Hollywood Exes – Episode 6

One Sentence Summary:  The exes reveal their love for Mayte and her mom with some seriously revealing belly dancing ensembles.

Mayte shows us just how she got her ex’s attention.

Melissa’s Thoughts:  It’s belly dancing week!  OK, I’m going to say this here and now.  If there isn’t a single one of these women who looks bad I’m out!  I had to deal with Nicole’s amazing body last week, I don’t want to deal with all of them looking ridiculous this week.  Well, maybe another sip or two of my J Vineyards Pinot Grigio will help… MAYBE.

Someone Else’s Home Sweet Home

You just said 30 days to get out of my house.

We kick things off with Nicole meeting with her assistant to review details about her house which she needs to vacate in 30 days.  All cash deal?  You go girl, I can see why you’re willing to get out.  Unfortunately that means she needs to find a new place that she can move her family into in those 30 days.

A Different Mixer

A motley crew for a singles mixer if there ever was one – but there ARE jazz hands

Mayte, Drea and Jessica head out for a girls single’s mixer.  They meet their matchmaker for the evening and think there’s potential for the men they’ll meet based on him.  Whomp-womp-womp, they couldn’t be more wrong.  Sorry ladies.  Was that just a set of jazz hands on the one??  Mayte admits she’d be freaking out if the other ladies weren’t there.  Sweetie, I’m freaking out and I’m on the other end of the television.  The pickins for this particular “mixer” are slim at best with a total of 4 gentlemen for the ladies to mingle with.  Wait, there are games too?  Are you kidding me?  This isn’t a 5 year old’s party.  Also, why are they all smooshed onto one sofa?  HA, Drea’s biggest fear is getting a little doggy-style and feeling like she has gas.  Dear Lord woman you make me laugh out loud in my family room!!  I’m also woman enough to admit I laughed so hard I snorted a little.  The women move through their games for the evening, but I’m not seeing a love match at all in that room for them.

House Hunt

Nicole starts looking at houses, and starts the search in Calabasas.  The house has potential, but the dining room is tight and she’s looking for a more Mediterranean style.  She likes the house but would like a bowling alley and movie theater.  Oh, well fine then Nicole, most of use are just looking for that kitchen.

Walk it Off

Mayte and Drea need to walk off their singles’ mixer.  Mayte thinks the whole thing scarred her.  While on their walk, Drea’s assistant Tony calls to tell her he wants to set her up with the owner of a barber shop they met a while back.  Drea doesn’t want to call, and if she were Beyoncé she’d have her assistant call, but since he told her to do it she’s clearly not going to get to play the part of Beyoncé and has to call him herself.  Nervously she calls Percy and he asks her out for the following week.  I love how cute and high school giddy she is.

Practice Makes Perfect

At the Basement Dance Center Mayte gets the girls together to help her throw a Middle Eastern party for her mother by belly dancing.  Here is comes friends… Body time.  Let me quickly take a shot of Navan to feel less horrible about my two visits to the gym in the past week.  The ladies are shaking it and look like they are having an awesome time.

Will He Run?

Oh, I have a shot at R. Kelly’s ex??

Drea arrives at Philippe for her date night with Percy who if I may say is quite an attractive turn around from mixer night.  Unfortunately Tony left out the “hard part” of her story to Percy.  As she goes into her history and mentions her ex’s name Percy’s mouth forms a perfect comical O.  Literally, like with semi bulging eyes and everything.  Yes dear Percy, it is something to process, but look at her, she’s awesome!  Good on you Percy, I like you.  I’m so happy for her it turned into a good night.


At the nail salon Mayte wants to dish the dirt on Drea’s date.  To hear her talk I think she’s impressed with Percy.  She’s excited for the birthday party and thinks maybe Percy is ready to meet the ladies and get his proper 3rd degree.

Meet the Friends

Damn we all look good.

The ladies arrive demurely covered in jackets to cover up the fantastic outfits and let me just hop in here with a Holy 6-pack Drea!!  Damn girl, you make me want to get up and do some ab work.  They raise a glass to no rehearsals but to all looking amazing.  Look at Mama Nelly, she’s awesome!  Mayte has Drea pushing the temporary lesbian button over her awesome outfit, yeah, I’m with you there Drea.  I kinda hate these ladies, just being a bit bitchy.  Can’t we get Danielle from RHONJ on the show just to bring it down a notch?  Percy makes his entrance to the party and the ladies plot their interrogation.  Oh way to go yet again Percy, you are holding your own with the ladies.  Oh no, the admission of 2 baby mammas?  Nice save that they are friends and there isn’t drama.

Show Time

Shakin’ it for Mama.

Look at Mayte shaking her thang!!  She’s awesome, such a beautiful skill to watch.  I highly recommend if you have heard of a restaurant featuring belly dancers you need to go, they are truly amazing to watch.  The ladies look fantastic and mom is a huge fan.  OK, I think my allergies are kicking up… That’s the only way to explain this odd watery eye thing happening at Mama’s party.

Happy Birthday Mama!!

Bottom Line:  I feel so inspired… To hit the Moroccan restaurant this weekend for food and belly dancing.


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