan might be ok since he can distract her with his hair and some shiny fabrics.  Regardless, Heidi is not a woman to be trifled with.  So why don’t we look at the fashion and avoid direct eye contact with Ms. Klum.  Oh, guest judges – Hayden Panettiere & Rachel Roy.

Sonjia – Oh I love this dress. Wish I had the body to pull that off.

Alicia – Hmm… I don’t love the cut of the shirt & I’ve seen the outfit before.

Melissa – She looks like she’s wearing Units for the Goth generation.

Buffi – Not sure what’s happening there. The pink is bad. The whole thing is bad. Maybe Christopher was right. Yipes.

Fabio – Well you can’t see the “fish whistle” so that’s a plus. I actually like it. It’s not earth shattering, but neither is Michael Kors (whom I love & whose clothes I love, BTW).

Gunnar – Not my thing. I think the skirt is weird and is not booty-friendly.

Nathan – I think he’s right that this won’t wow the judges. It is a nice design but the color is dreadful. I hope it reads better in person.

Dmitry – Not the most exciting but it’s a great dress. I’d wear it.

Ven – More pleating from Ven. I’m not sure that that’s daywear but it’s a good dress.

Raul – Oy vey. You came back for that? That jacket is a mess.

Elena – I want to like the look but the jacket makes her look like a linebacker.

Christopher – I like it but again I’m not sure I see it for the daytime. But kudos for doing a dress and a jacket, which I love.

Your Top 3Sonjia (Nina:  It’s conservative, yet sexy & can work in any part of the world), Christopher (Heidi: I love this. I can’t believe you made this for $150.), Dmitry (Heidi:  I love the dress but it’s missing the wow factor.)

Your Bottom 3 – Fabio (Michael: You have so much personal style that I’m waiting to see you come out in your designs), Buffi (Heidi: This looks really inexpensive.),  Raul (Nina: I was happy to see pants but the proportion of the jacket is too long.)

Can you start production immediately?

And the winner is…. Sonjia!  Not only does she win immunity next week, her dress will be worn by Hayden Panetierre during a red carpet event.  Damn, I wish we were watching that horrible Fashion Star so we could buy the dress.  At the very least, it would inspire me to go to the gym.

Going home tonight is Buffi.  I’m sorry to see her go only because I love her voice and I think she’s just kind of fun & cool.  However, I haven’t quite gotten her style since the beginning.  I think she needs to spend a few days with Patricia Field to learn how to do tacky in a fashionable way.

Bottom Line:

Just when I think I’m out, they suck me back in again.


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